Crazy Fan Girls

Meet Bree and Gwen, there two devoted 5sos fans. They have been fans since the beginning. They have grown to love the boys. But, when they run into one of the boys, is it the person they thought it was?


4. taking the long way home 🚘


We went to go to sit in the stadium seats.

"My dad is coming soon." I said taking a seat in one of the many seats.

"So, are you two major fans?"Ashton asked. "Pretty much. We are like crazy fan girls." I said. "That's, that's really really cool. Sorry about Luke, he's kind of insane. The brat always gets what he wants trust me. You two better watch out." He said. " Funny, we thought that he was a sweet guy."

I said, Gwen looked upset. "Yeah, ever since his long term girlfriend broke up with him, things haven't been the same. We think he has problems, drinking problems." Ash said. I was totally surprised. "Wow." Gwen said. I checked my phone again. "I could drive you guys home if you want. I'm no Luke. Trust me." He said. "Well I guess." He said.

We wen to the stadium garage and walked to his car. Nothing fancy, a truck.

Me and Gwen sat in the back.

He turned on the radio, Blink 182. Adam's Song. "Wow you have really good taste in music." I said

"Yep, I love there music." He said pulling out.

"So, what's your address, I need to put it in the GPS." He said

I gave him my address.

"Ok. Thank you." He said. "No, thank you." I said.

"Now, you guy are big fans, any souvenirs you guys want? Nothing Crazy though." He said. Gwen turned to me and smile.

"Do you think you can take a pictures with us, like before we leave." Gwen said.

"Sure, anything else." He said.

"Can you sign our phone cases." I asked.

"Sure." He said- "I'll sign them when we are there."

After a Couple minutes later we were at my house.

"Picture time." He said. We handed him our phones.

"Smile pretty." He says taking some pictures on Gwen's phone, signed it. Then he grabbed my phone, signed it and then we took pictures. After he was done he didn't give it back."one second" he said.

After a couple seconds he handed me my phone. My phone had my contacts open. I looked up at him."what's this?" I asked. "In case of emergency." He said. "Well thank you very much. It was amazing to meet you." I said, getting out of the car, Gwen followed. We walked towards the drivers window. "Bye." I said. "See you soon." He said. Me and Gwen walked to the door of my house.

When we got there I turned around to look back. He waved.

"Did he say, see you soon?" Gwen asked.

I think he did

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