New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


28. Home sweet home

No ones POV

They arrived home at11:00 o'clock, everyone was awake except for Bella.

Zayn- This one is her house right?

Liam-Keep driving it's the blue one

Zayn- Okay 

Zayn pulled up in her drive way

Niall-Does Bella live by herself

Harry-No she has a mom but she's usually never here 

​Liam- How do you know?

​Harry- She told me her mom works like 24/7 for them, she told me she's lucky that she's even living in a house

Louis- Wow I didn't know any of that , why didn't she tell us 

Harry- It's a touchy subject guys

Niall- What about her dad 

Harry-Doesn't know who he is 

Liam- Yeah she has all these picture with her mom that are ripped cutting out the guy  and then she has a necklace that holds a picture of her mom but on the other side a mystery man.

Zayn- When did you see this?

Liam- When I was hanging with her after school 


Niall- So should we wake her up

Louis- That was a joke right, remember she doesn't like getting waken up 

Niall- Oh forgot about that

Liam- I'll carry her inside , her keys are probably in her bag. Niall do you want the blanket around her 

Niall-No let her keep it 

Liam undid her seat belt and picked her up bridal style 

Liam- Harry can you grab her keys from her bag and carry it to the door and unlock it for me 

Harry-Sure thing 

They got out of the car and unlocked her house. Liam walked up the stairs to her room being followed by Harry.Liam placed her on her bed and pulled the covers over her. He then took her phone and put it in the charger setting her alarm for 8:50 and 9:00 

Harry-How are we going to lock her house if we don't have keys 

Liam- We could lock it then give her her keys tomorrow in the morning

Harry- Sure let's go

Liam-One sec

 Liam ran back over to Bella's bed side bent over kissed her on the forehead and wished her a quite happy birthday 

Harry-Okay then, let's go 

Liam- Sorry I just wanted to...

Harry- Yeah whatever save it 

Liam-Okay let's just go 

Harry- Here leave the keys me with, I need to use the washroom so I'll lock the door last 

Liam- K see you down there

Liam walked out to go down stairs and Harry quietly walked over to Bella. He bent down and kissed her on the cheek and whispered I hope you had a good birthday love. He pulled back when she started to move and her eyes flashed open. 

Bella- Harry, where am I, weren't we just in the car?

Harry- Haha you fell asleep for the whole car ride

Bella-Oh my bad, what's the time 

Harry-Like 11:15

Bella- Great and we have school tomorrow 

Harry- Yeah sucks

Bella- Did you see a older lady when you came in like my mom, looks like me 

Harry- No you're the only one here 

Bella-Thought so 

Boom bang crackle

Bella- Omg what was that?

Bella got out of her bed and ran to her window to look outside. The rain was pouring and coming down hard 

Harry- Another thunder storm great

Bella- Yeah awesome,not 

Harry- You hate Thunder storms I'm guessing 

Bella- How did you know haha

Harry- Do you need someone to stay here with you 

Bella- Well after that stupid movie and now this I don't think I'm going to sleep again , but that's okay the boys are probably waiting  so you should go 

A buzz came from Harry's phone the text read 

From Louis

Yo you were taking forever , we saw that storm coming and hit the road even though Liam wasn't that happy about leaving you there with Bella. I suggest you stay there if she let's you :D and no funny business. Get some sleep , tell Bella to have a good night

To Louis 

Yeah will do, it's a good thing I'm here cause she's afraid of storms and that movie. Goodnight

 Harry showed Bella his phone and she read the text

Bella- So it looks like you're staying here then 

Harry- I don't have to I can walk home 

Bella- Yeah no way not in this Harry. And Liam wasn't happy you boys need to realize how to push feelings away 

Harry moved closer to Bella 

Harry- What about you , don't tell me you don't have feelings for any of us 

Bella- Look Harry I do, but I don't want to come in between any of you. Can we just drop this subject. You can sleep in my bed I'm going down to my couch. 

She pushed Harry out of the way and walked down the stairs to the living room. She laid on the couch and closed her eyes. A few seconds later she felt herself getting lifted up ,she opened her eyes to see Harry carrying her. 

Bella- What are you doing Harry, go to bed 

Harry-I'am and you are to 

Bella- Well I was about to sleep on the couch 

Harry- Your'e not sleeping on the couch in your own house

Harry carried her up to her room and dropped and her on her bed

Bella- Harsh much

Harry- Sorry

He walked over shut the light off and shut the door. He walked back to the bed and got in 

Bella- What are you doing 

Harry- About to sleep, so be quite and go to bed 

Bella-Fine just stay on your side 

Harry- Wouldn't image going over to your side anyways 

Bella- Whatever 

Harry- What's the matter 

Bella- Harry you just confuse me , one moment your my friend, then it seems like you hate me and ignore me. I'll never get you

Harry- Bella you do that to you know

Bella- Whatever, I don't want to hear it go to bed 

Harry- Fine grumpy 

As soon as they both closed their eyes the thunder roared and the lighting crashed causing Bella to scream 

Harry- Bella go to bed, it's just thunder stop being childish  

Bella-Shut up Harry,Im going to the couch and don't come and get me this time 

She pulled off the cover and jumped off the bed grabbing the blanket that she got from Niall going down stairs

Harry-(Yelling)That's fine with me 

Bella ran down stairs to the couch and crawled into to a ball. She wasn't being childish, she was being herself .Storms in general just scared her, but it wasn't the noise and the lightning that bugged her the most. It's what happened that one night when there was screaming ,fighting ,hitting and a father like figure in the picture. That night a storm occurred ,wild winds and thunder crashing with lightning. Every time a storm occurred the situation played back in her head over again. His hands scaring her, her mother screaming and fighting, him walking out.Her memories are blurred of him, she doesn't remember what he looks like or acts like but she will always remember that night and the print that it left on her. These memories always brought back tears, she cried quietly to make sure that Harry didn't hear.Even that night at Liam's house she wasn't crying because she was scared of the storm, she was crying cause of the memories.  To be honest these boys didn't know half as much about Bella as they thought they did. The sky crashed again causing Bella to scream again, she told herself to calm down and go to sleep. But really nothing was helping her.    

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