The weddings

Ever wondered what harry and Ginny's wedding was like? Or what Ron and hermonie's wedding was like? If you have your in luck


6. After the fact Mr and Mrs Weasly

* In their bedroom *

" My goodness, this is unbelievable. Both my only daughter and my youngest son are getting married. Oh Aurthor I'm not ready for this." said Mrs. Weasly

"Mollywobbles it's all going to be fine. We know that Harry will take care of Ginn and that he loves her. And we know that Ginn loves Harry very much. We always new this would happen one day. " said Mr Weasly 

"Yes Aurthor I know but I'm just not ready. " said Mrs. Weasly

We end this portion of our tale as Mrs Weasly is being comforted by her husband. 

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