The weddings

Ever wondered what harry and Ginny's wedding was like? Or what Ron and hermonie's wedding was like? If you have your in luck


5. Telling the Weaslys- Ron and Hermione


"Oh! Hello Harry, Ginny, Molly, and Aurther. We have something to tell you." Said Hermione      "What is it dear. Have you heard the news Harry and Ginny are getting married." Said Molly   "Yes mum Harry and Ginn already told us  but our new is..." Said Ron

"We are getting married too!" Exclaimed Ron and Hermione together

"WHAT! When did this happen! First our little girl and then our youngest son. " said Mrs. Weasly 

"Well this is wonder full news. I can't wait for the weddings. " said Mr. Weasly



*Authors note* sorry I have not updated in a while I forgot about it and got really busy. I will try to up date more often

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