New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


32. Lunch

I had a slice of pepperoni pizza and a glass of chocolate milk from the cafeteria today. Cameron asked if I wanted anything for lunch but I told him no. But knowing him he insisted on buying me lunch. I hate when others pay for me. Yeah those boots Liam bought me, are still in the box. I sat down next to Cameron and the others that were at the table. Luckily Tina and  Shelby decided to go out for lunch today so they weren't sitting with us. Cameron knew that I didn't like them but I told him I didn't care if he was friends with them. As long as they didn't cause trouble.This table actually wasn't that bad to be honest, Nash and Matt were funny. They both were nice but a little stuck up like the boys said they were. I bit into my pizza  listening to the conversation Cameron and the others were in when I could feel eyes glaring at the back of my head. I finished my pizza and wiped my face with my napkin. I turned to where I felt someone looking at me. I turned to see that Niall was looking at me. Was he looking at me this whole time?. What is with him, like is he trying to get me back to be friends or something . Out of all the boys I thought it would be Louis since we had a good friendship for those last days. I was looking right at Niall and he wasn't looking away form me . This was making me feel a bit uncomfortable 

Bella- Hey Cameron I'm just going to throw this out and go to my locker 

Cam- Okay well I will see you Monday, have fun in your free blocks you lucky duck 

Bella- Haha thanks, have a good weekend

Cam- You to, text me later 

I got up grabbing my plate and chocolate milk. I went over  to the garbage and through them out. I heard foot steps behind me but continued my way to my locker. 

Nialls POV

Iv'e been looking at her this whole time and she's finally noticed. Now I don't know about the others but I want to get Bella back as a friend. I'm the nice one I care to much, but this was bugging me a lot. She looked depressed and a bit teary. To be honest that's how I felt to. She turned and caught me looking at her. She didn't brake eye contact with me. I could hear Harry sigh and shift uncomfortably next to me. I stopped looking when she got up to throw her rubbish away. I got up from my chair grabbing my backpack 

Harry- Where you going mate?

Niall- Uh.. I'm just going to go to my math class early for some help

Louis- I thought you had social 


Niall- Oh yeah

I quickly walked out of the cafeteria following Bella to where she was going. Thankfully she didn't notice me. I didn't want to tell the boys because Harry would have said no and gotten pissed off. I'm not sure how the others would have handled it. They all looked like they missed her specially Louis, they were close in friendly ways. I followed her till she got to her locker. I needed to talk to her. She opened her locker, not noticing me a few steps behind her. She grabbed her bag and put her book inside it. This was it. I walked closer to her and tapped her shoulder. She turned around and glared at me.

Bella- I don't have time for this, move

She tried to push me out of the way but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back a little 

Niall- Bella I need to talk to about something 

Bella- Didn't you just hear me earlier today Niall, I don't want to hear it. I don't want to talk to you, you don't want to talk to me. You shouldn't be talking to me 

Niall- Bella you know that's not true. I can tell you miss talking to all of us, like we miss talking to you

 Bella- Didn't you hear what Harry said, you guys were all just faking it  

Niall- I don't want to fight with you Bella , I just came here to tell you something 

Bella- Okay then spit it out

I was about to say those 6 words but I was stopped when I felt a hand come down on my shoulder. I looked up, it was Harry. Great I'm toast 

Harry- So this is where you ran off to, what did Bella drag you here or something 

Bella- Oh shut up Harry, I did nothing of the sort. Niall followed me to tell me something 

Harry- Niall what the hell, can you not follow one rule. Lets go Niall

Harry tugged on my shoulder pulling me back. Bella had a disgusted look on her face. I couldn't do this to Bella. I pulled out of his grasp and ran over to her hugging her tightly. I caught her off guard but surprisingly she hugged me back 

Niall- Bella I want you to remember me , I promise we will meet again, I will always keep my promises that I've made to you. From day one when I met you I knew you were special

Bella didn't have time to answer because I was pulled back by two people this time, Harry and Liam. For god sakes let me have a moment. I looked back at Bella, she looked shocked and a little sad. She didn't say a word, she just turned and walked away out the doors. I'm hoping that's not the last I see of her 

Harry- What was that for Niall

Niall- I'm sorry that you two got in a fight and I'm sorry that you told her all those lies of what we thought about her. I'm sorry I broke your stupid, stupid rule okay. I just had to say goodbye. 

Harry- Don't yell at me Niall. Okay I get it, just don't brake the rule again, it's not my fault were leaving

Louis- But it is your fault that we lost her 

Harry- What

Louis- Nothing, never mind 

Zayn- Oh boys, lets just get through this last day and forget everything ever happened 

Liam- I can't do that 

Harry- Why?

Liam- Cause I'm never going to be able to forget her

Louis- Same here bud

Niall- I'm with you

Zayn- Guys it will be okay 

Harry- Yeah now forget about her and let's go

Liams POV

Forget about her. No that would never happen in a million years. I will always remember her. Even though we aren't on speaking leaves any more or texting terms. I will always remember her.

Louis's POV

She's like the sun, makes your world brighter each day. How could you forget something like that. You can't just forget a bestie like her. 

Zayns POV

The guys are taking this hard. I'm going to miss Bella to. Even though I don't show it, we have to move on. I will miss the way that she acted and talked. I really wanted to figure out what happened with her and storms but now I would never get the chance 

Nialls POV

How could Harry even say that. Forget about her , yeah no thanks. I know that Harry will even miss her. He liked her for crying out loud. Feelings don't go away that easy, I should know. I promised her we would meet again. We will, I just have to figure out how though. 

Harrys POV

Those words did hurt a little saying to forget her. We both hated each other now and I was fine with that. But was it true what she said. Yeah I did wreck 6 friendships, did I mean to. No way. I never hated her from the begging. I  always liked her. I don't know what drove me to scream at her those awful words. Maybe she just drove me so crazy that if I couldn't have her then, whats the point of even having her as a friend. But it didn't matter now, non of us were going to talk to her from this day on. We were probably never going to get to see her again. All I have to say to that is, see you later California.

   *** Authors note:This is not the last chapter(you can breath now) Thanks for all the support from everyone. Haters are going to hate but that won't keep me down. I love writing and I hope you love reading my writing    


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