Crazy Fan Girls

Meet Bree and Gwen, there two devoted 5sos fans. They have been fans since the beginning. They have grown to love the boys. But, when they run into one of the boys, is it the person they thought it was?


7. pizza is cool


I walked away to go leave.

"Bree, wait." Ashton said. I turned around.

"What is it?"

"Would you like to maybe come inside?" He said.

"Um sure, I guess that's cool."

"Great. Come on in." He said running to the door.

I followed. He opened the door and we entered.

"I'm honestly surprised it's not messy." I said looking around.

"We are actually very organized people." He said.

I saw the rest of the band at the table, eating.

"Hey guys, this is Bree. Remember her?" Ashton said.

"Oh, I remember her." Luke said.

"Shut up Luke. Just be nice. She's our neighbor. Did you know that?" Ashton said.

"Yeah Luke, Shut up. Wait? She is?" Michael said.

Calum got up and walked over. "It's nice to meet you neighbor. " he said shaking my hand.

"Would you like some pizza?" Michael asks.

"Sure." I said sitting down.

"So where is your friend?" Michael asked

"She got mad at me. She probably hates me." I said.

"Oh no. I'm sure it will all work out." Ashton said.

"Hey Bree?" Luke said.


"I'm really sorry about earlier today. I feel terrible. I want a fresh start.

Do you think that can be okay?" He said.

"Sure." I said eating pizza.

My phone buzzed.

- can't make it home tonight.- from my dad.

-oh, ok 😌- I texted

Made a sad face.

"Why the long face?" Calum asked.

" My dad can't make it home tonight"

"Oh, well you could always stay here. Wouldn't want you to

Be lonely." Calum said

" yeah, you can stay in the guest bedroom." Michael said.

" I guess." I said

" cool. " Michael said.

" So tell us about what it's like to be a fan." Calum said

"Well, it's kind of crazy. You are like our world. We feel as if we known an loved you forever." I said, I sound stupid.

"That's awesome." He said.

"Do you want to come out to breakfast tomorrow with us. You are kind of like our new friend." Michael said.

"Yeah, and bring your friend. We need to fix your friendship." Calum said.

"Yeah, we feel terrible, if it wasn't for me you guys wouldn't be fighting." Luke said.

"I'll text her later." I said.

"Well, I'm gonna go to sleep, see you guys in the morning." Calum said.

"Yeah I'm gonna head to bed too." Ashton said walking away.

He turned around. "Luke, help her." He said and then left.

Michael soon left.

"Follow me." Luke said.

He led me to his room. It was super weird. Batman everywhere. Batman pillow cases, bedspread, wallpaper, carpet even his trash can.

"Wow, I had no idea you were such a nerd. Now, why am I in your room." I said.

"Ok, ok being a batman nerd is sort of my forte. Don't judge. You need something to sleep in genius." He said, throwing me a nirvana shirt.

"You're a sassy Luke Hemmings." I said.

"Zip it Bree, hey. Do you think I screwed it your friend?" He asked.

"Wait, your actually into her?" I asked

"Kind of. Wait, don't tell me she's a Calum girl." He said

She was.

"No, but I just thought you-" I said

"Yeah, yeah whatever. But please make sure she comes. I'm thinking of asking her out." He said.

"Oh, well I'm gonna go." I said

"Goodnight Bree. The guest bedroom is right over there" He said pointing to a room across the hall.

"Goodnight." I said leaving.

I walked in and shut the door. I threw on the tee-shirt. Then I hooped in the bed. Then, I pulled out my phone to text Gwen.

-Hey Gwen. What to go out to breakfast tomorrow? 😀- I texted

-Bree, you screwed up. The only way you could make me go is if Luke Hemmings came along.-

-ok, see you at IHOP at 10:00.-

She didn't text back, so I went to sleep.



"I'm up Calum." I said. He sounds like my mom on a school day.

"Well, get dressed." He said opening the door.

"What am I gonna wear." I said.

"You could borrow my sister'a clothes. Her name is Mali Koa. She left them from the last time she visited. Left her whole bag here! I have her diary!" He said.

"Nice." I said.

"I'll go get it."

He came back a minute later and gave me some clothes. Ripped skinny jeans and a pink shirt by pink.

"You can change in the bathroom." He said pointing across the hall.

I went in and changed. I got to say

Not exactly my style but, still cute.

After that we all got in Calum's car. Squished I should say.

"Luke I'm going to have to sit on your lap." Michael said.

"Ok, big guy, take a seat." Luke said.

Calum started driving and turned in the radio. Beyoncé.

"Why are you listening to Beyoncé?" Ashton asked.

"Cause I can. I can let you get out right now if you want." He said.

"Oh ok. What a sassy little one." He said

"Fuck you. Ok we are here." Calum said as he pulled into the parking lot. That was a short drive.

We got out of the car and walked in. I saw Gwen at a table. So did Luke.

Luke walked up. "So we meet again."

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