The weddings

Ever wondered what harry and Ginny's wedding was like? Or what Ron and hermonie's wedding was like? If you have your in luck


7. My, My time to plan, invite, and arrange

"Hey Ginn, can we get together with your mom after quittich and start planing out the guest list?" asked Hermione 

"Yea I guess so 'Mione. I love the fact that you just assume we are having a double wedding. What if Harry and I wanted a single privet wedding." said Ginny

"Did I hear someone calling my name in her beautiful voice?" asked Harry as he came down the stairs with his broom. Before she could answer Harry kissed Ginny and almost made her forget what she was saying. 

"Yes you did. Now if you would quit snogging Ginny long enough to listen to me I will tell you what we were talking about."  Interrupted Hermione

"Hermione if you don't be quite I will jinx you." said Ginny as she unstuck her self from Harty long enough to say that

"What's going on here I thought we were going to play quittich. Not snog all morning." said Ron as he came I the door from the kitchen.

"Well Ronald I was talking to Ginny about the wedding and planing the guest list this after noon when Harry came down the stairs and started snogging Ginny." said Hermione 

"Oh like this"said Ron has he started snogging Hermione 

"Hermione Jean Granger! You filthy hypocrite. You tell Harry and I off for snogging and then you and Ronald start. Ugh! Come on Harry lets go some where we can be alone. " said Ginny

"How 'bout the quittich pitch  we can wait for Ron and Hermione their. Ron mate when you get close to the quittich pitch cast a spell that make a lot of noise as warning okay. I may set a caterwauling charm around it as warning as well."said Harry

Harry and Ginny shoulder their brooms and left the Burrow 

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