New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


24. Here we go again

Louis's POV 

I wanted to make sure I was the first one up. I woke to my alarm going off at 6:30, I quickly shut it off so no one would hear it. I slipped on my red jumper along with my black sweat pants. I pulled on my socks and quietly left my room.All the other bedroom doors were closed, that was a good sign meaning that I was the only one awake. I tiptoed over to Harrys bedroom and opened the door lightly and peeked my head in. Bella's face was nuzzled into Harry's chest while his arms were wrapped around her pulling her close against him. They were still asleep and I really didn't want to be the asshole to wake them up but I don't want the other boys seeing them like this. They will start to think things. Ugh what to do, what to do? Then a light bulb went off , I slowly walked over to the bed trying to not make a sound. I bent down and slowly pulled Bella into my arms. Good thing her and Harry are heavy sleepers. I carried her out of the room and walked back to my room,I would explain this to Harry latter. I opened my door, walked in and closed it ,yeah I got skills. I softly laid her onto my bed. Now the boys won't think of it as anything, were just two bestfriends who had a sleepover,yeah that's what they'll think. I went and shut my light off and walked to the other side of the bed getting in. I pulled the covers over me and Bella. She slept soundly like one of my little sisters would.I closed my eyes and went back to bed, come on it's  6:30 on a Sunday(Praise the Lord).

Harry's POV 

I woke up and turned my side light on. The clock read 9:00, hey not bad timing. I looked over to see Bella. Wait she was gone what? I swear I was holding her the whole night, I held her little frame tight up against my body. How could I not have felt her move.I got up and pulled on a white T-shirt and my grey nike shorts. Time to find Bella. I walked out my room, everybody else's rooms were shut.Hm I'll go to the couch and wait for them to come out. I sat down on the couch,no one was out here not even Bella. I heard doors close ,down the hallway came Zayn. 

Harry- Morning Zayn 

Zayn- Hey Harry, Im going to go ask Simon if I can go over to Mic-ds and get some breakfast for us.I'll call you guys for your orders 

Harry- Okay sounds good , don't screw up Niall's haha

Zayn- Don't worry I won't ( Zayn walked to the front door opening it )

Harry- Oh and Zayn have you seen Bell?

Zayn- No sorry (He left and closed the door behind him)

As soon as Zayn closed the door Niall came running down the hall

Niall- I heard the word Mic-ds, whats for breakfast

Harry- Haha Zayn will call us when he gets there 

Niall- Okay cool,cool ( he sat down on the couch across from me)

Harry- Yeah,so have you seen Bella 

Niall- Uh no, why?

Harry- Oh just wondering 

Liam walked down the hallway rubbing his eyes 

Liam-Be any louder much, I was trying to sleep

Niall- Come on it's already 9:30, you should be awake 

Liam- Yeah what ever you say, so what's happing I heard Zayn's getting food?(He yawned and sat next to Niall) 

Harry- Yeah he will call , Uh Liam have you seen Bella?

Liam- No I haven't, why?

Harry- Well me and Niall both haven't seen her 

Liam- Odd, Niall turn the telly on please 

Niall flicked the tv on to some dumb gossip channel ,  everything on this show is lies

Niall- Wheres Lou 

Liam - Good question 

Harry- Still in his room, lets go check

The three of us got up and walked to his room,his door was still shut and there was no sound coming from the other side.

No ones POV

The three boys walked into Lou's room too see him still asleep as well as Bella. Bella's head rested on Lou's chest and his head rested on her shoulder. His arms were wrapped around her but there was little distance between them. The three boys stood there with wide eyes. 


Niall- Well what's going on here

Liam- Don't look at me, I don't know

Harry- Oh come on guys they are like brother and sister, this is like a bro sis mance happing right here

Niall- I guess you got a point, and he is dating Eleanor

Liam- Well who's going to wake them up, I'm not 

Niall-No thanks 

Normal voices now 

Louis- You guys do know we can hear you right? 

The boys looked at each other and laughed a little 

Niall- You heard everything we just said 

Bella- Yes Niall, ahhh Lou

Lou pulled Bella out of bed and spun her around and pulled her close to him, he then whispered in her ear 

Louis- Watch this it will make the boys so jealous 

 He kissed her on the left cheek and then the right and then the left and right again over and over . Bella was holding her laughter back.He then started to tickle Bella, chasing her out of the room . The boys followed to see that Lou was on top of Bella who was pinned to the couch. Louis was tickling her like crazy. He finally stopped to let her breath.He sat there on top of her and bent down and whispered in her ear.

Louis- Now for the finishing touch 

He kissed both her cheeks and stopped and looked up to the boys

Louis- You three wish you could do that to Bella

Bella gasped and laughed

Bella- Bro shut up (She got up form under him and sat up )

The other three did not looked amused by what Louis just did

Bella- Oh calm down cry baby's me and Lou are bro and sis to the end of time

Louis - Yeah , I promise,I promise ,I promise ,I promise

The others silently took there seats on the couch 

Louis- Hey Harry can I talk to you for a second in the kitchen

Harrys POV

Louis dragged me into the kitchen away from everyone

Louis- Okay so mate first off you can't be pulling things like that

Harry- Like what?

Louis-You and Bella sleeping together, imagine if one of the other guys like Liam or Niall saw you two all cuddled up like that, they would be heart broken

Harry- So thats why Bella was in your bed this morning, you moved her?

Louis- Yes and I did it for your own good

Harry- Yeah but you didn't have to pull all that stuff you just did with Bella 

Louis- Hey I can pull whatever I like with Bella, were best friends , stop being a jealous boy Styles

With that he walked out of the kitchen and I followed him. He grabbed Bella up from her seat and sat her on her lap. She leaned back and placed her head on his shoulder and Lou wrapped his arms around her leaning back on the couch. God was I jealous of Louis and you could see it on Niall's and Liam's faces. I took my seat next to Louis. 

Liams POV

She sat so perfectly on Lou's lap, yeah I'm jealous of the boy I have to admit it. But him and Bell were just good friends. I turned my attention to the tv. 

*Reporter on TV

So guess who we have seen around town lately. That's right as you see in this picture here it's Liam from One Direction. Oh but it's not just him, he has a little lady glued to his hand. She's known as Mystery girl. We've heard their just friends but seriously come on, look at these other photos of them. They look at each other so lovingly and  he's so protective of her ooo and this one were there walking out of his house and dare I say in the morning . Looks like someone had a sleepover. No one knows who she is though, If you have any guesses go comment on our twitter page, that's it for our 5 minute gossip back to you Tammy. 

Oh no, I quickly reached for the remote and turned the TV off. The room was quiet now , Bella and Lou were both sitting up now and she was staring at me. This was not good, I looked to the other boys, Harry looked unpleased  but Niall looked okay. Then Harrys phone went off thank god it broke this silence.   He answered and asked what we wanted for breakfast, everyone gave him their order and he told Zayn , he then hanged up and the room was silent again. 

Niall's POV 

See this was the thing I liked Bella but now not enough to break a friendship, I need to talk to her later about all this. I wanted to have a friendship like her and Lou. Let's face it knowing me I don't think I could make time to have a girlfriend, I don't know  how Zayn and Lou do it. I decided to break the silence 

Niall- I thought Simon told them that you guys were just friends 

Liam looked over to me and decided to speak

Liam- Well I guess they don't want to believe it now do they

Bella- Well I don't really care,  I've had enough of this. Look Liam I want it to be like it was when we were just hanging out, those weren't dates they were just two friends hanging out. Let the stupid gossip people think what they want okay. Hey I'll admit I liked hanging out with you and I don't want to come in between any of you, so can we all just be friends here.

She just asked if we could all be friends now nothing more. In Lou's and Zayn's eyes she was always there friend nothing more. Now in my eyes she was that too nothing more, I don't think I could go back to feeling any other way for her. I hope that we could become good friends.

Louis's POV

She just asked if we could all be friends and I was fine with it, us two were nothing more, she was like my little sis. But I don't know how the other boys will react

 Harrys POV

​She asked to just be friends with us. Now this was going to be hard for me, I didn't want to just see her as a friend,I want to at least take her on a date or something. Well I'll try not to be my flirty self but this will be hard.

Liams POV

Just be friends. I think that's what she already saw me as since I was the first one to say that we should just be friends. That was the biggest mistake ever, I didn't want to just be friends. But for Bella I would try anything. I looked over to Harry he looked like he was having a hard time with this to, great. We all agreed to her about the friends , when Zayn walked in the door carrying two bags of food and Bella's and Harry's clothes. Bella got off of Lou and grabbed the clothes from Zayn. 

Bella- You'll be me friend right Zayn 

Zayn- Yeah always Bell promise ( he wrapped one arm around her) Guys I got the food come to the kitchen if you want it.

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