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He's sexy .. Fearful . Harry Styles is an expert party boy consisting of many shot glasses and loud music and crowded spaces where nobody wanted to leave until they were pissed drunk . Yes . His high school years taught him good . He was like every average Bro . Yah know 'I don't do relationships' and 'Bro's before Hoes 'type . But that was until he met a girl that was just like him . Diana Taylor was a carefree , gorgeous girl who wasn't into the whole settling down movement and had a life to live . Nobody would stop her . But when it came to her and Harry meeting each other nothing was the same .


9. Chapter 9.




On our way to the party I was really on edge . All my friends are literally out of their chairs waiting to meet Diana after I have told them so much about her and how beautiful she is .. evil sometimes but beautiful . I don't know what I was thinking . I didn't want Liam's party to be a fucking reck because all attention is on a girl thats not even mine . I wanna try to keep things professional . keep the focus on my friend and his girl . and hopefully Diana feels the same . 

The whole time Diana looked at her phone , every 5 seconds it would buzz and she wouldnt answer it . "Are you gonna answer that or are you just gonna look at it like a derp ..." I asked . She looked at me rolled her eyes and looked back at her phone "Shut up Harry .. " . Well she certainly never done that before . " What's up .... " I asked her as we stopped at the longest red light I've ever been at .  

"Diana come on .. " I placed my hand on her thigh . She chuckled lightly "Nothing its just . a guy .. from a long time ago . No big deal " She turned off her phone . "Oh I thought it was something important " I wiped fake sweat off my brow . She then smacked my chest making me laugh .

"Im joking Im joking ... In all seriousness you should take care of that later .. You should be focused on having fun with me .. I look hot . You look amazingly sexy and gorgeous .. and perfect .. and got a big butt .." "Harry .. " She snapped me out of my head . "Huh .. Oh sorry but .. What I'm trying to say is just have fun don't worry about anything else " I said as the light turned green and we began to drive again .

"Yeah .. you're right .. " She let out a deep breath . She actually took my advice . Never thought she would do that . She's growing on me now I think . I say this is the closest we've ever been . 

We pulled up to Hillary Castle finally . There was a long line like a club in the front and all my friends stood off to the side . "Wait right here " I told Diana . She nodded as I got out the car . "Harry!!" Zayn called as soon a he saw me . Everyone walked towards me , their dates on their arms . Zayn brung That Perrie Chick who talked him into getting a nose ring and fucked up his hair cut .. I'm not one to judge . Niall brung that one girl from across the road Shy . She's really shy . of course Liam bring Sophia and Louis finally!!!! brung Lily .  

"Sup guys . Looking good " I snapped my fingers charmingly . "Yeah where's Diana ?" Liam asked . "You brung Diana .. she said yes to you ?! " Niall yelled . They all started talking about it like they didn't already know . "Alright alright !! ... I know I'm a dick sometimes and maybe far away from a fucking gentlemen . But . I'm not gonna lie I'm growing on this girl and  I don't want you guys to do anything dumb .

I just wanna show her a good time .. " I told them . They got quiet . What the fuck is wrong with my friends to be honest . I sighed shaking my head walking to the passenger side . I opened the door , took Diana's hand and guided her out of the car as she held on to the bottom of her dress . "Everyone ..This is Diana " I introduced her . "Hey " She smiled and waved having a bubbly attitude .

"Its nice to finally meet you .I'm Zayn " He smiled kissing her hand . "Aye aye .. " I snatched her hand away . idiot . "Can't lie Styles . She's pretty hot ." Lily smirked . "Not so bad yourself " She smiled at Lily . "What the hell was that Lil ?" Louis asked her . "Whaaat , I'm just saying "  She shrugged .Liam laughed .

"How about we go into the party before things get more awkward than they already are . We've been waiting too long on you guys lets hustle !" Sophia shouted . Everyone took their dates a sahshayed on following Liam and Sophia in the mansion .  "You didn't tell me I was meeting the family today Styles " Diana whispered to me . " Well Surprise Surprise happy fucking birthday . " I said a little sassy like . Let the night begin . 


Music played as pictures and videos of Liam and Sophia played on the large projector . Everyone was dancing and having a fun but classy time dancing in place . I watched as Diana made conversation with Perrie which I felt she might enjoy the personality of and Sophia who is definately Diana's twin .

I took sips from my Specially made Bull frog as I watched her . "So Styles .. You and that hot one over there yeah ?" Zayn walked over . " I guess . She is just simply amazing I don't know if its her eyes or her smile or .. her personality i like the best --" "So .You . LIKE HER like her .. " he said putting emphasis on the first "like her" . I gave him a puzzled look .

"What ? No of course not . I mean yeah she's great and all but .. She would never give me the time of day . we didn't even have sex yet she so stubborn . She's not all about the whole "commited " movement " I explained ."If your main focus is to get her in bed might as well start now .  2 pineapple specials .. extra vodka please no ice " Zayn ordered . "Thats for you " . He then walked away . 

I'm not trying to take advantage of her . Yes I do want to have sex with her .. but it won't be sex . I wanna go slow with her . and eventually it will be making love . Touching and kissing the right spots the right way , I've never even felt before .

"Here you are " The bartender sat 2 drinks in front of me . They smelled toxic and full of damage "Thanks" I said . I took the drinks and walked over to Diana . "Hey what are we taking about here " I smiled . "Oh nothing . Perrz we have to find Liam . Shall we ?" Sophia smirked .

"We shall " They linked arms and walked away chucking un explainably .

"Anyway here you go .. Its a special " I gave her the drink . She took a sip her juicy lips touching the rim of the glass . "MM this is good . wanna dance ?" She asked . "Yeah lets go " I smiled . She guided me sexually to the dance floor as they played the same song she grinded on me to the night we ran into eachother . The drink in her hand her back faced to me as she did the same thing . Making it hard for me to stand . I felt and kissed on her the mean time . It felt like we already had one drink too many after one sip of the toxic juice . and I couldn't get enough of her .


She laid on the matress in her bra and panties and motioned me to come over . I get on top of her . something told me we were about to fuck up this hotel room once she pulled down the waist band of my boxers .

"Is this what you want baby ?" I growled in her ear . She took my face in her hands kissing my lips slowly allowing me to taste her sweet juicy lips for the first time . "Do your worst Styles " . Okay correction : This is the CLOSEST WE'VE EVER BEEN 

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