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He's sexy .. Fearful . Harry Styles is an expert party boy consisting of many shot glasses and loud music and crowded spaces where nobody wanted to leave until they were pissed drunk . Yes . His high school years taught him good . He was like every average Bro . Yah know 'I don't do relationships' and 'Bro's before Hoes 'type . But that was until he met a girl that was just like him . Diana Taylor was a carefree , gorgeous girl who wasn't into the whole settling down movement and had a life to live . Nobody would stop her . But when it came to her and Harry meeting each other nothing was the same .


6. Chapter 6

This is Connor Travell  K? .K




"Harry . Haaarrryy" I kept hearing . What time was it ? . When the hell did I fall asleep . "MMM 5 more minutes" I moaned turning over and off my back .

I regretted not moving after a few seconds later a cold substance poured over me making me feel like I was laying under a fucking water fall . "Ahh what the fuck ?!!" I shouted raising up off the wet couch to find Diana  Laughing her ass off at my current self . "How the hell did you get in here?" I asked her rubbing my face .

" You shouldn't leave your door locked . Strange girls could come into your room and snatch your dimples off " She laughed pinching my cheeks . I rolled my eyes looking over at the time . "Its 6:34 ?? " I groaned .

" No its fucking 6:34 . come on the party is about to start soon . " She said then pulling my arm to get me off the couch . " Eager ! . You're not even dressed " I folded my arms after getting rushed off the couch .

I looked up and down at her tight white t-shirt and grey sweat pants a little to big for her body with the bottoms of them tucked in her sparkly uggs . Ugh . Girls . " I brought my stuff I thought we would get ready together " 

She lifted up a black clothes covering and a shoe box . "Okay . I'm just warning you . I walk around naked for a while " I smirked getting close to her . She stopped me by putting her hand on my chest . She chuckled .

" I'm taking the bathroom so . Take your time " She then moved me out of the way waking off to find the bathroom on her own . Still devious .

 even in my own home .


I spent almost an hour getting ready , finding the perfect outfit and paring it with my special boots . Don't ask why they are special . After blow drying my hair in my vanity mirror I realized my hair gel is in the bathroom and Diana was taking her slow ass time .

" Diana can you please yah know .. hurry up !" I yelled banging on the bathroom door . "Can you be patient " She opened the door and peeked her head out the window . "I'm just trying to get my gel " I said rushing into the bathroom before she closed the door .

I didn't think a 5'0 woman would be bossing me around my own dorm this late in the night . Its whatever .. I kinda like women to take charge ;) . I noticed her putting makeup on her face . She was really skilled at it to be honest I don't get how girls do it .

Putting Gel in my hair I watched her as she finished her look off with red lipstick that shined in the bathroom light . " Sorry . am I distracting you . or are you lost ?" She asked folding her arms snapping me back into reality .

"Huh . Oh no I was just looking " I said continuing to put gel in my hair . She shrugged and began to play with her long bouncy curls . "Why do girls wear make up ? " I asked . I was curious . "Why do guys have dicks ? " She asked back . She had a point there . I didn't catch on what she was trying to say at first though . Its funny how smart but full of attitude she is . "Anyway are you ready? " She asked  walking out the bathroom .

I couldn't really help but stare at how tight the dress she wore hugged her ass . IT WAS AMAZING ! . I smirked biting my lip . She's gonna be pissed that I Won't be able to keep my eyes off of her tonight . But its worth it 

" Whenever you are babe ;) "



I should never underestimate a black and white party red carpet party ever again . When me and Diana walked in everyone was so elegant but it was literally like a fucking night club . Which I liked .

We were shown to a reserved table and everything it was insane . "Where did you meet this girl ?" I questioned as we were being treated like royalty . "Her daddy is some big time drug dealer she doesn't tell too many people so don't ask her " Diana explains . "Ohh.." I nodded . I didn't wanna say too much but .

"What about your dad ? " I asked her . She looked up kinda alarmed and just stared at me like I screamed bloody murder . She even looked like she was gonna cry . "Um .. I-I'm sorry did I say something --" "DIANA!!!!" Someone shouted .

Just then a girl with a big poofy pink dress and a crown that said birthday girl in big letter appeared from the large crowed . "Hannah heyy--" Diana was cut off . "We don't have time for that Connor is here !" She yelled over the crowed . "Connor?" Diana said a little over a whisper . Who the hell is Connor ? .

"Come on Taylor is waiting with him " She pulled Diana along pushing through the crowed and leaving me there . I wanted to know who the hell Connor was .. and why was she so sensitive about her dad  ,but I'm sure she'll tell me when she gets back so I just continued my night . Time to get some girls ;)


As Hannah pulled me into the crowed I kinda began to tear up . I Tried to stop but I couldn't because nobody understood that after all these years , and knowing Connor cheated on me , I still loved him I didn't know why . 

We finally were clear across the house and she pulled me out the front door until I met eyes with the Raven haired boy . I haven't seen him since we were 16  and He's grown up a lot! . His beautiful jaw line and his tan skin . I saw him smile at me walking towards me . "Ana ..." He bit his lip . "C- Connor .. " I choked on my words .. He called me ana ? . I Looked around noticing Taylor and Hannah were gone . I was face to face with Connor . "Aren't you happy to see me ?" He chuckled holding out his arms .

 I was lost for words . Looking at him just made me weak in my knees "What are you doing here ?" I asked as I finally worked up the balls to speak . "Diana I wanted to speak about our breakup . I haven't stopped thinking about you and everything .. I'm just gonna tell you . I haven't came to see you because I was in jail . " He said .

I gasped a little . " When we broke up I was selling drugs okay ? and they caught me in the act at school . I just got out last year . I've been writing to you and I thought you were over me because of course I didn't get anything back . " He explained . I just kept quiet and let him speak .

" But when Hannah called me saying her party was tonight and you were gonna be there . I had to come because I came to --" " Connor . this is .. I don't know if --" Tears began to roll down my cheeks and my makeup made them thicker . "Diana don't cry . I'm not asking for too much .. except for you to give me another chance . " He said .

holding onto my hands for life . I couldn't do it . Not after what he did to me . I love him .. But I have a broken heart that can't be fixed .

"I love you .. But . I need to breathe . I've had you on my mind for so long and its too over whelming . I can't let you back in right now okay " I told him .

I walked away leaving him there , trying to fix my make up as I made my way back to Harry . I found some girls walking away from him .

a bunch of sluts hannah knows . "Hey . You okay ?"He asked . "Y-Yeah . How about some drinks . The bar is free for close friends " I told him . He shrugged following me to the bar 


Me and Harry stumbled over eachothers feet into an unfamiliar area . A bedroom at that . He was ontop of me . Kissing me . His lips were soft . and I never thought I would be kissing him and literally ripping off his clothes right now . it felt so right . And though we won't remember this by morning .

It surree got my mind off connor for a while ;)


(Will Diana fall for Connor again ?)

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