New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


26. Monday funday

No ones POV

All the boys except for Louis cause they didn't want to make it obvious if he was gone,got up early to make Bella a special birthday breakfast. Niall had the bacon going while Harry made the waffles , Liam made the eggs and Zayn cut up different kinds of fruit for a fruit salad. After Zayn finished he put the plates out with the cutlery along with the syrup , butter and whip cream.Harry placed the waffles in the oven to warm and decided to make a breakfast smoothie for every one. 

Liam- Harry the blenders going to wake Bella and Louis 

Harry- Yeah maybe Lou but not Bella she's a heavy sleeper

Liam-How would you know that

Harry- Uh just a guess

Liam- mmhm

Harry-Well I'm going to make the smoothies now so deal with it 

Louis's POV

I woke up to see Bella sleeping next to me, today was her 17 birthday. It's kind of funny because were all older then her and she thinks were younger then her except for Liam. I looked back to her, her face was red and sweat was slowly dripping down her face, a few tears fell from her eyes. Oh no what's wrong, I know the boys said not to wake her up till they told me to but I didn't want to sit here with her like this. I gently shook her  but it didn't work , I shook her again and nothing. Okay I was worrying now why wasn't she waking up. Bella hello Bella wake up I tired to call to her. Her eyes slowly fluttered opened her face looked in shock her eyes were wide open. 

Louis-Bella are you okay?


Louis -Hello Bella can you hear me are you okay?

Bella- Yeah , sorry I just um need to go to the washroom

Louis - Are you sure you should be walking, you don't look to good

Bella- Oh yeah I think I'm fine just uh just feeling dizzy

Louis - Okay

Bella slowly got out of bed and stood up, she took a couple of steps and stopped, she looked back to me 

Bella- Louis I don't

She was slowly falling over her eyes slightly closing 

Louis- Bella

I got up and ran to her catching her before she could fall on the wood floor 

Louis- Bella you're not okay I think you should lay back down, your sweating , your forehead is hot and your face is slightly red  

Bella-No I think I'm totally fine you can let me go now

Louis- Sorry Bella but I can't believe that

Bella- Seriously Lou just let me go I'll  show you I can walk

Louis-Okay I'll let you try but I swear if you fall

I let go of her slowly and she took a couple steps toward the door and then she took a couple more intill her hand was placed on the doorknob

Louis- Okay well are you going to open the door 

She didn't answer, she slowly put her forehead on the door leaning against it 

Louis- Bella 

Bella- I should of not walked over here I should of listened to you cause right now I feel like I'm going to pass out

I walked over to her and picked her up bridal style 

Louis- Your going back in bed , I'll go grab you some water, I think you might have got heat stroke from sitting in the sun yesterday

I placed her back down on the bed, covering her with the blankets and resting her head on the pillow. Well her birthday so far was not going as plan. I left the room and walked into the kitchen

Liam- What are you doing up ?

I reached into the cabinet and grabbed a glass going to the sink to fill it with water

Louis- I woke up before Bella because.. 

Zayn- So she's not up yet?

Louis- No she's up and it's not good because..

Harry- What are you talking about Lou

Louis- I had to wake her up because I was worried she..

Niall- About what?

Louis- Guys stop cutting me off, I was worried because she looked really ill, I think she might have a bit of heat stroke

Liam- This is horrible she probably doesn't even want to get out of bed or eat anything 

Louis-Well she was really warm and she felt dizzy she could barely walk, where do we keep the Advil ?

Harry- It's in my bathroom ,I'll grab it for her 

Louis-Okay bring this glass of water to her and I guess we can save her a plate for later and the rest of us can eat

Harry grabbed the glass and walked off 

Harrys POV

I went to my bathroom cabinet and grabbed her an Advil 3 ,I left my room and walked into Lou's room. Bella sat on top of the covers wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Her head was in her hands,she didn't look to good.I walked over and sat down next to her 

Harry- I brought you Advil 3 and some water, sorry this had to happen on your birthday

She looked up to me grabbed the medicine and water and chugged it down 

Bella- It dosent really matter,it's just a birthday

Sweat was dripping down her red face ,she looked like she wanted to pass out. I reached my head up and wiped away a tear that had fallen on her cheek. 

Bella- I really need to cool down it's way to hot in here,I think I'm going to take a shower 

Harry- Are you sure Lou said you could barely walk how are you going to stand in a shower

Bella- I can do it 

Harry- Your'e so stubborn,your'e not showering Bella you can't stand

Bella- Well I don't want to stay in here all day

Harry- Well come on then 

I pulled her over to me and placed my arm around her waist , I stood both of us up

Harry- Im going to help you walk, lets go to the living room

Bella- Okay

I walked her to the living room holding my arm around her waist , I walked us over to the couch and sat down with her

Harry- Are you feeling okay

Her eyes were shut and she was leaning back on the couch

Bella- It's just to hot in here , my heads pounding it's worse then when I ran into that stupid wall

The rest of the boys walked in and took a seat 

Liam- Bella are you feeling okay

Bella- No to be truthful I'm not

Niall- Why didn't you stay in bed 

Bella- It's way to hot in there 

While the  boys chatted to Bella I leaned over and whispered to Lou to cancel Nandos and to tell Eleanor and Perry to cancel their flights but get Paul to keep the cake still. Lou got up to make the calls and I focused back on the conversation.

Zayn- Sorry this happened on your birthday , is there anything you want anything we can get you

Bella- Can you just let me have a shower that's all I ask 

Niall- Yeah why wouldn't we let you shower?

Harry-She can barely stand by herself, she could faint in the shower 

Bella- Come on Harry please I already feel horrible 

Liam- One of us could just stand in the washroom to make sure she's okay I can help you if you want Bella

Bellas POV

These boys are actually to nice, this is my second time not feeling good in front of them and they treat me like they've known me forever. 

Bella- Thank you Liam

Harry- Your okay with that Bella ?

Bella- Yeah right now I'd do anything to have a shower, Liam can you come help me up 

Liam- Yeah for sure 

He came over and helped me up, placing his arm around me 

Bella- Okay to the shower, um which room 

Liam- Here lets go to mine

Zayn- No funny business you two okay

Bella- Way to make this awkward Zayn

I walked with Liam to his washroom 

Bella- Okay I'm going to get in the shower pull the curtain across and hand you my clothes 

Liam- Okay but I'm going to keep my hand in yours just so you don't fall over 

Liam helped me into the tub and pulled the curtain across , my hand was in his as he helped me keep stable. This was probably one of the most eventful birthdays I've ever had to be honest. I took my one hand and slipped off my shirt handing it to him , then I slipped off my pants handing them to him. Well this was going to be beyond weird , I took of my bra and underwear , I didn't hand them to him I just through them past the curtain hopping they would land on the floor. I took my bracelets and necklace off handing them to him

Bella- Okay I'm undressed I'm going to turn the water on now 

Liam- Okay keep hold of my hand I don't want you fall over, are you feeling okay?

Bella- Yes I'm fine,you boys worry to much

I turned on the water and felt the coldness against my skin, I put it on medium heat because I still wanted to feel the coldness. I didn't feel warm any more , the sweat was gone from my face and I felt the redness slowly dying down

Bella- Liam I need to let go of your hand to wash my hair 

Liam- You sure that's a good idea, I don't want you falling over or anything 

Bella- Yes it's fine 

He let go of my hand slowly and I felt myself go down a bit , his strong grip was nice. I took the shampoo and washed my hair then the conditioner .After I washed my body I shut the water off but slipped and hit the wall

Liam- Bella are you okay, say something or I'm coming in there 

Bella- No! , no I'm fine just slipped. Can you hand me a towel please


I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me . I then pulled the curtain back and Liam's eyes went up and down my body, oh god

Bella- Take a picture it will last longer

Liam- Sorry , here let me help you out 

He grabbed onto my hand, I stepped one foot out of the tub and then my second but it caught on the tub making me fall into Liam causing us both to hit the ground with me lying on top of him. Great I'm in a towel with wet hair what else could go wrong 

Bella- Omg Liam I'm sorry are you okay I didn't mean to 

Liam- Bella I'm fine and it looks like you're feeling better to 

Bella-Haha yeah that shower helped,the medicine helped the pounding in my head 

Liam- You know what Bella?

Bella- What?

Liam-Your'e still really beautiful wrapped in a towel with dripping wet hair 

God was this boy good, ugh the feelings are slowly crawling back. My thoughts got interrupted by the sound of feet , In came the rest of the boys starring at us.

Louis- We heard a bang, are you two okay ?

Bella- Yeah were good, just fell

Zayn- Hey I told you two no funny business 

Me and Liam looked at each other and laughed, I then felt my self getting pulled off of Liam.I grabbed my towel making sure it stayed on. I looked to see Harry holding me,is someone a little jealous haha. Liam stood up and handed me back my clothes.

Harry- Are you sure you're all right Bella

Bella- Yeah I'm fine, the shower helped but it should be Liam your'e asking I just completely flattened him to the ground

Liam- Hahah Bella it's completely fine, I didn't know you were so clumsy

I got out of Harry's hands and walked over to Liam to play fully punch him on the shoulder

Liam- Ouch I didn't know you were so fierce to haha

Zayn- Hey what did I say you two lovebirds.Here boys let's leave so Bella can get dressed  

I felt my cheeks getting red , I looked at Liam his were red to. I then looked at Harry and he did not look amused . I then looked down still seeing myself in my towel. 

Bella- Oh yeah I would like to change 

Liam- Do you want one of us to wait outside the door to make sure you're okay 

Bella- Um I'm okay I think ,I guess if one of you want to 

Harry/Liam- I will 

Both the boys glared at each other , meow cat fight. Things just got awkward 

Bella- I'm going to change now so please step out of the washroom 

They all walked out and I shut the door. I Through off my towel and quickly changed putting everything back on including my necklace and bracelets, I still had my ring on from the shower forgot to take it off oops. I looked in the mirror to see a faded black eye , good it's almost gone. I have no comb and I don't want use Liam's so I decided to put my hair up in a messy wet bun with my elastic that was once around my wrist. I picked up my towel and hanged it on the door. Someone called from outside the door asking if I was okay, I answered back with a yeah. I walked back to the mirror and looked at myself. I can't believe I'm actually 17 ,I stopped looking at myself and left the washroom. Sitting on the bed was Harry and Liam , awe they both wanted to wait for me. Yeah this feelings thing was not going away for any of us, can you say trouble . 

Harry- There she is ,you look much better then you did earlier in bed today

Liam- Let's make sure you drink a lot of water today and stay out of the sun

* Thanks so much for all the reads <3 you people, next chapter up soon promise 













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