New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


25. Here we go again part 2

Bellas POV

Good they all agreed to be friends this was better. Even though my little feelings were still there I tired to push them aside for now. I through Harry his clothes and set mine down on the couch, following Zayn and the rest into the kitchen.  I got in the kitchen and Zayn passed me my breakfast sandwich. I took it back to the living room and sat down on the couch, the boys followed with there food and sat down. God these boys were hungry they were done before me . 

Zayn- So what are we going to do today, you know we could always sleepover again since theres no school tomorrow 

Niall- Sounds good to me 

Harry-I'm in 

Louis- Sure

Liam- Yeah, how about you Bell

I shot a look at Liam, I really didn't like him calling me Bell it was to cute now. 

Bella- I don't know um I'm going to go change and I'll be right back

I grabbed my clothes and walked to the washroom. I shut the door behind me and pulled on my pants, I slipped off Harrys sweater and put on Liam's cut off shirt. My clothes smelt good from the wash, okay do I stay here another night with the boys and not tell them about my birthday cause really they don't need to know or do I go home. But if I go home mom probably won't even be there , I'll have another lonely birthday . I'll text her later to tell her that I'm staying one more night here and that I'll be home tomorrow for sure. I walked out of the bathroom to Harrys room and put the sweater on his bed. I then walked back to the living room where the boys were chatting. 

Bella- Guys I'll stay another night

All them - Yeah!

No one's POV

All of them sat there and chatted for a while being friendly. There came a knock on the door. Liam yelled for the person to come in. In walked Paul

Paul- Hey boys good morning to you and Bella. Hey it's almost the big day Bella 

The boys turned and looked at Bella, she was glaring at Paul

Bella- Paul what are you talking about? (she got up and walked outside to the balcony, she didn't want to talk about her birthday)

Louis- What  do you mean Paul , what big day?

Paul- Well that's not for me to tell you , maybe Bella will tell you.But anyways I came here to tell you all that I'm running out and Simon has left with the rest of the security , so if you need anything call us or ask the butler. Have a good day boys bye.

Bellas POV

I was standing on the balcony, god Paul almost let it slip. The air is nice and warm here in California different from London. I gazed out to look at the water, it looked so refreshing. I felt a tap on my shoulder,I turned to see Lou standing behind me. 

Lou- So your staying that's great

Bella- Yup I sure am

Where was the conversation going 

Louis- So whats the big day?

Of course he was going to ask. I don't want to tell the boys,they might freak out and be like why didn't you tell us or they will be mad cause I didn't tell them.I didn't want to cause any more drama.God I'm the one that messes everything up gee.

Bella- Well you see the thing is 

I didn't finish my sentence,I ran back inside to see all the boys starring at me. Lou came running in after me. 

Lou- Come on Bella why won't you tell me or any of them

Bella- Well you see the thing is 

I turned and tired to run to the front door but Niall pulled me into a hug. I tired to get out of his hug but man this boy was strong.

Bella- Niall let me go 

Niall- Nope, only if you tell us what this big day  is 

Bella - Not going to happen, let me go 


Bella-I'll bake you a pie

Zayn- Niall don't fall for it

Niall- Don't worry I won't

Bella-Well I'm not telling you 

Niall- Then I'm not letting you go till you tell

Liam- Isn't that a little unnecessary , like what if you have to go to the bathroom or something Niall

Bell-Okay,Okay stop talking ,Niall let me go and I promise I will tell you

I stuck out my pinky finger to him but crossed my fingers behind my back,no way was I telling them about my birthday. Okay maybe the only reason I hate them is because I've never really have had one or I kind of don't like the fact that people are celebrating cause your older, like I'm only turning 17. Niall let go and grabbed my pinky , as soon as he let go I bolted out the front door down to the beach.I turned back to see Lou and Harry chasing me.Oh shit, I kept running but then I felt a set of arms tackle me to the ground , well that kind of hurt.

Bella- Okay ,okay you got me

Lou looked at me and Harry on the ground and started to laugh,he helped me and Harry up

Louis-NOW ,Bella are you going to tell us or are we going to have to throw you into the water?

Bella- You wouldn't dare 

Louis- Try me 

Harry grabbed me and through me over his shoulder, were they actually serious

Bella- Come on guys I just had these clothes washed

Harry- Sorry I'm going to do it if you don't tell us 

Harry stepped closer to the water and counted down from 3


Bella- Okay I swear I'll tell you, just get away from the water

Louis- Haha good girl sis

Harry placed me down on my feet.Okay I could rather run again or tell them . Here goes nothing

Bella- The big day is tomorrow 

Louis- And what's the big day

Bella- The big day is my birthday,okay!

What did I just do, like they would care, they probably thought this whole thing was stupid

Harry-Wait what your birthday, why didn't you want to tell us that

Bella- I didn't think you guys would care and who wants to celebrate getting older

Harry- Lou excuse me and Bella for a minute 

He grabbed my hand and pulled me off to the side

Harrys POV

I think I'am the one that knows the most about Bella now, even more then Louis.She told me about her true self last night. By her story she told me it sounded like she wasn't the richest person out there, maybe she's never even had a birthday before. 

Harry- Why didn't you want to tell us?

Bella- Harry I just I..

Harry- Is it because you've never had a proper birthday celebration?

Bella- Yes I've never celebrated my birthday,big deal 

Someone has an attitude awe 

Harry- Bella it's okay, we can celebrate, we can get the butler to get a cake and balloons and (she cut me off)

Bella- I'd rather not celebrate at all Harry, I've never been the one to like the idea of birthdays okay 

She turned and walked back to the house, Lou ran up to me

Louis- So what is this all about and her birthday is tomorrow?

Harry- Lets go get the boys I don't want to explain this 4 times

No ones POV

The two walked back to the house. The rest of the boys sat on the couch looking bored out of their minds. Liam was reading a book "The Giver" Zayn was on his phone and Niall was siting on the couch upside down. Bella sat outside on the balcony with the door closed. Harry and Louis sat on the floor in the middle of the couches. Liam looked up form his book.

Liam- So did you find out anything ?

Harry- Actually we did 

Niall- And?

Louis- Well tomorrows her birthday

Zayn- Why didn't she want to tell us 

Harry- Well to tell you the truth, I don't know if she wants me to tell you or not but she's never had one

Niall- What, omg what kind of world are we living in ?

Zayn- Haha Niall calm down, Lets throw her a little one of just us

Harry- Not a good idea, see the thing is she doesn't want one

Liam- What, she doesn't want one that's crazy

Niall- You know we have to throw her one if she likes it or not 

Louis- Ha I knew someone would say that

Liam- But what if she gets mad 

Harry- Really that's what your worried about Liam, you should be worried that she's never had a birthday

Zayn- I'll make the call to Paul to get an ice-cream cake saying Happy Birthday Bell lots of love One direction and some balloons to.

Zayn got up and walked into the kitchen to make the call

Liam- I just don't want her getting mad at us thats all

Harry- Let's just not over do it, cause since it is her first one,what should we do?

Louis- Take her for a birthday present supper, I know a great place

Niall- Where?

Louis- Nando's of course, did you even have to ask. A couple of us can go at around 7 tomorrow and set up balloons and stuff at a table and then we can get them to bring out the cake when it's time 

Niall- I like your choice but she told me she doesn't really want to go out in public right now where theres cameras

Harry- Come on no one will know were there, I'll tell Zayn to call and book the place for ourselves 

Harry got up to go tell Zayn

Louis- I think it should just be us but what do you two think of inviting my girlfriend and Zayn's girlfriend 

Liam- I think that's a good idea, she probably wants some girls that are friends 

Niall- Yeah I think that's a good idea but will you boys excuse me I have to go talk to Bella

Niall got up and walked to the balcony door.

Nialls POV 

Okay I was going to tell her that I just wanted to be friends like her and Lou were nothing more. I opened the balcony door to see her laying on a fold out chair. 

Niall-Bella can I talk to you?

Bella- Yeah sure take a seat

I sat in the chair next to her

Niall- So about yesterday, how Louis announced that us three boys had feelings for you


Niall- Well the thing is I do have feelings for you, but not in a way a lover would look at someone they like.I want to have what you and Louis have. I want to have that friendly friendship, were we can just goof off and have fun with out any of us falling for the other. Because I don't know if you had any feelings for me or anything but I truly think we should just be friends , good friends 

Bella- To tell you the truth Niall, yeah I did have feelings for all three of you boys but that can't work out. I'm really happy about your offer because I really need another close friend right now. Trust me Niall you'll find the girl for you one day 

Niall- And I promise you'll find the guy for you someday to

Bella- Thanks Niall, I have a question for you now

Niall- Yeah go a head

Bella-Did Harry tell all you guys about my birthday 

Niall- Yeah he did, you know we really want to celebrate it with you 

Bella- Yeah I'd rather not Niall  

Niall- Okay, okay I won't force you into doing anything. I'm glad we had this talk, care to join me back inside

Bella- Sure why not

She got up form her chair and followed me inside 

Bellas POV 

I swear we have just been sitting around all day doing nothing. The clock above the Tv read 6:00, we completely skipped lunch. I couldn't believe that Niall actually missed a lunch.I looked over to him but of course he was munching on some sort of snack. That chat I had will him earlier was nice. I now knew that me and Niall could be great friends and that was one boy off my list just like that. Niall was munching on his food, Liam was reading his book still, Zayn was on his phone I swear he's always on his phone and Harry and Lou were quietly talking. I was laying on the floor in the middle of the couches starring at the ceiling, I was bored out of my mind. Then everything went quiet I couldn't even hear Niall chomping on his food. That's when I felt him on top of me 

Bella- Niall what are you doing? 

The other boys were giving us strange looks

Bella- Guys it's cool me and Niall are great friends now but really Niall what are you doing? 

Niall- You looked bored, so I did something random

Bella- Well this is very random, but I'm still bored 

Niall- Well guys lets do something cause I'm bored to

He rolled off me and we both sat up looking at the others 

Louis- We could always go down to the beach,go swimming 

Zayn- Yeah I'll pass 

Harry- Come on Zayn it will be fine 

Liam- One problem Bella doesn't have any swim wear

Niall- Good point

Bella-I  can just sit on the beach with Zayn and watch you guys swim, it's better then just sitting here and I don't feel like getting my clothes wet again 

Louis- Okay,boys lets go change.Bella and Zayn we will meet you down there make sure you two grab beach towels

They left to there rooms and Zayn grabbed him and myself a beach towel. We walked down to the beach together in our jeans and T-shirts, shoeless. He set both towels out for us.He sat down and pulled out his phone, of course haha and I laid down closing my eyes. Hey I could at least tan my face and arms. I heard the rest of the boys come running down the hill and into the water. It sounded like they were enjoying there time, splashing in the water running around. I felt my self slowing drifting to asleep ,it's okay I don't burn. 

Liams POV

Me and the mates were having a good solid 2 hours of running in the water and swimming while the sun was setting . I looked up to the sand to see Zayn talking on his phone, probably to Perrie and Bell who was curled up in a ball sleeping on her towel. I walked out of the water and grabbed my towel drying myself off and then walked over to Bella picking her up. Zayn asked me what I was doing I told him I was taking her back to the house to sleep. I carried her to the house and inside. I walked to my purple room and put her on my bed. I then went over to my dresser and grabbed a new pair of boxers, my white cut off and nike black shorts. I changed quickly throwing my clothes in the hamper, I looked back to Bell. She looked so peaceful, I wanted to hold her tight and tell her everything was going to be alright. I wanted to tell her she was safe with us , she could tell us anything and I wanted to keep my promise to her , to always be there for her. I don't want to break that ever. I walked over to the bed and bent down so I could look at her closed eyes, Just thinking about her eyes. They were the sweetest of brown you could Imagine. Then her eyes slowly flickered open,ought oh. She sat up a bit and looked around.

Bella- How did I get here Liam?

Liam- I carried you here cause you fell asleep on the beach

Bella- Oh , what time is it 

Liam-8:15, you can go back to sleep unless you're hungry I can make you something 

Bella-No I'm fine I'll just go back to sleep

She got up and moved off the bed 

Liam- I thought you were going to go back to sleep

Bella- I'am , I'll go to Louis's room or Niall's maybe Zayn's

Liam- You can sleep here if you want Bella 

Bella- Heres the thing Liam,Niall confessed to me that we should just be friends and I agreed with him we have only feelings as friends. Since you or Harry haven't said anything like Niall did I think you two still have feelings for me , am I right?

Liam- Yes okay you are 

Bella- Well I'll admit I have feelings for the both of you still and I don't want to wreck anything between any of you so I don't think I should sleep in here.I'm going to go to Lou's room if he asks why I'm there tell him for me please 

With that she walked out my door. She still liked me that was one of the greatest things Ive ever heard , unfortunately though she still liked Harry to. Why do feelings have to be so hard. I remember that one time when we got asked what we would do if we fell for the same girl and we all shook it off like it would never happen. Well we were wrong 

No ones POV

The rest of the boys came in and Bella slept soundly in Lou's room. They each made themselves food to eat then hit the hay. The boys were looking forward to surprising Bella tomorrow, but would she be happy about all this. 


Authors note** Thank you to everyone that has read my story , it means a lot because I truly love writing. The next chapter will be posted when the likes are at 20  and my followers are at 13 :) Thanks peaches  













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