Soul Thought

Ella Green has a secret - when she thinks hard enough about something, it comes true. Whatever she draws, or writes or makes, works and comes to life.
She is a modern day superhero - and she hates it.
All she wants is to survive, meet her soul-mate and live a long happy life.
But some people have very different plans for her.


5. Changes to the Soul

Changes to the soul


I don’t remember screaming, but I was certain the noise wasn’t coming from Karter.

He barged into the room, eyes taking in my figure on the floor by the bed, the blood soaked sheets. He didn’t waste a second before falling to the ground, his posture mirroring my own before pulling me into his arms, crushing my head against his chest listening to his heart beat, his hands on my back soothingly, but no amount of comfort could stop the grief pooling in my heart.

The front of his shirt was soaked from tears I didn’t remember shedding. His fingers touched my chin, lightly, but forcing me to look up at him. His eyes were red and a mirror of my own, and his eyes searched mine – waiting for there to be some kind of permission given, but I wasn’t even able to give that much.

His lips crashed onto mine, and I couldn’t help thinking he wasn’t as gentle as I thought he was going to be, his lips didn’t seem to fit mine in any way shape or form, and though I know he was trying to reach me through our supposed soul-bond, my grief had firmly settled around my heart – constricting with every breath. 

Karter pulled back on looked at me, his fingers caressing my own until he gave up, not sure of what he could do for me. To be fair to him, he had done everything by the book; soul-mates were meant to be able to share almost any feeling through their bond. But he didn’t really understand what I was beginning to understand; I had changed.

In the last ten minutes, I had begun to accept my powers. They were no longer something I wanted to hide from or be afraid of. Karter sat there staring at me as my core shifted – my mother was dead, and I had a feeling it was my fault. I knew I couldn’t sit there much longer, but a plan was already forming in my mind, whoever killed her said they would be back, and I was betting they weren’t planning on much of a fight from a seventeen year old girl.

I gripped Karter’s hand, flipping it over so that his palm was upwards, showing him what I already knew, the scars that were mine that had been reflected on his body for so long had disappeared, and I was betting any other scars that he had received while being connected me had also disappeared.

We were no longer connected because I was a different person now. How could something like this not change me? As we watched Karter received a large purple bruise on his upper arm – a remnant from his new soul-mate I would bet since I didn’t have a bruise like that myself.

“What?” Karter whispered, looking at me and then at himself.

I stood up on shaky legs and Karter followed unease plain on his features. I ran my hand through my hair – how did you break up with someone who was meant to be your one-and only? Your fated other half?

“Karter, we’re not bound any more. This has changed me and we’re no longer compatible. You should go, try to find your girl.” I stated easily, trying to push him out of the house as fast as I could.

I couldn’t bear having him near if this murderer came back; I had enough on my mind without having to try to protect him as well. Karter glanced at me apprehensively, trying to read my features which I had masked into absolute neutrality.

 Karter struggled internally for a few moments, trying to war with what he thought was the right thing to do and the opportunity to find the love of his life. After a moment, it was clear which side had won, Karter gave a slight, worried wave as he headed for the front door. I waited with baited breath inside until I heard the car pulling away and the noise of the engine disappeared completely.

I realised my breath, I hadn’t realised how much I wanted to get rid of him until he was gone. I looked back momentarily on the time I had spent with him – stealing food and clothes, not having anything in common. It really surprised me how we had come to be bonded in the first place, maybe he was always meant to be my first and maybe I was always meant to outgrow him.

I exited the bedroom, sure that I couldn’t stand to be in there with her another moment without breaking down again. I collapsed in the lounge room, my mind drifting to everything but what I wanted to do. I don’t know if it was minutes or hours later when I heard the deep rumbling of a car up the drive way, I quickly created a weapon and my hand curled around the metal of the gun.

The front door rattled and I stood, stepping around into the kitchen while keeping an eye on the door. I had left my bag in the centre of the room, knowing whoever it was would see it; know I was here, waiting for them.

An older man stepped through the door, eyes automatically finding my bag and his face broke into a grim smile, eyes flashing mischievously as he stepped into the lounge room, prepared for any kind of trap or trick I could have planted.

That just confirmed my suspicion that he knew about at least one of my powers. Otherwise he wouldn’t have hesitated. As the man neared my bag I leapt out from my hiding place, gun trained on his head.

“State your name” I ordered roughly, my voice lower than it had ever been, and even I could feel the threat lacing my words.

The man smiled, as though this was exactly what he was expecting from someone like me.

“I am Winston.” He said easily, only making me feel like he was more dangerous.

“You know, your mother told me something before she died.” He stated, baiting me, watching for any sign of a reaction. I didn’t give him the pleasure of seeing one.

“She told me how she hid her powers – she was quiet delirious on her death bed, poison would do that.”

Poison? I questioned internally, but I had seen the blood on the sheets and the wound on her chest, poison was not the only thing she had suffered from.

“I ended her suffering quickly once I knew what I needed to know.” Winston explained, as though sensing my question.

“What did she tell you?” I growled and he held up his hand in a placating manner – he was enjoying this too thoroughly, and I had a feeling this guy had a back-up plan for his back-up plan, the thought made me nervous.

“You think I would tell you so easily?” He asked, eyebrows raised.

I took the extra step close to him, pressing the front of the gun into his forehead and his eyes widened mockingly as though he was afraid, but I knew he wasn’t.

“Pull the trigger little hero.” He whispered, and hate coursed through my blood until my finger squeezed the trigger, waiting for the moment it exploded.

He smiled, hand clasping around the gun as he pulled it from my grasp, throwing it over his shoulder, and I watched as it disappeared – as though I had willed it to stop existing.

“I’ll try this again. I am Winston, my power is interruption; I can disable any power, or anything that stems from your power you may produce.”

His explanation was simple, yet also impossible what he was describing wasn’t a superpower, even in the books. Every villain had to have something he couldn’t deflect, but I couldn’t think of anything.

In the moment I was distracted trying to think of an escape plan, his fist came up and I felt the pain through the side of my face and then I was out. I remember being hoisted up-would, and hearing a comment about being heavier than I looked. I was stuffed in the back seat of the car I had heard earlier. The music he played was terrible, and then I was really out – I couldn’t hear, or feel and it was utterly disturbing because it was like I was dreaming – but it turned into a nightmare faster than I could have ever expected.


I woke up in a cell – like a prison cell except worse. The bars were silver and wouldn’t bend to my will; I knew that already since I had never been able to bend a silver spoon in my life; the walls were some kind of grey brick that made the cell even more depressing, which I didn’t think was possible considering. There was a window more than a meter above me, offering a dull amount of light to filter into the room. There was a toilet in the corner, hidden only by a see through white screen, there was also a basin with running water – although I would hesitate to actually call it water since it was brown and smelled like iron.

I decided quickly to stay on the bed – the mattress was hard and squeaked every time I moved, but at least there was a blanket that kept me from freezing for the most part. From my spot on the bed I could see clearly out into the hallway, from what I could understand there was a light a few cells down, allowing only mediocre sight into the cell opposite me, but I knew there was someone in there from the look of the shape of the bed.

I couldn’t tell if they were alive, sleeping, or wishing they were dead.

I moved from my spot and touched the bars, staring into the cell, willing the person to move and acknowledge my presence. When the figure on the bed moved, I thought for a minute I had made them, but then I realised that the silver bars would probably stop any kind of power from escaping their allotted cell.

Can you hear me?

A masculine voice asked in my head, even I didn’t understand how I knew the voice was male, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. My eyes wondered down the hallway, but came back to the figure who had made their way to the cell bars like me

“Is that you?” I asked aloud, my voice echoing down the hall and making me flinch.

The mute boy across the hall nodded slowly and I breathed a sigh of relief, for a moment there I thought I was going insane.

No-one else here can hear me.

The boy explained and I nodded mutely, there were only a few people who could talk telepathically and even fewer who could hear it. I never knew I was one of those people, but it seemed like I was.

I feel like I know you

The boy stated, staring at me hard until his eyes held a brief recognition and he shied away from the door, as though frightened by my presence.

“Don’t go?” I pleaded, but the boy had already gone back to his bed, huddling up and pulling his knees to his chest as though protecting his heart.

I stayed at the bars for a few moments more, but the sound of someone coming down the hallway made me scamper back to my bed. I almost had the urge to cover my face, as though that would help me hide in some way shape or form, but I knew I couldn’t do that.

The man that had kidnapped me stood in front of the door, another figure slumped over his shoulder, and I guessed that was the way I had been brought here, and I wondered how many more of us there were.

“Ella, care for a new roommate?” He asked, but I knew I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

He unlocked the door, giving me a glance of warning that I was sure said ‘try it and die’ before dumping the figure on the ground and escaping the room quickly, locking the door behind him.

“Let me explain something to you new girl.” Winston started and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes – like I needed a lecture.

“The world is ending – not that anyone knows it. But I have seen it – and who better to take over the world than us?” He sneered, and I knew he meant him, more than us.

“In one month when the world goes to hell, I’ll have an army of superheros ready to make anyone bow down to me. And you’re going to be a part of that…or you’ll die.”





Well, that was pretty hardcore!

I wanna ask you guys what you think about this development, do you think if something changes you enough that the person who was meant to be your soul-mate isnt any more?

And, who's the boy across the hall? HINT: Someone Ella's met before.


I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I am.

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