New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


27. Bye to Simon for now

Before I could answer they were both at my sides each had one of there hands in mine.

Bella- Boys I don't need any help walking anymore, lets go to the living room

I jumped out of there grip and ran to the living room, I was feeling way better (Thank you drugs by that I mean medicine) I jumped onto Louis who was sitting on the couch, my head felt a little dizzy from that run

Louis- Looks like the bestie is feeling better 

Bella- Yes much better 

Zayn- We saved you your breakfast, do you want it ?

Bella- Omg food, yes please 

Louis- Looks like someone loves food as much as Niall

Bella- If there's two things you boys need to know about me it's don't come between me and food and don't wake me up when I'm sleeping

Harry- Haha we got it, I'll grab your plate for you 

Harry left to the kitchen to grab my plate, Liam came and sat beside me and Lou. I was sitting on Lou's lap

Niall- So the big 17 today, you feel different 

Bella- Not really it's just a number, age doesn't matter to me

Liam- That's good to hear 

Bella- Why?

I looked around the room all the boys were quite, okay then. Harry walked in the room breaking the silence."Here you go love." He handed me the plate , there were two eggs for eyes a waffle for a mouth and two pieces of bacon for eye brows , the waffle was covered in butter and syrup and a fruit salad with whip cream.Harry handed me a fork and knife and placed a smoothie for me on the coffee table. I felt Louis's arms wrap around me 

Louis- Ready boys, 1,2,3 

They all started singing happy birthday, it was sweet and cute all on tone. Wow One Directions singing happy birthday to me this is so weird. They finished singing and I thanked them. I then ate my breakfast sitting on Lou's lap. I finished and Liam put my plate on the coffee table for me handing me the smoothie. 

Bella- The breakfast was wonderful boys and this smoothie is amazing who made this ?

Harry- That would be me the baker boy

Zayn- You're lucky you got it, Niall almost took it for seconds

Niall- Hey I can't help it the first one was really good

Bella- Well Niall I can't blame you, nothing comes between us and our food haha

Liam- Well since you're feeling better what do you want to do for your birthday 

Bella- Good you guys didn't plan anything , you actually listened 

All the boys laughed awkwardly 

Louis- Yeah didn't plan anything, do you want to have a movie day since we have to drive back home tonight cause we have school tomorrow. We can go watch movies in uncle Simons theatre room it's massive 

Me and all the boys agreed, I ran my dishes to the sink and cleaned them while the boys went to change. I finished cleaning , oh my phone I think I left it in Louis's room. I ran out the kitchen down the hallway and went into Lou's room. I should of knocked, I walked into see a shirtless Lou, go figure. I felt my mouth drop to a :O does this boy have muscle or what. He caught my eye to where I was looking.

Louis- Bella you okay

Bella- Sorry I'm just looking for uh I'm looking for uh..

Louis- Haha I left you speechless 

Bella- Oh shut it Louis, I'm looking for my phone 

Louis- It's on the side table over here

Bella- Oh yeah, yeah 

I walked over to the side table trying not to look at Lou, god was my friend hot. It's okay that friends call each other hot. Can he just put on a shirt 

Louis- You want me to put on a shirt?

Bella-Did I say that out loud?

Louis- Yes Bell you did , dose it bug you if I'm shirtless ?

Now he's just teasing, I was looking right at him now 

Bella- No it doesn't, I don't find it appealing  at all 

Louis- I know that's a lie

He took 3 steps closer to me, what a freaking tease , Louis needs to stop now . He took two more steps towards me, I felt my face get red. No I don't have feelings for him in that way at all , me and him are good friends that just like to joke around . He's joking to much right now , he knows I can't help but look at his shirtless body.

Bella- Okay Lou that's enough 

Louis - Haha I made you blush,aren't you glad we came into your life

Bella- What do you mean by that

Louis- You can finally know what it's like to be around boys, I can tell just by seeing a shirtless guy your hormones go.. 

Bella- Okay Lou I get the point, now you're just making it weird so shut up and put a shirt on the others are probably waiting

Louis- First give me a shirtless hug

Bella- If It gets you to put a shirt on, then anything

I grabbed my phone off the side table,read the text from my mom saying Happy Birthday love. I texted her back thank you <3 you and turned to give Lou his hug, these boys were something else thats for sure. 

Louis- See just by you hugging me you go all tense and you..

Bella-Okay LOU , put a shirt on I'm waiting for you out there like the rest of the boys are

He let go of me and I walked out to the front door to see the other boys putting their shoes on. I walked over and pulled on my shoes. We waited for Lou to come out and pull his shoes on. We left the house to walk to Simons. I took my hair down as we walked. I let my beachy waves blow in the wind as I smiled looking at the sun. Niall stopped in front of me 

Niall-Hop on 

Bella- What?

Niall-Have you never had a piggy back ride before  

Bella- There's a lot of things I haven't done before

I hopped on his back, his arms wrapped around my thighs to hold on to me. I wrapped my hands around his neck placing my chin on his shoulder 

Bella- Niall you know what?

Niall- Yes Bella

Bella- You're amazing , I thought I would let you know 

Niall- Thanks Bella and you're amazingly 17

Louis- Will you two love birds stop it, you're making me sick 

Niall whispered in my ear "play along". He placed me back down on the ground and turned to face me. What was he doing. He grabbed both my hands and started to dance doing the waltz, I couldn't help but laugh . He let go of my one hand but held on to my other hand. He then spun me around and spun me into him. We were looking into each others eyes and started to giggle. I could hear Zayn killing himself laughing , he was the only one laughing . Me and Niall looked to the other boys Zayn was bent over laughing, Louis had a serious look on his face and Harry and Liam looked very confused haha. Niall grabbed me and pulled me onto his back again, he whispered in my ear again "You think we got them?" I whispered back I think so with a giggle. We all continued to walk to Simon's  

Louis- What was that, I said stop not continue 

Bella- Come on Louis we were just messing around with you, thats for teasing me .Me and Niall are great friends isn't that right Nialler 

Niall- Of course that's right, I like her better then you guys 

Bella- HA 

Niall ran to Simons door with me on his back, I got off and read the note that was on the door it said to have a safe drive home cause Simon and the crew weren't going to be back till midnight and that we could help ourselves to whatever we wanted, this Simon guy sure seems nice. I opened the door and the boys followed in behind 

Niall- I'm going to make the endless amount of popcorn for our movie day 

Zayn-I'll grab the drinks, you guys want the beers ?

Bella- What you guys underage drink?

Liam- No! Zayn what are you talking about,get the pops their in the fridge 

Zayn- Sorry I meant pops my bad, I'll grab you water Bella you need to drink some more 

Louis- God Zayn you almost blew it 

Bella- What do you mean ?

Louis- Nothing I mean nothing at all by what I just said, yep nothing at all

Bella- Okay Lou, you guys are something strange that's for sure 

Harry- That's why you love us 

Bella- Sure, so can someone show me to the theatre room while Niall and Zayn get the stuff

Harry- Yeah , Liam come with us while Lou talks to Zayn about that thing 

Liam- Yeah let's go 

 Louis's POV
The three walked away and I rushed into the kitchen

Louis-Yo Zayn you almost screwed everything up man, you have to be careful on what you say 

Zayn- I'm sorry, this age thing is hard and quit stupid.Like even our girlfriends have to change their age 

Louis-Yeah I know how you feel but Simon, the crew and the girls are the only ones that know our real age,It's not allowed to come out until were out of the school

Zayn- I know I won't let it slip I promise

Louis- Good, now Niall are you done with the popcorn

Niall-Yeah I think these 6 bowls will do seeing as they are huge   

Louis- Okay let's go to the theatre room

Zayn- Wait, is Bella's cake in the freezer here?

Niall- Yeah we can have it after super , how many movies are we watching 

Louis- Well since were doing that all day I'm guessing 5, depends how long

Zayn- Okay let's go 

Niall carried 3 bowls and I carried three bowls, Zayn could handle carrying the drinks.We left the kitchen to the theatre room.

No ones POV

So the gang spent their whole day relaxing and watching movies, laughing,crying and screaming. By the time that it came around for supper all the popcorn and endless amount of drinks were gone. The last movie they were watching was Toy story 3 , as Liam would say save the best for last. The movie came to the end and they sat and chatted for a bit

Liam- So Bella how did you like all the movies we watched

Bella- I loved all of them, I've never seen any of the ones we watched. But I will say I hated the scary one , what's it called Paranormal activity 

Louis- Oh come on you big baby 

Bella- What , I hate scary movies, like hate them. Can't wait to have nightmares tonight 

Zayn- We would've stopped the movie, say something next time we don't want to scare you

Bella- It's fine I can man up enough for that 

All of a sudden the lights went out in the room 

Bella- Okay guys this is seriously not funny 

Harry- That wasn't me , Im still sitting next to you 

Liam- Not me 

Zayn- Not me 

Louis- I would never do such a thing 

All of a sudden Niall jumped out from behind the couch grabbing Bella's shoulders. She screamed like someone had stabbed her and jumped into Harry's lap shaking. The lights came back on 

Niall- Omg I so got you, actually we all did, they made me do it

Bella- That was not funny boys 

Louis- Actually it kind of was haha 

Zayn-Yeah, did you notice how scared you were you jumped into Harry's arms 

Bella looked up to see Harry showing a smirk on his face

Bella- Oh sorry 

Harry- It's okay you can stay  on my lap 

Liam coughed awkwardly to stop the conversation 

Liam-I think we should go to the kitchen and make some supper then hit the road. By the time we finish supper it should be around 8ish. 

Louis-Sounds good to me 

Niall-What are we making 

Zayn- What does the birthday girl want 

Bella- Guys stop with the birthday girl thing. How about we make some pizza?

Harry- Yes  great idea, you know I make a mean pizza ;)

Louis- Harry stop being  flirty, let's go make supper

They all got up walking out but before Bella could leave Harry pulled her back into the room 

Bella- What are you up to?

Harry- You know I meant what I said 

Bella- And by that you mean I know cheesy but it's true

Harry- I do really like you, to the moon and back, 

Bella- Harry stop, you know what we all talked about. You seriously just met me  

Harry- I know I just don't want you to forget about what I said , I don't want you to forget about me 

Bella- How could anyone ever forget Harry Styles. I should be the one saying I hope you don't forget me 

Harry- I never will that's a promise 

Bella- You boys make a lot of promises, let's go they're probably wondering where we are

Harry- Let them think what they want

Harry bent down and kissed Bella on the forehead 

Harry- Okay now we can go 

They left to the kitchen.

Liams POV

We all left to the kitchen to make pizza for Bella's Birthday supper. We started to pull out the ingredients for the pizza and the dough. Everyone was here except Bella and Harry strange . As soon as I thought that they both walked in.

Louis-Where were you two lazy bums

Bella- UH we were grabbing the popcorn bowls and cups

Liam- Then where are they, I don't see them in your hands 

Harry- I told Bella not to worry about it, the maids can handle that little mess


Bella- Well time to make pizza ( she said while clapping her hands and jumping up and down 

Liam- Well someones excited 

Bella- Yesss

Louis already made the dough and handed us each a circle for our pizzas. No body really knew what they were doing except for Harry. He said some instructions and then we all tried. We weren't bad to be honest, Bella was the second best next to Harry. We all finished flipping and tossing, then we put the sauce and toppings on and placed them in the oven to cook. While we waited we all sat at the kitchen table chatting

Bella- So I have a question for all of you and you might think that it's stupid but I don't know that much about you guys or really anything about the music world but you guys play concerts so that leads to tours if I'm correct. When are you guys going on your next tour ?

She said it with a saddened tone to her voice 

Liam- Well you know those songs I showed you they are for our next album "Four" so we will be going on tour for that, but that won't be for a while love 

Bella- Oh okay. Um to be honest you guys know you're my only friends at that school 

Louis- Hey don't worry you'll make friends, theres Tina and Shelby

Harry- Really you're telling her to be friends with those two girl's they're so mean and nasty

Liam- That's not what you thought when you dated Tina 

Bella- You dated that bitch 

Bella broke out laughing 

Louis- Hey sis that wasn't nice to say

Zayn-Well it is true 

Harry- Yeah biggest mistake of my life, never going down that road again ever

Niall-Pizzas ready people ,come and get it while it's hot

They joined Niall in the kitchen at the table 

Niall- Well dig in everyone 

We ate in silence since everyone was munching away, we all finally finished 

Harry- Good idea for the pizza 

Liam-Yeah Amazing idea Bella 

Bella-Guys it's just pizza haha. So I since we're done here we should get going I assume 

Bella got up grabbing all the boys dishes and putting them in the sink.

Bella-Well boys are we going 

Louis- Well actually 

He pulled Bella back down to her chair 

Louis-And a 1,2,3 

Zayn walked out with a birthday cake while they sang happy birthday once more 

Bella-What guys no, come on now guys 

He placed a cake down in front of her 

Bella- Happy Birthday Bell love One Direction. Aw really guys, thanks a lot it's awesome

Niall-Blow out the candles but make a wish first

No ones POV

Bella thought hard about what to wish for.It finally came to her. Her wish was that her and One Direction would stay friends in any shape or form no matter what happens. She blew out the 17 candles , one not going out

Louis-Looks like Bell's got a boyfriend, who is he 

Bella- Oh shut it Lou 

Liam-Lets eat cake 

Harry passed out plates and forks, they finished the cake off leaving some for Simon and the security 

Niall-Well boys and Bella I think it's time to hit the road seeing as it just passed 8 , if you have all your stuff come to the car . Lou you can lock up the guest house. Sure thing .The maids said earlier that they didn't mind cleaning up the little mess we left.So let's get going . Bella and Zayn followed Niall to his car while the rest grabbed some of the things they brought inside the guest house. Zayn got in the drivers this time and Niall got in the passengers .Bella climbed into the back grabbing the blanket and pulling it around here self. Harry came in next and sat beside Bella , then followed Liam and Louis who sat in front of them.They were off on the road again , Liam complained that his seat wasn't comfy so he moved to the back with other two.Really though he just wanted to sit by Bella.Bella rested her head on Harrys shoulder and put her feet on Liam's lap and fell asleep. Louis and Harry stayed awake on there phones as well as Niall. Liam looked out the window blankly and Zayn drove at a steady pace back to there houses. So it's out to the boys and Simon who the mystery girl is but can they keep it to themselves.With all the Drama that went on in the past  days who knows. You'll have to wait and see what happens next when they get back to class .







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