The weddings

Ever wondered what harry and Ginny's wedding was like? Or what Ron and hermonie's wedding was like? If you have your in luck


3. Telling the others

"Harry Ginny, there's something 'Mione and I need to tell you", said Ron

"Ron 'Moine, there's also something Ginn and I need to tell you also. But, since you said you needed to tell us first you go first.", said Harry

"Okay. Well, how do I say this, Ron and I are engaged!", said Hermione 

"What!!!! So are Harry and I. Oh my Fizzing Wizbees!!!", said Ginny

"Mate, why didn't you tell me. I mean she is my little sister.", said Ron

"I could ask the same thing. I mean 'Mione was like a sister to me.", said Harry 

"So have you told Mum and Dad yet?", asked Ron

" No, have you Ronald.", asked Ginny

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