New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


31. Friday

So the school days went by with the boys not saying a word to Bella and Bella not speaking to them. Thankfully Bella got to switch out of the english group she was put in with the boys.Which led her to working on the project by herself but she didn't mind. At lunch time she would sit under the tree where she met Luke. Him and her were texting non stop talking about life and getting to no each other better. Cameron offered that Bella could sit at the popular table with them but she refused nicely thanking him. She didn't want to sit next to the boys. Every time she saw them in the hallway she would ignore their looks at her. Non of this was her doing,Harry started the fight she thought.She would try to time it just right so her and Harry were never at their lockers at the same time. They ignored her like she ignored them. She didn't mind she had Luke to talk to and had Cameron too. Even though deep down she knew she missed them.

Today was Friday morning, Bella wore her black jeans and the cut off shirt that Liam gave her. She actually didn't notice she had it on. She had on her jewellery but didn't put on mascara. She was running late so she let her hair be natural. She ran down the stairs pulling on her shoes and grabbing her bag. Bella ran out the door locking it and ran to the bus stop pulling on the black sunglasses that Liam gave her a while ago. 

Bella walked off the bus and walked going through the parking lot to get to the back door. There was a group of people standing in the parking lot in a circle all talking to each other. Not minding them she walked by them in till her arm was grabbed by one of the men. She looked at all their hands, they were all holding cameras. 

Camera Man- It's her, the girl from the stories, I told you guys she went here

Bella shook off the mans arm, but it wasn't enough because soon enough the rest were surrounding her. Cameras flashing and people yelling questions

GUy1- Who are you, whats your name

Women1- How old are you 

GUy2- Are you dating one of the boys 

Women2- How long have you been in contact with them

Bella screamed with frustration and pushed through the crowd and ran to the back door with the camera people following her. Why was this happing today, why now, I'm already stressed about the performance she thought. She was in the school running down the hallway being chased. She turned the corner sharp and ran straight into someone. She looked up to see Niall 

Niall- I'm sorry 

Those were the first words she heard from any of the boys, but she didn't care. She got up 

Bella- MOVE it! 

She pushed past Niall and kept running afraid the Cameras would find her. She ran till she got to the music room. Bella ran into the room not looking where she was going and hit someone. Which caused the papers in the person's hand to go everywhere. The person laid on top of Bella. She was a bit dazed but looked up to see Cameron smiling lightly down at her. 

Cam- Hey there sport, what's got you running so fast

Bella- Haha Hi Cameron, there was paparazzi chasing me 

Cam- Why?

Bella- I think they saw me with One direction one time, so they were trying to get some things out of me

Cam- Oh are you okay ?

Bella- Well you are just a little heavy 

Cam- What?

Bella- You're still lying on top of me Cammy 

Cam- Haha please don't ever call me that again 

Bella-  Haha I won't, just get off me 

Before he could move, the teacher walked into the class being followed by the boys

Mr.Hatter- Well what do we have here

Cam- We kind of ran into each other , actually more like Bella ran into me haha

Mr.Hatter- Well I can see that form all the papers every where 

Bella- Yeah sorry just a little clumsy

Harry mumbled under his breath." Of course that's what happened." Bella caught it but didn't say anything, she just glared at him. Cameron got up, and put out his hand for Bella to grab. He pulled her up and walked over to grab the papers that were all over the floor. Niall walked out of the group of boys and walked over to Bella 

Niall- Are you okay Bella

 Bella was shocked that Niall was speaking to her again. She looked at the other boys. They looked worried and Harry looked madly pissed off

Bella- Niall don't talk to me go back to your group of friends 

Niall- Our friends Bella, you're still are friend

Bella- No I'm not Niall just go please 

Niall- Just one thing. Before I go, I'll never forget you, your smile the way you laugh, the way you talk,your kind heart. I'll always be here for you. Even though I won't be for a while

Before Bella could ask what he meant, she was interrupted by Harry pulling Niall away. This made Bella angry so she spoke up

Bella- Can you be any ruder, just cause you don't like me doesn't mean I can't talk to Niall out of all people. 

Harry- Non of us are supposed to be talking to you right now, we don't want to talk to someone like you

Cameron heard all this and stepped in 

Cam- Hey just cause you Mr.perfect get everything you want, doesn't mean you should be treating anyone like this.I don't know what happened but pop star you don't do things like that or say things like that

Liam- Cameron this non of your business, I think you should butt out of this 

Bella- I think you should leave Cameron alone, he's just trying to stand up for me like any friend would

Louis-Friend since when was this guy your friend 

Bella- Since he changed for the better, Cameron would never stop talking to me cause someone told him to(pointing at Harry). Yeah you guys are a band, but you are your own selfs. You make your own choices. I can't believe out of all of you, Louis that you're going along with this . What a Best friend you are 

Harry- Hey we all chose not to talk to you, we all realized how much of a pain you were to us.And that we should have never trusted you or made promises. So stop trying to talk to us. The truth hurts deal with it 

Bella stood there, she was not going to cry over these boys, no never not in a million years now. She looked at all them. No one spoke a word. Harry's words were harsh, they got to her. She didn't know that they secretly hated her

Bella- So you all secretly hated me from the begging, thanks for letting me know now

Zayn- No we.. 

Bella- Save it Zayn I don't need any more words from any of you. So you got what you wanted, look Mr.perfect wins while destroying 6 friendships in the process. I won't talk to you any more. It will be like I was never in your lives, there you go. Just think of me as dead to you 

Liam- Bell 

Bella- NO Liam, all of you can shut the fuck up and leave me alone.Your boy styles got what he wanted, congratulations. I'm dead to you 

Bella turned away from the boys and sat down in her seat next to Cameron who was sitting.

Cam- Bella are you okay , please tell me the truth

Bella- Yes I'm fine... 

Cam- No you're not I can tell you're lying 

A small tear slipped down her cheek,she looked back at Cameron. Cameron raised his hand 

Mr.Hatter - Yes Cameron

Cam- May I be excused for a moment 

Mr.Hatter- Yes 

The bell rang and the other students walked in and the rest of the boys sat down .Cameron got up grabbing Bella's hand. She wiped away another tear 

Bella- What are you doing? 

Cam- Come with me for a while 

Cameron pulled her out of class and turned the corner. Him and Bella stood there for a minute in silence , in till she let more tears run down her face. Cameron pulled her in for a hug 

Cam- It's okay Bella, I'm here for you. Don't cry over them 

Bella cried and spoke into Cameron's chest  

Bella- I'm not crying over them. I'm crying over how stupid I was to think that a boy band wanted to be my friend.I'm crying because I trusted again and got hurt. 

Cameron- Look Bella from what I know about you so far you're strong and a brilliant girl that's better off without them for now. Don't let them bring you down. Todays our performance and you're going to show them that you can perform their song way better then they can, of course with my help 

Bella- Haha thanks Cam I needed that

Cam- Hey no problem, now wipe those pretty eyes and lets see a smile

Bella looked up from Cam's chest and smiled with her teeth 

Cam- There we go, so are you ready to go back in there. We are first to perform anyways. 

Bella- Yeah let's go 

They walked back together into the music room. Bella didn't even look at the boys she didn't care about their reactions. Her and Cameron took there seats, Bella did notice though that everyone was looking at her

Mr.Hatter- So today class we are going to go to the gyms stage for the performances, I switched it up so Harry your group will be going first and then Bella's group and so on 

The class walked to the gym where the stage was set up. Harrys group took to stage and they set up while the rest of the class took their seats. There set up was three microphones 

Bellas POV

Harrys group was setting up. He was with Liam and Shelby, they all stood behind a microphone. The light dimmed and there was a spot light on the three of them. They started to sing "I want" a song by them Liam also showed me this one. It's basically talking about girls that are brats that get everything they want. I kid you not, Harry looked at me his whole performance, but I didn't look at him at all. I didn't even look at Liam or Shelby. I looked at Cameron, well the side of Cameron's head because he was watching. He caught me looking at him and asked if I was okay. I told him I didn't feel like watching, so I wanted to look at something else. He giggled a little and said you can continue looking at me then. What a flirt. I got up trying not to interrupt this brutal performance and walked over to Mr.Hatter 

(Whisper) Bella- Hey Mr.Hatter can me and Cameron go last now 

Mr.HAtter - Sure , sure just go back to your seat

I walked back over to Cameron and told him 

Bella- Cameron were going last now. 

By now all the groups have gone by, I actually really liked Niall's group and Zayn's was pretty good. I could at least give them that. It was now our turn. Cameron pulled the stool onto the stage and put the guitar over his head. I pulled on the head set.   

Mr.Hatter- Okay you two are the last group let's hear it 

The spot lights hit both of us. I'll admit that I was a bit nervous. Me and Cameron looked at each other. "Let's do this ." We said it at the same time 

[Cameron :]
Better than words 
But more than a feeling (ow)
Crazy in love ( made a heart symbol with my hands)
Dancing on the ceiling (glided back and forth on my feet) 
( I was breaking out some of my slow hip hop moves) 
Every time we touch ( I walked over to Cameron touching his shoulder)
I'm all shook up ( I shook my shoulders and head back and forth)
You make me wanna... ( I put a hand over me mouth)
How deep is your love? ( Made a heart with me hands, then broke it ) 
God only knows, baby

[Both] ( I just rocked back and forth on my feet moving my hands , sometimes running my fingers through my hair)
I don't know how to sum it up
'Cause words ain't good enough, ow
There's no way I can explain your love, no
Ah, woo
I don't know how else to sum it up
'Cause words ain't good enough, ow
I can't explain your love, no

It's better than words

Ooh oh ooh, ooh oh ooh, ooh ooh oh!

Better than words

Better than words
You drive me crazy (I put my fingers up to my head and sung them in circles)
Someone like you ( I pointed to Cameron again. It was all just for fun) 
Always be my baby ( I rocked me hands back and forth like I was carrying a baby )

Best I ever had (pointing to myself) 
Hips don't lie ( Moved me hips back and forth 
You make me wanna sss ( winked to the audience while moving my hand down my stomach)
One more night
Irreplaceable (yeah), crazy, we're crazy (Pointing back and forth from Cam and me)

[Both:] (I continued to dance back and forth rocking out )

Ah, woo
I don't know how else to sum it up
'Cause words ain't good enough, ow
There's no way I can explain your love (there's no way I can explain your love), no
Ah, woo
I don't know how else to sum it up
'Cause words ain't good enough, ow
I can't explain your love, no

[Bella:] ( this part I just stood still looking into the audience, I was glad I couldn't see anyones face because of the light)
Everyone tries (they try)
To see what it feels like (feels like)
But they'll never be right
'Cause it's better, it's better, it's better

(Bella and Cameron) ( This part Cameron got off the stool with his guitar and we rocked back and forth next to each other )

Ooh oh ooh, ooh oh ooh, ooh ooh oh! 
One more time
Ooh oh ooh, ooh oh ooh, ooh ooh oh!
Better than words
We cut the song short and ended it. The normal lights for the gym flickered back on. Everyone in the gym was standing and clapping. Mr.Hatter looked very impressed with us. Which put a big smile on my face. Now do I dare look at the boys. Just one quick look. I looked to see that all their mouths were dropped open except for Harry's. He had a smirk on his annoying face. I flashed him the middle finger causing his smirk to disappear. Yeah I'm not playing happy nice girl any more.

Mr.Hatter- Well done you two that was brilliant, almost better then the boys themselves here 

That made me and Cameron look at each, which put smirks on our faces. Causing us to giggle a little. Cameron put away the guitar and I set my head set back on the hanger. We walked down the stairs together. Two guys and two girls walked up to us. I think one girl was Ashely and the other Jen,the boys were Wade and Ethan. They chatted to us for a while and told us they loved our performance the most. We got interrupted by Mr.Hatter who started to talk

Mr.Hatter- Well I loved all the performances everyone, grades will be up soon 

Me and Cam said by to our new friends. Well people, I wouldn't amuse they are our friends since we talked to them once. We walked to the lunch room, today I felt like sitting in the Cafeteria just to prove my point. The boys can hate me, dislike me , treat me poorly but I will do what I want they don't own me. It's actually quit fun to see Harry pissed off now. 


***Author note

I never thought this book would get that many reads, it blows my mind. I would just like to thank everyone that has read it, liked it and favoured it. This book will soon be coming to an end but there will be a squeal if you guys want one. Because I would love to write one for it. I've only written one novel so far because I wanted to finish what I started and not keep you guys waiting. 





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