New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


1. First day


Bella's POV 

Ugh, it was the first day back from christmas break. I was just so great full to be the new girl (not). I got out of bed and hoped in the shower. This was the fifth time I was going to a new school . No, I wasn't a bad kid or anything . My grades are average except I suck at the sciences and I have a bit of an attitude, hey who doesn't when you're a 16 year old in grade 11.It was my fifth school cause of my moms work, but she promised this time that we would be here for a while.  I got out of the shower and went to my room to change. Even though it was a new school  I didn't really care about dressing to impress. I put my black jeggings on and my dark red and black plaid shirt . I left it open just enough so you could see my collarbones and a little more downwards. I went to my jewelry box and got out my two necklaces (cross one and a mini little paper airplane )  , then I put on my 6 bracelets and my peace ring. I was done getting dressed so I walked back to my washroom. I put my black mascara on , that was the only makeup I wore, I brushed through my wavy brown ,medium length hair.  Walking to the kitchen I grabbed my bagged lunch. My mom was already gone to her work , I never really saw her in the mornings or nights. She was always gone early and home late. I grabbed an apple and granola bar for breakfast , and shoved it in my bag. To be honest I was to nervous to eat now.  I grabbed my keys and bag  off the table. Slipped on my red converse and walked out the door to the bus. Oh god This was the one thing I was dreading the most. The bus ride. 


This is what Bella's outfit looks like minus the hat and picture red converse



  Harry's  POV

I through my phone against the wall after I shut off the alarm. Great another boring, old school day of grade 11. Nothing ever changed, the school lessons were the same , the people were the same, the horrible cafeteria food was the same, nothing changed. Realizing that the bus would be here in 30 minutes, I got up and put my shaley blue V-neck T-shirt on with my black jeans . I slipped on my cross necklace and my white converse shoes. Brushed through my brown curly hair and put my headband scarf on. Ya you may think it’s weird for a guy to wear a head band but it’s not , its style . I got to the kitchen, my mom was sitting in her robe and handed me my lunch and a plate of toast. “Thanks love.” ”You better hurry up and eat or you'll miss your bus .”  “ Ya ,ya thanks mom.” With that I walked out the door to the bus.   



Bella's POV 

My bus stop was the last one on the list so I was waiting a long time , I got to the stop early. Hey I didn’t want to be late on my first day. The big yellow bus pulled up. Great let everything break loss. I walked up the stairs to find an old grumpy man sitting on the drivers chair. I handed him my bus pass. He huff and sighed and gave my pass back. I looked up to see no seats. Just my luck I quietly said to myself. 

I walked down the aisle and heard “ who’s she?” “sorry seats taken weirdo “ “Seats taken” 

The bus started moving and the old man yelled sit down. I was in shock. I felt someones hand on my belt loop and sunddley I was pulled down to a seat next to unknown boy  who looked my age , he was pretty good looking. I stopped staring and ignored the unknown guy till we got to school.  Was this my seat for the rest of the year? great. 


Harry's POV 

I was sitting on the bus waiting to get to school. My legs were across my seat as I listened to Coldplay on my phone. Behind me was Liam, Louis, Shelby and Tina. Liam and Louis were my very close friends, aside from Shelby and Tina I thought they were ruthless and mean. Somehow Liam and Louis liked them as friends. We each had our own seats because we were the oldest on the bus. All the grade 12s drove and most grade 11s almost had their licenses, like Zayn and Niall. We were finally at the last stop. Look Liam said behind me, when a girl Ive never seen before walked on the bus. She looked about 16, she dressed hip but kind of looked a little stuck up. She wore tons of bracelets and two necklaces,her hair was brown and wavy. 

As she walked by us I put my head back down to my phone to change my music. She was looking for somewhere to sit. No way was I giving up my seat, its nice having a seat to myself . I saw people move their bags so she couldn't sit down. I heard harsh comments through my music. “Who the f is that ?”  “ Seat taken weirdo?” I heard Shelby and Tina say, Wow what bitches they were. She gave them a dirty look “ At least Im not  bitches like you two .” The bus went quite and everyone started to laugh , haha yep she had an attitude alright. The bus started moving and the driver yelled. The girl just stood there with a shocked look on her face. She didn't know what to do. The driver yelled again sit down now! She stood there again. But there was no where for her to sit.  What do you think I’m trying to do buddy she yelled back.God I was going to regret this so much.I moved my feet off the chair. Sit down I said angrily to her. I guess she didn't hear me . So I grabbed her by her belt loop and yanked her down next to me. She just stared at me in shock and looked away quickly. We didn't speak a word to each other. Finally we were at school ,thank the lord. 


Bella's POV

 School went by slow as I excepted it to. The classes I head this semester were english, fitness, foods and social. I walked into my english class, the door said Mr. Thomas. A lot of people were already sitting down. There was a group of boys that all pushed their desks  together. One had black hair ,one had blonde, two had short brown hair and there sat the boy with the head band  that pulled me to his seat. Awesome (sarcasm), if he was in my first class that meant he most likely was in the  rest of my classes along with his group. They were the only ones  sitting like that, I guess the teacher didn’t mind.  “Uh, a new student I see , I see we have a new student .” Now everyone was looking at me .   The teacher rambled on , who was this guy god. Yes I'm your new student I replied to him.  “So what’s your name ?”

“ I’m Bella, well Isabell but people call me Bella.”  “Okay well its great to meet you Isabell, where are you moving from.” “ I lived in London England for a while then I moved to Italy, and back to London then here to California.”  Everyone in the room was still looking at me and listening. Wheres your english accent he said jokingly. I can talk with it if you like , I said in my accent . Mr. Thomas looked at me pleased. It sounds lovely, I'm guessing you don't talk with it much then he asked. “Well, not usually ,but sometimes I laughed “Well, that’s lovely, well now lets talk about your locker, have you been to it yet?” “ No I don’t quit know where it is to be honest.” “That’s fine with me, I will get someone to help you out.”  Mr. Thomas slowly got up from his desk 


    Harry's POV

The bell rang and I walked into my english class where I saw my mates already sitting in their desks. I walked over when we started talking. Hey who’s that ? Niall asked while he was facing the doorway. I turned to see her. Great this meant she was in all my classes. She didn't even say thanks for the seat or anything. Well, I guess I didn’t say anything to her either. 


Louis-Isn't that the girl from the bus 

Liam-ya the girl that sat next to Harry 

Zayn-She's pretty fit by the looks of it 

Niall-Ya, so she must be new here , hey this means she’s in all our classes 


She started talking to Mr.Thomas 

Niall-Did you hear that she’s from London 

Liam-ya be quite I’m trying to listen

We all looked back at her talking. All of a sudden you heard her english accent.


Niall- Guys did you hear that, wow her english accent is something

Zayn- Niall it’s almost like your Irish accent and dude come on we all have english accents accept for you 

Niall- Ya but hers sounds different cause she a girl obviously  

Louis- Did any of you hear her name 

Harry- It’s Isabell 

Liam - Ya Harry should know he sat by her  

Harry- Oh shut up Liam 

Just cause I sat by her doesn't freaking mean anything . Mr .Thomas stood from his desk and walked over to us . Boys as you all see we have a new student and I would love one of you to show her to locker and around the school . 

Niall - Oh I would love to! 

What was Niall doing ?? 

Harry- Can’t she find her own way around , Niall you can stay here

Mr .T- No I would really like one of you to show her. Niall if you don’t mind. 

Niall- No I don’t mind at all 

Mr. T - Okay come with me then 

They both walked back to where she was 

Liam- Wow mate is someone jealous of Niall 

Harry- No I just don’t like her, like come on she took my seat 

Liam- That’s only because you offered it to her, you can’t help but be a gentlemen 

Harry- Well at least I was being nice then, I didn’t see you do anything 

Liam- I would have but Tina and Shelby would have got mad 

Zayn- Who cares what those to dumb blondes think

Zayn didn't like them either, same with Niall

Louis-  hey that wasn't nice 

Zayn- sorry but it’s true

hahah Zayn was right, but what was I going to do about this girl Isabell



Bella's POV 

He came back with a boy that had blonde hair and bluey grey eyes. This boy right here will show you to your locker and around the school for a while Mr.Thomas spoke going back over to sit down. 

Niall- Hey I’m Niall, it’s nice to meet you love 

Wow that Irish accent though. 

Bella - Uh hi ,I’m Bella , I’m new here 

Did I really just say that how stupid am I, no duh I was new 

Niall - haha ya, so let me show you to your locker

Bella - ya 

oh god, why was I blushing I swear I probably looked like a tomato

He linked my arm with his and pulled me out the door. 

217 was my locker 

Niall- here is your locker, your combo should be on the back of your bus pass. 

Bella  - okay, thank you 

Niall - You know what, your locker is very close to mine I'm 220 and one of my friends Harry, I was sitting with him his locker is 218, so right beside you. 

I gulped , what if it was the boy I sat beside, Knowing my luck it was probably him  

What did you say his name was ?  Harry , why? Oh just wondering.

  So now I will show you the the school , he said grabbing my hand . I laughed quietly but I guess he heard 

Whats so funny ?  You are. How am I funny ? He said with a smile . Your personality, I don’t Know you just seem like a fun guy to me . I was blushing , great.  

Nial- Awe 

Bella - What?

Niall- It’s cute that you're blushing and it’s nice of you to say that, so thank you . But you know what I think of you .

Oh no, he doesn’t even no me what could he possibly think.

Bella - What ?

Niall- You, you are a mystery , a book waiting to be read. 

Bella - oh really 

Niall- yep that’s what I think

Bella -so can we go back to the english class I don't feel like looking around anyways

Niall- sure why not

We walked back to the english room, Niall went back to his desk and Mr. Thomas told me to sit in a single desk in front of their group. This was going to be alone day. Before I knew it,it was lunch time (Finally) 


Lunch time 


Harry's POV 

Finally  a break from all these boring classes .

Me and boys gathered at our usual table by the door. I had my bag lunch, Nail had his two sandwiches, Zayn had his soup , Liam had some pizza and Louis had his carrot sticks and sandwich. We sat at the second popular table . At the first one Shelby, Tina, Nash, Cameron and Matt sat. They were all stuck up snobs, that thought they were all that. Ya my table was part of the popular group but non of us thought we were all that.  I glanced up to see the new girl walk into the cafeteria . She was listening to her music while she walked by our table. Cameron stood up in front of her and said something to her I didn't quite hear. Apparently she didn't either, as she walked past where he stood. He stopped her by pulling her shoulder back, she now stood with her body halfway turned to face him. She took out her headphones . 

May I help you she snapped at him,

hahah she has an attitude

Cameron - Ya , you may help me by telling me what a hot new thing like you is doing here .”

He laughed and placed his hand onto her butt. She looked shock and I felt like getting up and punching him. I felt really pissed off for some reason, Why the heck was I caring all of a sudden. Bella turned her self fully towards him . 

Bella - Excuse me?

Cameron - Babe come on you know you want this (pointing to himself)

Bella walked up to his table and grabbed a glass of chocolate milk sitting there.She stood there and stared at Cameron , then poured the milk on his head . 

Bella - I would never want you babe 

She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek , sorry love she said and walked away with her lunch. Wait why did she kiss him on the cheek , what just happened. 

Cameron- Oh she sooo wants me. 

pfff no she doesn't  I said , wait did I just say that out loud 

What cameron turned around still soaking wet 

Niall - I don't think she would ever want you bud. 

Why was Niall sticking up for her, I was the one who commented  

Cameron - haha yeah right, well see, its not like she has a boyfriend.”

Liam - How do you know that?

Cameron - Well does she ?

There was a long pause , shit we were getting her in trouble now. Niall spoke up all of the sudden

 Niall-Ya she does! 

What ,he just met her how would he Know     

Cameron- ya, ya sure, Whatever

Then he left 

Zayn- Niall who the f is her boyfriend ????

Liam- Dude you just met her , how would you Know??

Niall- I don’t know if she does or not , I just said something so he would leave her alone. 

Harry- Well great now what are we going to do .

Louis- Don’t worry guys lets just leave it ,it will blow over. 

I hope he was right. 


Bellas POV

The school day was over ,  my foods teacher let us out early so I went to my locker.

As I turned the corner of the hall way that boy from the bus was standing by his locker. I think Niall said his name was Harry. I walked past him awkwardly and opened my locker trying not to make a sound . I put down my bag down and pulled out my brush and a holder. I stared at my mirror and continued to brush my hair. I caught him staring right at me , he quickly turned away looking at his bag . Okay that was weird. I brushed my hair up into a ponytail , it just wasn't working out it looked bad . ugh this looks horrible I whispered to myself. Nah no it doesn’t I heard Harry say but before I could look up he was gone, just my luck. I took my hair out ,grabbed my bag and locked my locker. I still had the big decision , sit on the bus or walk for 2 hours to get home.  I walked out the doors and sat on the side of the stairs just thinking of what to do. 


Harrys POV 

  Was I chicken or what, well at least I said something . But I walked away to the bathroom as fast as possible . What was happening to me, I didn't even Know this girl. I knew her name and where she was from that was it. And somehow I started to have little feelings for her.  I walked out of the bathroom to go outside to the bus. Goody the bus ride , the one place were I could relax and now I couldn’t because my nervous would be out of control. I got outside and saw her sitting there on the ledge. She looked like she was trying to figure something out. Time to be brave.


Harry- Hey there 

Bella - What ?

she looked around not knowing that I was talking to her, she looked back at me 

Bella - Oh um hi she held out her hand I’m Bella 

Harry I spoke back grabbing her hand, it was soft and warm. I pulled away quickly

Harry- What are you trying to figure out ?

Bella - Nothing why do you ask?

Harry- You're lying I can tell by the look on your face. You're thinking about if you should take the bus or not am I right 

She looked shocked and blushed a little.

Bella - Yes you are right so, whats it to you ? 

Her attitude was out again, for some reason I liked it

Harry- Never mind then 

With that the bell finally ran and I got onto my bus that was waiting . I watched out the window she was still just sitting there. After the bell rang the bus only waited 10 minutes , so thats how long she had to decide. 


Niall’s  POV

I walked out the school door . I felt the smile on my face as my eyes gazed over to Bella. She was sitting there with a confused look on her face,I walked over to her . She looked up and smiled sweetly.

Bella- Niall, hello love 

She spoke with you British accent, I liked when she talked with it. It sounded very natural and pretty. 

Niall - You look a bit confused there 

Bella - Ya, I’m deciding if I should take the bus or walk home 

Niall-How longs the walk 

Bella - Two hours

Niall-What two hours, I would drive you but my moms picking me up cause my cars at the shop. I would take the bus if I were you.

Bella - Awe thanks for the offer, I don’t Know Though.

Niall-Why whats wrong with the bus?

Bella - Well theres no where to sit

Niall - Where did you sit before 

Bella - That guy your friend  Harry he pulled me down beside him, but he looked pretty pissed about it. Cause it’s his seat or something, I don't know , makes me feel awkward

Niall-Oh well he's a nice guy, he’s one of my better friends I have, I don’t think you should walk two hours. But if you decide to here he said taking out a pen and pice of paper


Harry's POV

I was sitting there on the bus and caught myself staring at her when Liam whacked me on the head and said hi. You're staring at her mate. Ya right , no I’m not Liam. As I turned back to look Niall was talking to her . They both had wide smiles on their face. What were they talking about I wondered. Louis sat down behind Liam. Louis what was Niall talking about with Bella I asked. Why? . Just wondering. I think  they were talking about the bus and rides or something. Oh do you know if she's coming on the bus? Well, if I were her I would. Why? Cause her walk home would be two hours. Why does she even have to chose she should come on the bus. Ya I would mate Louis chirped back. I heard her say the bus would just be awkward. How ?  Dude I’m pretty sure you make her feel awkward , you haven't been the nicest and you don’t really talk to her Liam added in to our conversation. Ya well you haven't talked to her either.  Yes that is true , so I guess I will start talking to her. With that Liam grabbed his bag and got up off the bus. I looked back at Bella and saw Niall giving her his number , as Liam approached both of them .What was he doing. The bus was leaving in 5 , oh well I didn't care .But really I did


Bellas POV

Niall just gave me his number what ? Did I just make a new friend I think so. As Niall started to walk away he told me if I walked home to call him, he wanted know I got home safe.He started to walk away when he turned around and yelled goodbye love with a big grin . haha . I felt a hand on my shoulder, and turned my self around. It was one of Niall’s friends. 


Liam- Hello Bella

Bella - Sorry I don’t you or your name 

haha he laughed and put out his hand 

Liam- I’m Liam 

I took his hand and suddenly I was pulled in for a hug. This guy for sure was friendly, I knew I could trust this one. 

Liam - so I heard you were in a predicament 

Bella- uh ya , Bus or walk (I laughed)

Liam- Well I heard your walk is 2 hours from here and so is mine , or we could take the bus you could sit by me. But then theres the whole awkward part I guess

Wow he actually carried about the whole awkward part

Bella - I wouldn't want you to walk because of me , it’s nice of you to though.

Liam - Hey I can keep you company, and who doesn't love exercise

Bella - Well that would be really nice of you , It’s nice to walk here cause it’s so warm. 

Liam- Yep way different weather then London

Bella- OH

Liam- What ?

Bella - Just wondering how you know about the weather in London

Liam- Well I lived in Europe for a while, same with the rest of the boys

Bella- Oh that’s why I hear your accent

Liam -Yep , so should we get walking?

Bella - Yes ,love 

With that we walked pass the buses that were about to leave to .


*So this is the end of chapter one I hope people like it. If you want more let me no, cause I will for sure write more chapters.


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