Soul Thought

Ella Green has a secret - when she thinks hard enough about something, it comes true. Whatever she draws, or writes or makes, works and comes to life.
She is a modern day superhero - and she hates it.
All she wants is to survive, meet her soul-mate and live a long happy life.
But some people have very different plans for her.


10. Pretending

Pretending “Tell me everything.” I wasn’t sure if I was ready to hear what Karter had to say, but I needed to know. Karter took a deep breath, running a hand through his hair and looking into the distance, was he even in the present with me right now? Or was he back with her, reliving the moment she died over and over again? Could I live with myself if that’s what I was putting him through making him live? “I followed my connection to her to a little farm out west. She was from a lower class family with three brothers, when I saw her I thought she would be sweet and kind, but she was feisty. She wouldn’t believe me when I told her she was my soul-mate until I talked to her through her mind.” Karter took a ragged breath, and I put my hand on his knee, giving it a slight squeeze. “I told her everything about me, even about you. Once I finished I didn’t think shed still want to come with me, but she got that defiant look in her eyes, packed her bags and jumped in the car. She told me about Winston, he’d been hanging around the town and some kids had gone missing – that’s why she hadn’t been in school when I stopped by. She said if you were going to meet him, you were as good as dead. I couldn’t accept that, she didn’t really understand why – but she agreed to come back here with me to find you.” I looked down at the ground, trying not to let the dark thoughts consume my mind – I wondered if Karter blamed me for what happened to his soul-mate, at the moment, I did. I honestly wouldn’t blame him if he did either. “A few miles down the road the car disappeared and the worst thoughts ran through my mind, I was sure you were dead, but that didn’t matter because Sarah knew Winston was chasing us. We ran all the way to the nearest town and he was on our tail the entire time. We hid in that town for almost a day before Sarah knew he was getting close – we ran into some girl who owned a little Wiccan store. She protected us for a few minutes, though I don’t honestly know how. Winston strolled into the store and I was sure we were dead, but one look at her and Sarah and I were forgotten. Winston got her, sending his poison into the room the girl dropped, I thought she was dead but Sarah said she would know if she was.” A little Wiccan store, the idea reminded me of Celeste, and I wondered if the girl had gotten herself captured to save two lives, only for one to be lost anyways. “I didn’t bother to cover my mouth or nose from the poison since I knew I was immune either way, and Sarah taking her cue from me didn’t bother to cover up either, she just kept breathing in the green smoke. Winston made it out of the store and barely a minute later Sarah collapsed. She was twitching and her eyes rolled back into her head and I knew she was dying and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.” Karter’s voice broke and I pulled him into my embrace, holding him close as tears flowed like a river. I could almost feel a remnant of what he was feeling, and it wasn’t something I could live with – I understood in that moment why Karter had done what he did. “You can’t let them do this.” Karter whispered and I nodded my head, understanding what he was saying without forcing him to actually say the words out loud. Karter wanted me to bench the groups of pairs we had, because even though they were stronger together and could probably do incredible things, the chance of losing one of them and making them deal with this sort of pain wasn’t worth it. But I had to ask myself; was it worth the world? I pushed Karter away slowly, making sure he was able to sit upright on his own before I stood up, pacing the ground in front of him. “If they want to fight I’m not going to stop them, but I’ll make sure they understand the price.” I felt like I was talking about Karter like he wasn’t there – something I hated about people when they did it to me, but this is what a leader did – they thought smart, about the long term goal, not about every person’s feelings along the way. Karter stood uneasily, and I hugged him close, letting him use me as his pillar of strength – god knows he needed it. I wrapped Karter’s arm around my shoulder and started pulling him along until he got the general idea and started walking. From anyone else’s point of view we were strolling arm in arm towards the house, but we both knew he needed my support, otherwise he would be a puddle on the ground with nothing tying him to the world. Karter guided me down the hall to his room, and I helped him in, turning on the light and dropping him on the bed rather unceremoniously. I took off his shoes while he sat there – like a drunkard too useless to even do the easiest of activities. I hoped that this wouldn’t last long, but even if it did I would grin and bear it because he needed me, and I wouldn’t let him down. I pulled back the sheets and helped Karter get into the bed, tucking him in and sighing deeply. Having an emotional meltdown really affected his general function – although it might the whole coming-back-from the dead thing he did also taking its toll on him. I pulled the wicker chair over to the edge of the bed and collapsed onto it roughly. Karter reached for me and I ran my hand over his soothingly unsure if I was actually helping, but it seemed to calm him down immensely. When I was sure Karter was deep into his slumber I creaked open the door, marvelling at how time had flown so quickly while I sat in the chair and watched over him. In the whole house only one light was still on – and I had a feeling I know who the room belonged to. I left Karter’s door open a crack and walked briskly, yet quietly towards the door with the light on. I raised my hand to knock, but paused, listening as Kaleb paced around the room muttering to himself. “I should tell her.” He argued before stopping and shaking his head as though thinking ‘oh yeah, brilliant idea, not’ I forced myself to stop listening at that moment and knocked the door, waiting patiently while Kaleb made his way to the door, hopefully composing himself of whatever breakdown he was having. Honestly, couldn’t these boys keep themselves together? “Ella.” Kaleb regarded me coldly and I scowled – what did I do to receive that kind of welcome? “Hey, I just wanted to let you know what some of the guys and I had planned.” Kaleb nodded and motioned to the chairs and table off to one corner. I took one of the allocated seats and steadied myself by placing my hands on the table, tightly intertwined. “So what’s the plan boss?” Kaleb asked, I thought he was joking but his face was deadly serious. “Ok, so Celeste and a few of the others and going to try to gather some more people. I’ve told them to head out tomorrow, gather four and then come back. We’ll swap up the groups so then everyone has a chance to learn to defend themselves and have the ability to test out their powers in the real world.” Kaleb nodded with my explanation, and there was an almighty bang from down the hall, accompanied by the scurrying of feet. A moment later a frantic Karter slammed open the door, eyes wide until he saw me, sitting there shocked. “I woke up…you were gone.” He explained, and I looked at Kaleb, conveying a message without words, hoping he understood I needed to take care of Karter. “Ok, let’s go back to bed.” I sighed, standing, quickly moving to Karter and resting his arm around my shoulder yet again. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was using me for more a leaning post, I would think this was comfortable, an intimate gesture usually reserved for soul-mates. I helped Karter back into his bed, and just as I was about to tuck him in he grabbed my wrist frantically, and I was almost frightened by the ferocity in his eyes. “Stay.” He pleaded, and with one look into his eyes I caved. I crawled into the bed, trying to keep to my side of the massive king bed, but after a moment of silence Karter turned over and pulled me close – as though he was trying to soak up my body warmth and transfer it to his own. Karter took a deep breath, one that seemed like his first since he had woken up. I imagined losing my soul-mate and I understood that breathing would never be the same for him again – it hurt too much to breathe too deeply or at all, but he was doing the best he could. We fell asleep like that; I was curled into Karter’s arms – hoping to high hell that I would be warm enough for him, that I could ever be enough to mend his broken soul. Even if we weren’t soul-mates any more he deserved this much from me, even if it wasn’t love he deserved this from me, and I was willing to give it as long as he was willing to receive it. v The sunshine was too bright and it was too hot. Karter was draped over me, like he had tried to protect me from an army of invaders during the night with only his body. I slowly slid out of his embrace, careful not to wake him. I looked at the door and then back at Karter, wondering if he would have another episode like last night if I disappeared and he didn’t know where I was. I quickly scribbled a note to tell him I would be waiting in the courtyard before quickly escaping the room and running down the stairs two at a time. Outside was only marginally better than the inside, Kaleb had split everybody into pairs and had them facing off, practicing hitting and blocking one another. It all seemed easy enough; but would it be enough to save their lives. It has to be. Kaleb though into my mind, and I wondered if he was suddenly hearing my thoughts as well, or if he could just read my facial expression. I figured it was the later, since he didn’t feel it necessary to comment on that train of thought. “Care to be my partner?” Kaleb asked, and I noticed a hint of something…more in voice, though I couldn’t understand what. I smiled and stood opposing him on the matts – I had the distinct impression all the other fights had stopped to watch this one. They all needed to see that I was prepared to do what they were doing – that I was ready, willing and able to fight my way through the battle with the best of them. In the few short minutes that we had been sparing, Kaleb had knocked me onto my ass at least five times – although to be fair I had gotten him down once or twice, it was clear we were just not evenly matched. I held up my hand in defeat, wiping my brow. Ok, so I need so work, but so do we all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N Hey guys! So I officially hit 20,000 words with this chapter! WHICH IS SERIOUSLY EXCITING!!! I hope you're enjoying the story. Want some hints for whats coming up? OF COURSE YOU DO! New members of the team come through and almost destroy the place, and Winston sends a message that makes Ella doubt everything she's doing. Please like the story if you're enjoying it! ~FireWitch
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