Soul Thought

Ella Green has a secret - when she thinks hard enough about something, it comes true. Whatever she draws, or writes or makes, works and comes to life.
She is a modern day superhero - and she hates it.
All she wants is to survive, meet her soul-mate and live a long happy life.
But some people have very different plans for her.


7. Unconscious Conversations

Unconscious Conversations


“You have to move eventually”

A female voice whined nearby, and I was under the distinct impression I had been unconscious for a while since my body was hurting beyond belief. The person beside me didn’t respond and I felt the female presence leave. 

I sunk back into unconsciousness, not knowing if or when I would wake up again, wondering if this was as good a time as any to start preying.

It was a few minutes later – at least what I construed as minutes – when a whole group of people walked up to where I was lying. Every time I came around I seemed to be able to feel more acutely, the pain was becoming less, but my muscles ached more telling me I hadn’t moved in some time.

 “Why don’t we get her to a hospital?” A male voice questioned, and the guys who I assumed was guarding me from the masses sighed deeply as though he wished the other people were half as smart as he was.

“They’d have to run tests.” He supplied quietly, and that seemed to rectify the problem pretty quickly as no-one dared to challenge him.

I was staying conscious longer, but after a few minutes the darkness beckoned and instead of fighting it, I allowed it to drag me back to the land of unconsciousness. The next time I was partially conscious, I felt another presence beside me besides that of the male companion I had been getting used to. The woman was chanting softly under her breath, and whatever she was saying was helping, imbuing my body with strength I didn’t know I had. She stopped suddenly, as though aware I was awake, but turned her attention to my other companion.

“Why do you guard her?” She asked, waiting the appropriate minute before continuing. “Do you have a claim on her?”

My male companion sighed, and though he said nothing, I could feel him shake his head – he had no reason to be sitting there making sure nothing hurt me, he just did it.

“She saved all our lives.” He supplied evenly, and the woman huffed standing.

“You keep telling yourself that darl” A slight accent punctuated her works, and my companion laughed huskily.


When I was coming around for what I suspected would be the last time, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. My companion was by my side and the woman was chanting softly on my other side again. I knew that it was time to wake up; I couldn’t allow the darkness to grab me again – because if it did I wasn’t coming back.

I fluttered my eyes, my hand instantly going out to my side, gripping onto hers for the life as me as I forced my heart to start and my lungs to work. I sat up quickly and felt dizzy, but couldn’t show it considering at that moment there were at least ten others crowding around. Their faces showed a range of different emotions from happiness to wariness to confidence.

“Hi?” I questioned slowly, turning my attention to Kaleb and Celeste who sat beside me, seeming to keep the rest of the people away.

“Do you remember who you are?” Celeste asked impatiently and I nodded easily – did she expect me to forget who I was? She nodded and then presented her hands, hauling me up to my feet and supporting me when I almost dropped back to the ground.

“Run along now, you can meet her at dinner” She assured the masses and slowly and surely they all separated, most with longing looks in my direction. I had a feeling I was the only reason they stuck around – they felt they owed me a debt.

“What’s going on?” I asked warily as Celeste moved me towards what I assumed was the campfire since there were several logs set around a pit of smaller burnt pieces of wood.

“We got out of the cells – you made sure every single person got out and almost died trying.” She said, pointing a glare in my direction and making me gush.

“Kaleb moved us as far into the woods as we could and the kids did the rest.” She motioned to a group of the boys were where throwing a rock around without actually touching it.

I blinked a few times before realising they were using their minds to launch and stop the rock only inches from one another’s face. Some of the people had paired off, sitting a little while away, crying or holding hands and I knew that these were the pairs that had been hunted separately and forced to stay apart.

Celeste saw my eye-line and smiled shyly, as though she was embarrassed for their over display of emotion.

“Winston kept them separated because once a pair is together their stronger than ever.” Celeste pointed to another pairing who were holding hands, the girl with close cropped black hair threw out her hand, and the whole tree shuddered before rising a few centre metres out of the ground.  

Celeste lowered me onto one of the smaller logs and I had a feeling it was so that not many people would be able to bother me. Kaleb finally found his way towards us, offering me a shy smile as he rubbed the back of his neck motioning towards my log. I nodded and shifted over slightly; Celeste suddenly had an interest in what the group of boys were doing and not so subtly disappeared.

“So you remember me?” He questioned with a cheeky grin stretching across his face, and I resisted the urge to punch his arm.

“Of course, my hero.” I laced my words with sarcasm even though out of everyone, I owed him the most considering I really did owe him my life.

“Don’t sweat it princess” He smiled and I scowled at him.

“Why do you call me that?’ I asked, irritability plain in my features, but Kaleb simply sat back and ignored the question.

“So tell me about these kids?” I asked motioning to the people around us, who where slowly getting closer to the fire pit the longer I was sitting here.

Kaleb shrugged. “Not my story to tell, they’ll tell you tonight if they want to.”

I gave him a look and he returned it, as if saying ‘it’s not my place to tell someone else’s story.’

“So….Telepathic eh?” I questioned smiling and he shrugged with fake modesty.


Kaleb and I bantered like that until the sun had set and everyone had chosen a log to sit on. The pairs I had noticed earlier stuck together as though to be certain nothing got between them again, I realised with a start one of the boys I didn’t yet know stuck awfully close to another guy who looked like a jock but I suddenly wasn’t so sure he wasn’t playing for the other team.

Celeste stood, silencing any chatter that had begun, she took a deep breath, smoothing her hands on her dress and started talking. “Alright, time we do introductions. I’ll start. I’m Celeste, I’m a witch and can change my shape, my mate is not with us yet, and my companion is Belladonna.”

One after another all the kids stood, telling their own sorry tales of how Winston had captured them. Almost all of them told us of their powers, but I noticed one or two simply skip over that part of the introduction, I wondered if that meant I should trust them less or more because of it. 

Kaleb stood nervously and all eyes turned to him, and I wondered how many of them knew about his powers.

“Hey, I’m Kaleb, I’m telepathic. My mate is…not with us yet.” The words seemed strained, like he had a hard time speaking them. One of the kids whose power was detecting lies shifted uncomfortably, but didn’t speak.

I sighed deeply and stood, placing my hands behind my back so that I didn’t use them. It was one of the things I hated about my mannerisms; I always used my hands to talk.

“Hi, I’m Ella. I’m a thought producer and art creator. I think my mate is here.” Several of the guy’s eyes and at least one of the girl’s eyes turned towards me, some with hope, some with fear and at least one with admiration.

I shrugged, uncomfortable with the staring and went to sit back down before I was stopped with a movement on the other side of the fire. One of the youngest boys; his name was Grant stepped towards me, his eyes were guarded and I wondered if I needed to shift into a better defensive stance when he dropped to one knee in front of me.   

Oh god not a proposal

I thought suddenly, but Grant saved me from the embarrassment of turning him down in front of everybody as he spoke, his voice old beyond his years and I felt the temperature drop several degrees.

“Ella Green, I thank you for saving my life, in return I pledge my own to you in the hopes that I may return the favour.” He nodded and returned to his feet.

In that moment I hoped it was over and that no one else was going to make obscure proclamations, but despite my wishes one after another all of the kids copied Grants words, declaring that they would save me if ever I needed it. By the time even Celeste had gotten down on one knee I turned to Kaleb and I wasn’t sure what expression was on my face.

“Don’t even think about it.” I warned and he laughed lightly.

“I’m pretty sure we’re even anyways” He shrugged and I realised he was right; he had no need to stay here.

I turned back towards the group, knowing my conversation wasn’t as private as I thought it had been. I sighed deeply – I didn’t need a bunch of kids jumping every time a loud sound was heard or trying to jump in my fights, I needed them to fight for themselves.

“I thank you all for your service, but you do me a discredit with your honour, so I release you all from your pledges. I do not require anyone to save me; I only ask that if you wish it, you would do me the honour of fighting with me – for I know that there are more fights to come.”

I turned and disappeared back into the darkness of the forest, stopping only a few meters from the fire – in an area that was still lit, yet secure from sight.

Kaleb stood, looking in my direction for a moment before turning to the group who were muttering amongst one another.

“We will expect your answer in the morning; think carefully for you won’t get another opportunity to choose.”

Kaleb took the route opposite mine, disappearing into the darkness and I sighed - why was he such a better communicator than I was?

Celeste found me first, and though I didn’t ask she assured me she would follow my lead one way or another, as long as I promised we would find her mate along the way. I didn’t really promise her, but I told her we’d try. For the moment, we had no better leads.

A plan began to formulate in my mind; we would follow Celeste to her partner and then I would try to find Karter and his new partner, and hopefully somewhere along the way we would pick up more super-humans who were willing to fight for our cause.

What is our cause?

I wondered briefly, and Kaleb seemed to answer without realising it.

“Ready to save the world, princess?”

And I smiled, because when the whole world was ready to go to hell, what else can you do?




Hey guys!

 I hope you are enjoying Soul Thought.

So I thought for this AN I'd tell you where I got the name, well the story idea came from reddit (which I've told you) and from there I got Ella's superpowers.So I combined the themes soul-mate and thought manifestation and voila Soul Thought.

So lots has happened since I last did an AN, and theres more yet to come, what will Celeste's soul-mate be like? And will Ella see Karter and his new soul-mate in the near future?

Keep reading to find out!

And dont forget to like the story!

Thanks guys


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