Crazy Fan Girls

Meet Bree and Gwen, there two devoted 5sos fans. They have been fans since the beginning. They have grown to love the boys. But, when they run into one of the boys, is it the person they thought it was?


2. concert


So, it's been a day and Gwen is coming over to get ready with me. We are going to twin. Got to look cute for baes right? We practically are twins already. We both have brown hair, same age, we like the same things and we both right fan fics. I know right! Crazy.

Soon, the doorbell rang. "It's open!" I yelled from my room upstairs. She ran up the stairs. "Hey." She said. "Hi." I responded. " I bought you a shirt to match mine." She said throwing me a shirt. It had the boys on it jumping in the air. "Great. Ok, so my dad is going to drop us off and then pick us up." I said. "Coolness. I hope Calum is going to wear his vans, cause I'm wearing mine." She said. "Well, you never know. I hope Michael is wearing his flannel that says idiot in the back." I said as I threw the shirt over my tank top. "Hey." Gwen said. "What." I asked kind of sudden. "5sos is hot." She said. "I know." I said giggling. "I honestly can't believe this is our first time seeing them, in person." She said.

Soon enough, we were in my dad's car on my way to the concert. We were listening to there songs. It was fun. We pulled up. "Ok girls looks like we are here. I'll be here at 11:30 to pick you guys up." He said. We hopped out of the car, and didn't even say goodbye. We rushed to where they check your tickets.

We were in. We were about 5 ft from the stage. Maybe, they'll sweat and the sweat will land on us . OMG OMG I can't even.

An hour later, the concert started.

They started playing Heartbreak Girl first. Me and Gwen were screaming the whole time.

"Hey guys, it's me Luke. Thanks for coming out tonight. Means a lot to us. This next song is called Good girls." Luke said speaking in the microphone.

They started Good Girls. "🎶SHE'S A GOOD GIRL, SHE'S DADDY'S FAV-" Luke sung cutting off, I looked at him. He was looking at me and Gwen. He wasn't sing anymore, Calum started singing for him. Luke kept looking at us. Soon, he started singing again. Few. "Did,did you just..." Gwen said. "Yep, Luke Fucking Hemmings Just looked at us. Look, Gwen, if he picks you, I'll still go to your wedding." "Cool"

The boys stopped singing if they say a cute fan in the audience. Always. "I could be Gwen Hemmings!" She said. I t was hard to hear over all the screaming girls. "Never know." I said.

I think Gwen just became a Luke girl. Like right then and there.

Gwen, Gwen is a very smart person. She was the one to show me 5sos. And she's really nice and kind of, I mean really girly I guess. The only problem is, she is so sure of everything. She thinks she is going to get married to Luke. I don't want her to hold her breath, But hey, you never know.

After Good Girls, they played the following.

- Long Way Home

- Teenage Dream

- American Idiot

- Heartache on The Big Screen

- Never be

- Voodoo Doll

- She Looks so Perfect

-Don't stop.

It was fun. Best concert ever, pretty much. The my dad called me. I didn't hear at first, to many girls.

"Hey Bree."


"I'm gonna be a little bit late."


"But stay in the Stadium. It's to busy with all those girls trying to leave."


"See you soon, text you when I'm almost there."



Call ended.

"He will be here in a bit, we just have to stay here." I said, looking at Gwen. I noticed everyone was leaving.

All of the sudden she just looked up and looked over my shoulder.

Someone tapped my shoulder.

"Hey. Come with me." A deep voice said.

I turned around, it was Michael. Michael Fucking Gordon Clifford and he was holding out two of his hands. He has two hands, and he's offering them to us to hold. What in the world. I can't breathe omg.

"You're- you're-" Gwen stuttered.

"Yeah I know, now come with me."

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