New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


10. I didn't think I could

 (Some langue is used in the chapter , you have been warned) 

Liams POV  

So Bella was in our group this was going to be sweet. I sat down with the guys in our music/song class . The Bell rang and Mr. Hatter started our lesson. When long and behold Bella came running into the room. Her hair was in her beautiful face , she was breathing slightly heavy and had a worried look on her face.  And who might you be Mr.Hatter asked. I'm so sorry I will never be late again, and I'm Bella she spoke with her english accent. I found that she was using it more now then before. So Bella the new student , Is this twilight or what class?. I looked at Bella to see her blushing and covering her face. Awe don't cover that Beauty. What am I saying , okay ya I admit I have some feelings but I only just met this girl. Any way Bella you can take a seat next to Cameron

(remember him ??)

Out of the people she had to sit beside why Cameron, the most absorb , jerk face ever . She looked over at Cameron with a disgusted look. Well at least I know she won't have feelings for I'm. Cameron gave her a sly smile and waved . 

Bella POV 

Ew I had to sit next to that thing, one of the biggest jerks in this whole school. He's such a fucking pig, and asshole,oh I could go on and I don't even no the guy but really I already do.  I walked over and took my seat that was right beside him.  Hey Bella how you doing: really he just had to talk to me. I didn't answer I focused on what the teacher was saying. Well Bella it's nice to meet you, I'm Mr.Hatter. So when ever we get a new student in class or if it's the start of the new semester that person or everyone has to show some of there talent before the class starts . My mouthed formed the :O you have got to be kidding. No way in hell was I a good singer or so I thought. Hey I can dance specially Hip hop, one of my bigger passions. I had to quite back then cause of money issues. So Bella get up here and sing a song he said pointing to the mini stage. I only know one song, I don't own a radio, my mom dosent have a car so theres no radio there either,she takes a city bus, I only have one song I listen too! I gulped and cleared my throat okay. I stood up and walked towards the stage. Good luck hot stuff Cameron called. What a dick. Okay here goes nothing . Sing as much as you want we just need to hear something Mr.hatter called , She probably sucks Tina and Shelby said at the same time. Can you too stop being Bitches I said to them with a smile, everyone started laughing apparently I wasn't the only one that didn't like them . I started to sing the one song Skinny Love 

Come on skinny love just last the year
Pour a little salt we were never here,
My my my, my my my, my-my my-my...
Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer.
 ( I felt everyone staring at me , I'm I that bad )
Tell my love to wreck it all,
Cut out all the ropes and let me fall,
My my my, my my my, my-my my-my...
Right in the moment this order's tall.
( I can feel my cheeks going red, but I keep trying to sing my best)
And I told you to be patient,
And I told you to be fine,
And I told you to be balanced,
And I told you to be kind   

​There I had to stop . I nodded my head and quickly walked back to my chair. Cameron lead over to whisper in my ear. Okay now hot stuff that was impressive. Okay I admit I blushed a little and whispered thanks . Ha I knew you want ,but before he could finish the class was clapping except for Tina and Shelby of course, Were they clapping for me wait what?  I didn't think I could sing.Bella Mr.Hatter walked over , I haven't heard a voice like yours in a long time , keep it up and big things could happen. What big things , me ? I'm just a poor 16 year old girl. But hey look at One Direction, I guess anything can happen.  Well then now class I'm putting you in groups of two and I'm picking no if's and's or but's. Great he was one of those teachers. This assignment you will be picking a song and performing it for the class , now you can both sing or both dance or sing and dance at the same time. Okay lets see, Louis and Tina , Niall and Zayn, Liam and Bella , Cameron and Shelby ,  and Blah blah blah he went on and on with the list. But hey at least I was with my friend Liam ( notice she mentioned friend, Hmmm). Hm seems Harry your'e the odd man out , you may go with Liam and Bella please and thank you. Just my luck Harry Styles was in our group. Great..... 




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