New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


16. Chapter 16

 Bellas POV  

Darkness, that's all I saw when I opened my eyes. Where was I, I started to sit up but all of the sudden pain came to my head. I quickly lowered myself down back on to the bed. Wait what ? this bed is not mine. My eyes were adjusted by now, these sheets are blue , this pillow my heads resting on it's so fluffy I could stay here forever. But wait where am I, everything is kind of a blur. Well I can't just lie here and do nothing. Okay ready and stand up, I was up on my feet ,my head pounding a mile a minute. Okay I'll take it easy one step at a time. I walked slowly to the door which I thought was the exit. No I was wrong I walked into a huge bathroom, I turned the lights on. Okay now this is a bathroom . I turned to the right and looked into a mirror good I was still wearing the same clothes thank god. I took another glance to see the left side of my face was yellow, purple and a little black. WTF happened to me ,I need to get out of here , where ever here is. I turned off the light and walked to the other door. Hopefully this was the way out, I opened the door to see a set off stairs an light coming from a room. I could barley get my eyes to focus as I tired to walk down the stairs. I  was slowly getting  to the bottom when I heard voices from the lighted room. The voices were low mumbles I only picked up a few sentences that were "what did you do?"  "It's not my fault"  As I was listening , I slowly walked down the stairs . I couldn't see the last step from my blurry vision. I  almost landed on my face but my hands caught me , Shit that hurt. "Did you hear that" I heard someone say. Oh no I have to get out of here. I looked frantically to find a exit. A door with a bunch of shoes in front of it, that must be the exit. I was slowly tiptoeing past the lighted room, I pasted the room. I was almost at the door. I felt dizzy I wanted fall over, I was going to grab the door knob but then the pain wouldn't stop. Oh no I could feel myself falling and this time backwards. Here we go again. I closed my eyes to embrace the impact, But I didn't fall I felt two soft hands grab me. Great they caught me I'm doomed. 

Nialls POV

You did what?! I yelled into the phone dude you have to think before you talk, yeah I'll get the rest of the guys we will be there soon. I hang up and called the rest of the group. I picked up Liam and Louis , Zayn was with his girlfriend so he couldn't come.  So where are we going exactly it's 10:15 Liam asked. Where going to Harry's. Why Louis spoke up. He just told me a few things , he said he will explain when we get there. 10 minutes later I pulled into Harry's flat. We walked into the house to see all lights off but the living room where Harry sat. 

Liam- So why did you want us here? 

Harry- Well it's about Bella  

Niall- What did you do ? 

Harry- Well we came back to me place after we got tacos together  

Liam- You what ? 

Harry- Well I saw her at Taco Bell ordering and I asked her if she wanted to come over to eat  

Louis- Let me guess you  forced her to come with you 

Harry- Hey , no not really I was just teasing her and then she agreed . So she came over and we went to the theatre room and ate then we ...  

Liam and Niall- What did you do ? 

Harry smirked - We made out  

Liam and Niall - You did what!  

Bella would never do this , she doesn't even really know Harry  

Louis- Oh Harry shut it you tease, now tell us what actually happened  

Harry- Haha got you guys, you should of saw your faces

Me and Liam both calmed down. 

Harry-  First of all it's not my fault , okay maybe a little.We were watching Titanic and it got to the painting clip and she covered her eyes . I called her a goody good and she got mad and confused just because she hasn't done it with anyone or kissed a guy that doesn't mean she's a goody good. She got mad and walked out the room. I know what I did was mean, I tired to run after her I called her name. But she was almost running away when she turned the corner to fast and hit the corner knocking her out. 

Liam- What the hell Styles? 

Wow Liam rally swore  

Harry- Liam I said I was sorry I didn't mean to, guys I'm truly sorry 

Louis- Oh Harry

Niall- Well don't say sorry to us , you should be telling her that . Harry you know girls can react to that in all different ways. You probably hurt her feelings a lot. Where is she by the way? 

Harry- I put her to rest up in my bed 

Liam- Really your bed Harry, why not the couch or something 

Harry- Do  you have a problem with Bell being in my bed ? 

Liam- What did you call her  ? 

Harry- Do you have a problem with that to? 

Before they could keep at it I stepped in and we all heard a slam 

Niall- What was that, I'm going to go see Bella upstairs I'll bring her down if she's okay. 

I walked out of the living room to go up the stairs when I spotted her about to leave, she must be confused. She looked lost and dizzy. She was suddenly stumbling and she was about to falling. I ran to her and caught her in time, her eyes were closed . I pulled her up more and and turned her to face me , I took her in for a hug. Bella it's okay I'm here don't worry it's me Niall. What Niall? Where am I? Here come with me to the living room. I started to walk and noticed she wasn't following. Are you coming Bella? Niall it hurts to move, to walk my head throbs every time I move.  I walked back to her side , here Bella I'll carry you. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the living room. Make way I said setting her on the couch next to Liam. Bella are you okay everyone asked . Guys let her settle down for a second. She was laying against the arm rest her eye's were closed. She slowly opened her eyes, she looked upset, hurt and in pain. Bella do you want some Advil ,something to take away the pain. She closed her eyes again, I took that as a sign of yes. I told Harry to go get some. He got up and walked up stairs to get some. I looked back at Bella , the left side of her face was pretty bruised , I think she could possibly have a minor concussion. Bella you know he's really sorry about everything, everything he said, he's like that sometimes you know it's  kind of hard for him to talk to girls, he's a flirt. She didn't look up. Bella can you hear me, Bella? Her eyes shot open. Niall I need to hear it from him not you, you can't apologize for what he said. Harry came running down the stairs with the medicine, He walked into the kitchen and came out with a glass of water and medicine. 

Harrys POV 

This is horrible how bad do I feel, I really didn't mean for those words to come out. And it's even bad that I smirked when I said those mean cruel words. Here Bella take these two pills and drink this water it should help with the pain in your head and body. She grabbed the water and pills and chocked them down. She didn't say a word to anyone.  Louis spoke up that he was going to make tea for all of us  turning walking to the kitchen turning on the light. Bella Look  I'm really sorry for what I said to you earlier today, those words were hurtful, it was the heat of the moment can you please forgive me.  She started to sit up , struggling I went to go help her but before I could Liam was helping her. Look Harry, yeah I get it, it was the heat of the moment but those words, yeah they actually really hurt. I know I over reacted a bit yes I will admit that, but if you want be my friend or anywhere close to a friend you shouldn't be saying things like that to me. Hey maybe I do like being a goody good and not playing with boys hearts like  theres nothing wrong with it and if you guys don't like that then you don't need me in your life. She looked like she was feeling better as she got up from the couch. Bella where are you going? I'm going home away from you , away from all this, away from all of you. Bella really ?  I'm going home! She walked towards the door almost falling over .

Liam got up " Bella you can't go home you can barley walk."

Bella- I don't care I'm getting away from this

Bellas POV

I was at the front door trying to slip on my shoes. My eyes could barley focus , ugh I had enough of this.Wait I need my bag, I walked into the kitchen to see Louis making tea. I grabbed my bag and jacket before he could say anything. With out even putting my shoes on I walked out the door. I was going home away from this. Ya he said sorry, but guess what he probably didn't mean it  , all the guys are probably on his side. I can't believe I thought I actually had friends for once. Real friends that support you and are there for you when you fall. I stumbled down the road . Harry's house was 101 mine 127 thank god we lived on the same drive, It wasn't that far of a walk, but with this head ache and pain in my body this was going to be a long walk. I kept my head straight and continued on my way to my house. They didn't even care enough to come after me, yeah great friends I have could I even call them that. You might think I'm over reacting but I've really never have had friends cause I'm always moving. This time I thought it was different but that  was a mistake. It was a cooler night , my feet were getting cold. Ya not a great day to not wear socks. Harry probably told them that I haven't kissed a guy , I bet there all laughing. That's one thing I really regret yelling. I finally stood on my front porch and opened my door. I hung up my jacket and locked the door , throwing my bag next to all the shoes. Go figure mom still wasn't home but I couldn't be mad she was working her butt off. I slowly walked up the stairs, the medicine I was given made me feel a bit better then before. I went to my room and grabbed a pair of Pj shorts and my purple sports bra from my closet. I slipped into them, by the time now it was 11:15 . I was wide a wake now I couldn't really sleep with this pain. What is there to do when your'e sad in pain and you don't have a tv or computer. I could read a book, oh wait I don't have any. I went down stairs and just laid on my couch, I didn't feel like staying in my room.( Yes I don't mind just chilling in my sports bra, just when other people are around it's asks)  I now was just thinking about everything asking myself stupid questions 

List of questions 

1. Why is the sky blue?

2. Why haven't I kissed a boy yet?

3. Is there something wrong with me ?

4. How much wood can a woodchuck actually chuck?

5. Why am I so weird and Why am I asking myself these questions? 

6. Where they ever really my friends, Did they just want someone to mess with and talk to?

That last question made me sad. I really don't know what to think, like how would I know if they were my friends I've never had  true, honest, personal friends. I closed my eyes thinking, What a mess my life is and always will be unless I try to actually do something. That's when I heard banging on my door, great is someone trying to rob me. 

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