New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


22. Just Friends?

*Warning this chapter has a little more contact if you know what I mean, just giving you people a heads up*

No ones POV

Simon - Well now that ,that is settled I need to know two things. First why didn't you just tell us Liam and secondly I think you boys should be staying here tonight as it is already very late. You can stay down in the guest house as well as you Bella 

Liam- I guess I was afraid of what you would think and I didn't want any of you to break Bella's privacy. We thought that no one would really care but it broke out in to this whole new love scandal and rumours of us dating. We are both truly sorry, were great friends isn't that right Bella 

Bella forced back the tears that wanted to flood out and spoke with a sad "yeah"

Simon- Hey all is fixed now but if you two want to hang in public please take security with you so they can kind of ward off the paparazzi. I will leak to the press that you are just friends. 

Liam and Bella at the same time winced at the word "Friends" 

Simon- So you six can stay down in the guest house tonight. Bella, Harry make sure you to change out of your soaking clothes , don't want to catch a cold

Harry- Yes uncle Simon 

The Boys and Bella walked down to the guest house. Now let me tell you this was a nice guest house , pretty big for being a guest house. It has five bedrooms , one green ,one orange,one purple,one blue,one yellow, alone with the bedrooms there's a nice living room and a kitchen as well as 3 bathrooms, the basement is basically designed by the boys cause really they're the only ones that ever stay in the guest house. The guest house has a small balcony that looks on the beach.  The boys got comfy in the living room and Bella sat on the floor, Harry went to go change

Louis - Shoot, Bell you don't have any other clothes with you and I'm afraid all we have is guy clothes 

Bella- It's okay Lou I can just wear what I'm wearing, My shirt is just a little wet, my soaking pants will dry eventually 

Niall- We don't want you to catch a cold 

Liam quickly spoke up " I can find something for you." Bella looked a little mad "I'm fine thank you, you don't have to worry about your friend." Putting the emphasis on the word friend. She got up and walked to the kitchen 

Zayn- What's up with her, she does realize non of us care that you guys were hanging out behind our backs. You're just friends . Bella yelled from the kitchen "I'm not made and yeah were just friends". Zayn's phone rang (it was his girlfriend Perry) he excused himself from the room 

Niall- I'll go talk with her

Niall got up and walked into the kitchen seeing Bella looking into the fridge 

Niall- You hungry?

Bella- Sorta 

Niall- I can take you out for food but we can't tell Simon cause he doesn't want us driving late 

Bella slammed the fridge shut

Bella- I would rather not cos another scandal with another One Direction boy thank you very much. Look at all the mess the last one caused, so I'd rather stay away from the public for a while 

Niall- Sorry I didn't think about it, but you know you should really change all of us don't want you getting sick

Bella- God sometimes you guys are annoying. Sorry I don't have any spare clothes , so what's it to you ?

Niall- Go to the orange room ,there's spare clothes in the dresser , sorry there are probably all guy clothes but please Bella go change. Or I swear I will rip your clothes off for you 

Bella started to blush and looked away form Niall

Niall- Sorry I didn't mean to say that, sorry I made this awkward I just um, can you please just change your clothes

Bella quickly walked out of the kitchen still smiling and blushing to find the orange room. Niall followed out and sat back down on the couch. Liam and Louis looked at Bella weirdly and looked back to Niall who just smiled innocently . She walked down the hallway and saw part of an orange wall through a slight closed door. She walked into the room and saw Harry lying on the bed shirtless with a pair of new black jeans on. Harry looked up at her 

Bella- Oh my god I'm sorry I just um I'll go now 

Harry slightly laughed - Bella have you never seen a shirtless guy, anyways what are you looking for ?

Bella looked to the ground she didn't want to stare at his toned body- Uh I was told to change and look for clothes in here (she said in a whisper) 

Harry- Bella look up when you talk I can't hear you 

She slowly looked up trying not to gaze at him and she repeated herself

Harry- All the spare clothes are in the drawer over there help yoruself , but they'er all guy clothes 

Bella walked over to the tall drawer and opened it , the bottom row had pants , the middle had t-shirts and the top had hoodies. Well she didn't want to wear any of the pants cause they were all guys jeans , Maybe a long hoddie will do. She looked up to the hoodies  and jumped to grab one, failing she tired again but failed once again . Harry laughed and got off the bed 

Harry- Do you need help 

Bella- Yeah, if you don't mind 

Bella was still standing in front of the drawer turned looking at the sweaters, when she felt a bare chest against her shoulders, her eyes went big. Harry was pressed up against her leaning over her with one arm and grabbing a light purple sweater. He pulled his hand back with the sweater and they stood there pressed against each other .He then pushed some of Bella's hair away from her ear "Love I have a sweater for you " She turned around , they were nose to nose. She looked down and grabbed the sweater shyly thanking him. No problem love he said with a smile as he turned and walked back to his bed laying down, with his elbows supporting him. 

Harry- Well are you going to change or what ?

Bella- Not in front of you :O

Harry- Come on Bell I've already seen you in your sports bra here I won't look ( he laid fully down and looked up to the ceiling) 

Bella- Now cover you eyes with your hands

Harry- Sure whatever you wish (he did so)

She quickly took off her top and slid on the sweater. It went mid thigh on her, she quickly pulled down her pants and folded them along with her shirt. She found it kind of awkward being in a house full of guys and just wearing a sweater and lace underwear. But she didn't feel like wearing jeans and being uncomfortable even though both situations were uncomfortable. She looked to Harry

Bella- You can uncover your eyes now Harry 

Harry- I like that sweater on you 

Bella- Why ?

Harry- Cause it's mine and it looks good ;) 

Bella- oh ,haha ( She started to blush) so where should I put my wet clothes?

Harry- We can call one of the maids from Simons house to come get them and wash and dry them 

Bella- Yeah I don't think so , I have my own two feet I'll just walk over there 

Harry- Really Bella you're going to walk over there , it's already dark out and it's there job and look what you're wearing wouldn't that be awkward ?

Bella- Okay fine call them

Harry got up and made a call on the phone next to his bed 

Harry - They will be here in 10, she said just place your clothes at the front, actually can you take mine to

Bella- Okay whatever you say lazy (she bit her lip) 

Harry- That's it, stop being a tease 

Bella - A what.. 

Before she new it Harry grabbed his own clothes and hers out of her hand and through her over his shoulder.Bella could only think of one thing her butt was probably showing.

Bella- Harry put me down now, you can so see my ass, the sweater doesn't  cover down there when I'm like this. Put me down

Harry- You probably have a cute butt but I'm not looking, I swear ;). This is punishment for being a tease, now lets go put our clothes at the front door

He carried her over his shoulder and walked passed all the guys to the front door placing there clothes outside the door. He walked back to the living room. Bella's hands went straight to her bottom to cover up, Liam looked away ,Louis just looked at her and Harry along with Niall and Zayn was still talking on the phone. 

Bella- Curly put me down now please 

Harry- Fine love( he placed her down and she fixed the sweater pulling it down more) p.s Harry is still shirtless ;)

Niall - Well you found something to change into haha

Awkward laugh ) Bella- Yeah I did

Liam - Of course it's Harry's sweater 

Bella- You have a problem with that friend?  

Liam was silent .Harry went and sat next to Lou ,while Liam and Niall sat on the other couch. Bella silently walked over to the single chair next to the couch Lou and Harry were sitting on. Before she could get there Lou pulled her down to sit on his lap. Harry ,Liam and Niall all glared at him. 

Louis -Really guys you're going to glare at me like that, god you guys all of the hots for Bella. An don't say you don't, I can see it. Anyways Bella I just see you as a friend actually more like a sister well because I have a girlfriend and you guys all know it. Her name is Eleanor by the way , maybe you to can meet some day  

All the boys sat there in silence even Bella, they were shocked by what Louis had to say. "Is it true" She asked looking around " Hell yes it is , I swear these three couldn't stop talking about you that night you ran from us, even if they say they don't I swear it's true what I'm saying. Liam said those weren't dates but he so thought they were." Bella stood up " Oh Lou shut it , Liam even told me we had to tell you guys we are friends, so I'm pretty sure there's nothing there . Pff Niall and Harry having something for me yeah right come on,look at me I'm nothing special ." She walked to the bathroom and slammed the door. " You three lads have to figure this out " Lou said getting up and walking to his room. The three boys sat there looking at each other . 

Harry- Well it looks like the secrets out, we three like Bell and since Liam screwed it up for himself it's just me and you Niall 

Liam- Hey I didn't screw anything up I didn't think she liked me like that, I think we should all just be friends with her no matter our feelings towards her    ( What a Lie ) 

Niall- I think you might be right mate, even though it might be hard to put the feelings a side, we can't fight over one girl and I don't think she wants us to  ( Another lie) 

Bellas POV

Well my feelings for them were half gone now, yes I will be honest I do like Niall, Harry and Liam. But like Lou said they all have feelings for me and I have feelings for all of them but I don't want to wreck their friendship. I had enough of thinking for one day. I walked out of the bathroom and walked to the balcony. Zayn was standing outside just hanging up the phone 

Bella- So who was that? 

Zayn-Hey Bella, that was my girlfriend we were just chatting. So I heard what happened , are you okay with all this?

Bella- Yeah, I just want to be friends with everyone, hopefully this just blows over

Zayn- Don't worry it probably will , well look at the time 11:15 I think it's time for bed and to get away from all this craziness 

Bella- Haha I agree with you

We walked back in into the living room where Niall, Harry and Liam sat  

Zayn- Well guys time for bed 

Niall- Yeah I agree, I'll tell Louis 

Bella- Shoot Louis 


                                                                    The sweater Bella's wearing


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