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He's sexy .. Fearful . Harry Styles is an expert party boy consisting of many shot glasses and loud music and crowded spaces where nobody wanted to leave until they were pissed drunk . Yes . His high school years taught him good . He was like every average Bro . Yah know 'I don't do relationships' and 'Bro's before Hoes 'type . But that was until he met a girl that was just like him . Diana Taylor was a carefree , gorgeous girl who wasn't into the whole settling down movement and had a life to live . Nobody would stop her . But when it came to her and Harry meeting each other nothing was the same .


5. Chapter 5.



The couch wasn't the most comfortable . That's why drunk people sleep there . I rose up from the cushions looking for my buzzing phone . That's when I realized the buzzing wasn't coming from under me and it was coming from the table where I found my phone , 2 tablets , and water with a note attached to the glass reading . 

This is for being so drunk I had to carry you in here . You are one crazy bastard -Niall

I couldn't help but smile at this somewhat compliment from good ol' baby Niall . I picked up my phone , pressed the lock button to notice I had 2 missed calls from a unknown number and a text from "Her" . I bursted out laughing because at first I was clueless . But I knew exactly who it was ;) . I clicked on the message reading to myself 

Her ➸♡

I bet that hangover is kicking your ass RN ;) - D

I'll have you know I wasn't the only drunk one . Come to think of it YOU DID let me kiss your neck ;) - H

I hesitated to press send for a second but once I did a huge smirk appeared on my lips . I remember those light moans she let out before she made me release my hands , and the fact she tasted like Lemon cookies with a hint .. Just a hint of honey . 

A few minutes later she texted me back and the smirk appeared again as I laid my back against the couch once again . 

I was .. 'Tipsy' . That was just a one time ,Tipsy thing - D

Hey I'm not complaining . you taste amazing and your moans .. Nvm - H

What about them ? ;) - D

Okay now she's flirting back once again . When she does this my cheeks begin to burn . and its funny because thats never happened before .. Like never . I just continued with the conversation 

They sound ... Yah know .. like heaven to my ears .. Coming from you alone  - H

Well thanks I Guess .. What are you doing today ? - D

Probably just gonna sleep ... you ?- H

Its my friends birthday and I was wondering maybe you wanted to come to her party tonight  with me as my plus one . You're seriously alot of fun .. and annoying but I think I can get used to that Ctfu xD - D

Sure I'm in :) I'll drive , meet me at my dorm 4B uh . whenever - H

k . see u then - D

xx♥- H

Texting her was all I wanted to do at this point .. wait what ? . I mean I need to sleep off this hangover if I'm gonna go to this party tonight . My main priority is getting ready for tonight . 


I could not stop smiling at Harry's text . He's such and idiot .. and I like that ? . I sat in my bed typing away on my phone to Harry and ignoring the few other text . "Breakfast ANA-BANANA!!" My roommate Taylor screeched .

She's loud but I learned to drown her noise out . "I forgot what you wanted so I just got your french toast and blue berries is that --" "Its fine thank you " I said still looking at my phone . She chuckled a little .

"Okay . who are you talking to this morning thats got you all smiles and tickles " She walked over and sat next to me . "Oh just my mom " I lied . She made a 'mhm' kind of face that made me laugh because she knew I was lying .

" Kay .. I met this .. guy andd --" "OMG DIANA!!! you got a crush !! " She cooed . I rolled my eyes as she rambled on about how long its been since I've been in a relationship and how I can FINALLY stop crying over Connor .

But Connor was my everything . Then he cheated on me .. That was the end and its hard to even have closure .
"let me stop you there . You know I don't do relationships .. not after Connor. " . " Connor is the past .. Don't you realize whoever this boy is could be your future " Taylor asked . "I know Tay .. just give me some time " Was all I said 

I didn't wanna have a whole conversation because that's happened before about this same situation .

She didn't realize I didn't want a relationship , I don't want to fall in love ever again , Not after Connor Tavell broke my heart .. my first love ..  

But of course she's not me .

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