Crazy Fan Girls

Meet Bree and Gwen, there two devoted 5sos fans. They have been fans since the beginning. They have grown to love the boys. But, when they run into one of the boys, is it the person they thought it was?


12. braids


I'm dating Luke now, still trying to let that sink in. I can't believe I'm dating the Luke Hemmings. He told me just to treat him like a normal person, though. It's been a week since that date, and it's been going good. I told Gwen, she freaked. She told me that it was crazy because I hated Luke at first. And I did, but he grew on me. Also, me and the boys have been hanging out a lot. We've all became really good friends. And, great news. The fan fiction I write, Everything you thought about 5 seconds of summer, has 5K reads, which makes me happy. I sort of feel bad, I'm like using the boys for this story. So today, Luke's coming over.


Doorbell rang.

I rushed to the door.

"Hey Luke." I said.

"Hey babe." He said, then kissing my cheek.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Nothing, just hanging out with a cutie."

"That's lame. Please stop now."


"It's just lame. Come on let's go up to my room." I said, pulling him upstairs to my room.

"So what do you wan to do?" Luke asked.

"Talk?"I said as I played with my braid.

"Ok. Hey wait? How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"The- the braid thingy."

"Want me to teach you."


"Ok. Sit down. I'm going to sit In front if you." I said.

"Ok." He said as he sat down on the floor, I took a seat in front of him.

"Take the ponytail out and separate the hair from the braid."

"Ok. What now?" He asked.

"Put the hair into three sections."


"Now take the middle section, hold it with a hand and then take the others and have one go above on go under, then repeat."


He pulled my hair, "ouch."

"Sorry, here you go, babe."

I got up and looked in the mirror. It wasn't that bad.

"Nice job, babe. What do you want to do now?" I asked.

"Talk, like boyfriends and girlfriends would do."


"So, since you're like a crazy fan girl, do you read fan fiction? Write it."


"No, that's so- so weird."

"Oh, ok. So wait, what school do you go to again?"

"St. Paul's? Why?"

"Wait? No shit, oh my gosh."

"What? What is it?"

"I'm enrolling there in the spring. So are the boys.

"No shit! This'll be fun then."

"Haha yes, I'm suppose to be in college right now, but I missed a whole lot of senior year."

"Oh but, just to warn you, my school sucks."

Wait, if he's enrolling for spring, that means next week.

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