Crazy Fan Girls

Meet Bree and Gwen, there two devoted 5sos fans. They have been fans since the beginning. They have grown to love the boys. But, when they run into one of the boys, is it the person they thought it was?


20. news




The Jacksons left. So did Gwen.


Luke said he wanted to come talk in person.


I'm very nervous.


Door bell rings.


I just stay in my room and let my parents get it. They know Luke.


I hear him come in the door. Then I hear him march up the steps.


He walks into my room with our favorite candy, Swedish fish and my favorite movie, The Breakfast Club.


"Hey babe." He said and kissed me.


"Oh god. I thought you were coming to break up with me." I said.


"Nope." He smiled, taking a seat on my bed.


"So what do we need to talk about?" I asked.


"This is going to be funny because, you'll probably not want to talk to me after this." He said




"I want you to meet my parents. They've never really met one of my girlfriends. Your my first serious girl friend."


"Aww. But what's so bad about that?"I ask, very confused.


"My parents are cruel." He said.




"They are. That's why I live with the boys." He said.


"Really? What were you kicked out?" I asked.


"No, I left. I can't stand them. Besides half the time they aren't even home. They're business people and have to travel a lot."


"I'm not going to breakup with you because of your parents. I love you and they can't change that." I said, kissing him.




"Really. Now let's watch that movie."


I crawled up next to him on laid on his chest .


"I'm so happy I found you." He said.



A/N- Heyyyy Guys! I just wanted to say in 11 days i'll be leaving for orchestra camp! its a week long. I'll be able to write in my free time but not able to post. That's why I am letting my Best friend post the chapters for me. my guess is she'll probably write announcements. Her name is Ki (KiXX5sos) and she also writes fan fics. She is even co author for one of my fan fics,  Nothing but trouble. I'll probably post another time before camp but just a heads up!



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