Crazy Fan Girls

Meet Bree and Gwen, there two devoted 5sos fans. They have been fans since the beginning. They have grown to love the boys. But, when they run into one of the boys, is it the person they thought it was?


6. Grool


"Ashton?" I said.

"Hey, Bree right?" He said smiling

"Yeah. What are you doing here?"

"The question is, what are you doing here?"


"This is my neighborhood, me and the band live in that house." He said pointing to a house.

Wow, the band I'm obsessed with lives in my neighborhood, I don't get out much do I?

"But, you're suppost to be on tour"

"Tour ended, this was our last stop now we get to return home."


"Yeah. So why are you out here at like midnight."

"Got in a fight with my friend, so I came out here to you know, chill. Why are you out here?"

"Oh I just went to get pizza and now I'm here."

"Pizza? At midnight? Really?"

"We love pizza. Pizza is love, pizza is life."

"I know you guys like pizza."

"We don't like it, we love it."

"Haha ok."

"So, why is that Gwen girl mad?" He said putting his hand in his hip.

" she got mad because of the whole Luke Hemmings situation ad then we got in a fight and I said some mean things."

"Oh, I hope things work out then. I have to go. See you around, neighbor." He said

"Oh ok, see ya."

"Oh and Bree, that number wasn't for emergencies."

"Grool." I said.


"It's ah a, great and cool combined."

"Grool, see ya."

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