Crazy Fan Girls

Meet Bree and Gwen, there two devoted 5sos fans. They have been fans since the beginning. They have grown to love the boys. But, when they run into one of the boys, is it the person they thought it was?


5. whatever then...


We walked to my room. "Why'd you get so mad at the Luke Hemmings." Gwen said.

"Because, he was being totally weird. I don't care if he is Luke Hemmings, and that he's hot and all. He was about to like, you know come at you." I said. "Are you serious? We just met our idols. And you think he was trying to rape me?" She said. "Pretty much." I said. "Whatever Bree." She said rolling her eyes. "I know, I know, it was Luke Hemmings and I know we are obsessed with him, but we dot know him personally." I said. "Your just jealous he likes me. " she shouted. "You're just acting dumb Gwen. One day you will thank me." I snapped. "You just think your perfect don't you?" She said. "No! I'm not." I said with a bit of sass. "Oh hey look! I'm Breeanna Denise Walters! I'm miss perfect, I'm totally smarter, prettier and better than anyone else. And if I don't get my way, I go crazy!" She said, mocking me and yes my name is spelled weird. " Shut up, you're just angry cause a good 90 percent of that is true!" I snapped. "This is what I mean, you're just jealous. You are full of your self." She yelled. "Shut up Gwen. Let just to take a moment ok. Hi, I'm Gwen Elizabeth Jackson, I can fall for anything. I'm so boy dumb I'll fall for anything. Did I mention I can't even realize a perv or a freak when I see one. I'm so airheaded. Blah blah blah." I screamed at her. " you know what, fuck you, miss goodie two shoes. I can't believe you did that anyway, it was Lucas fucking Robert Hemmings. Go find a new bestfriend you bitch!" She said as she stormed out of my room. She's pissed, she then walked out of my house. Have fun walking 5 blocks in darkness. Now, I'm upset. She's never going to talk to me again. I wanted to cry,Gwen was my bestfriend. We have known each other for like ever.i needed to go for a walk. I grabbed my sweatshirt and slipped on my vans and walked out of the house.

I didn't see Gwen anywhere, maybe she ran. Anyway I'm pissed. And when I'm pissed I text my sister, Avery. She's in college plus she is great with helping me with drama. She listens to all my bull shit!

( the - means it's texting fyi)

-hey Avery! 😀-

- Hi Bree. What's up.😚-

- what do you think?-

- drama again?-


-what happened?-

- Gwen and I got at an argument-

-well what happened in it? What was it about-

-it's, it's complicated 😕-

- ok then, maybe just talk it out-

-the thing is she doesn't want to talk to me. 😰-

- listen, I'm coming home from college tomorrow, we can talk then. I have to study.-

-ok 😚 bye Avery.-


We stopped texting and then I just starting playing flappy bird. 1....2...3...4 almost to my high score! Until I bumped into someone. I looked up

" Hey, aren't you.. That girl?"

What in the world was Ashton Irwin doing around my neighborhood?

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