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He's sexy .. Fearful . Harry Styles is an expert party boy consisting of many shot glasses and loud music and crowded spaces where nobody wanted to leave until they were pissed drunk . Yes . His high school years taught him good . He was like every average Bro . Yah know 'I don't do relationships' and 'Bro's before Hoes 'type . But that was until he met a girl that was just like him . Diana Taylor was a carefree , gorgeous girl who wasn't into the whole settling down movement and had a life to live . Nobody would stop her . But when it came to her and Harry meeting each other nothing was the same .


4. Chapter 4

*Later that night *



I watched everyone walk into the door of the Livedale Gardens personal mansion for the party and by the time me and Niall walked in it was packed . People our age mingled around in their so called casual attire while Maroon 5's song Sugar played loudly in the pro speakers . Like always when I go somewhere with my friends they disappear  before I can even ask what they wanted to do first , so I just did my own thing and started my night off that the open bart . 

I drunk a few shots of whatever the fuck that it was feeling my buzz , then I began to flirt with the Sexy bartender in my needy attempt to take her home with me tonight ;) . "Harrrrryyy HEY !" the voice of the fucking asshole himself yelled interrupting my train of thoughtt . I turned around looking at Luca's goofy ass walking towards me . I rolled my yes turning back around and ignoring him .

"Harry .. bro you can't hold that grudge forever " He said trying to get my attention . Oh I hold grudges bitch . " I can hold one , especially when it includes a bitch like you " I mumbled under my breath .

He obviously didn't get the memo that I hated his ass because of what happened in the past with my ... Nevermind .. I said I would never talk about that ever again or never talk to him again after that night .

And I still kept that promise .

"Harry .. You know I said I was sorry about a hundred times . I didn't know she was your girlfriend bro I told you that " He said constantly being sympathetic for me .

That really made me wanna stab his face in .

I hated apologies from him , I hate the word Girlfriend , and I HATE HIM .

He sat next to me and from that moment on I ignored his ugly ass face but he followed my every move . I just continued to flirt and drink hoping he would go away . 


My night went by . Luca finally went away and it only took 23 shot glasses and all my fucking patience . That's when me tipsy as I was found Niall on the dance floor . I'm aware I looked like an idiot when I dance but I really didn't care .

I had many girls dancing on me or around me but looking into the crowd , I could see that bouncy dark brown locks from anywhere . Once again I saw her . Diana. She danced on some guy in her black crop shirt and leather joggers .

The way her hips swayed to the music was a turn on and as she twisted and twirled around her hair as she danced , her ass on the mysterious figure . I felt myseld wanting that , but it was hard to get through to this girl . She was too good for me 

As the song switched to Earned It by The Weekend I began to let myself walk over to her and get behind her once the guy left her sight . "That outfit is gonna get you in trouble " I growled in her ear trailing my fingers down her body .

She lightly chuckled " And who are you ? The fashion police ?" . Always joking that's Diana for sure . " I'm more important . I take the suspects for a ride . Trust me . You're lucky to get pulled over by me Princess " I smirked over her shoulder . She grabbed my hands putting them around her waist while laughing like always .

" Are you gonna dance with me or not Harry ?" she asked .

With this moment in my hands I pulled her body closer to me my hand resting on her inner thigh "Didn't think you knew it was me buuuuut" I trailed out my last word .

She laughed again shaking her head " You know its funny . I keep seeing you everywhere and the more I see you the more attractive you get " . Whoa . Did that just come out of her sexy lips ? . "Don't worry . this wont be the last you see of me " I responded .

After that we were body just dancing lost in the music . I couldn't help myself grinding her backside harder on me as I began to kiss her neck , Thats when she stopped me . grabbing my hands " I think you've had enough for one song " She said a smirk in her voice .

She turned around her blue eyes looking at my red and flustered face . There was a devious and sexy smirk upon her red lips . "You're not really shy are you ?" She giggled at me blushing " No you're such a tease " I rolled my eyes .
"Yeah Yeah ... Um may I use your phone to call my friend  and see where he is ?" She asked holding out her hand . " Don't get distracted by my sexy screen saver " I smiled knowing my screen saver was me . She shook her head rolling her eyes as she dialed the number . Not soon after a phone began to ring in her pocket .

" Ahhh I See what you did there " I snapped my finger " Only because I like you Harry .... " She winked . then she just walked away . She just said that too ? . and not in a funny or sarcastic way ? .

I really never been the one to catch feelings . I haven't done that in a long time .

Though I highly doubt I'm gonna ever fall in love , catch feelings , and live happily ever fucking after with her , but maybe I like her too :) .

... a little okay ?


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