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He's sexy .. Fearful . Harry Styles is an expert party boy consisting of many shot glasses and loud music and crowded spaces where nobody wanted to leave until they were pissed drunk . Yes . His high school years taught him good . He was like every average Bro . Yah know 'I don't do relationships' and 'Bro's before Hoes 'type . But that was until he met a girl that was just like him . Diana Taylor was a carefree , gorgeous girl who wasn't into the whole settling down movement and had a life to live . Nobody would stop her . But when it came to her and Harry meeting each other nothing was the same .


19. Chapter 19

Pull this picture out when you want to connect with Harry on spiritual level



2 days after I seen Diana and Connor at the club and I still have no Idea how to respond to it. But how is she gonna love me, but dance with Connor at the same time. She's obviously lying to one of us. I really hope she's lying to Connor. I took a shower and got dressed for class. I slipped on my Nike's and grabbed my bookbag and once I opened the door BOOM. There stood just the guy I didn't wanna see. Connor .Dammit 

"Heyyy Harry sorry to stop by so late I was hoping to catch you before you left for class" He said walking in "Well like you said you're kinda too late , so leave" I said while locking to door I walked out . "But harry wait!" He called shutting the door behind him as he followed me down the hallway of the dorm . "Harry I promise you this is the most important thing and I really need your help!" He called . I kept trying to ignore him but he had me at "Its about Diana" . I stopped where I took my last step . I closed my eyes and just listened "I was hoping you could help me.. Harry I love Diana.. and I couldn't have been able to get her back if it wasn't for.. whatever you said and I came by to tell you the news that I wanted . to propose to her " My eyes opened suddenly.

My jaws clenched to the point you could slice a bowling ball with them . I turned around slowly. "Propose? really?" I questioned him . "I mean ha.. Yeah she's amazing and I was thinking I could marry her and I could get her out of this place" He sighed. "get her out of this place? What do you mean get her out of this place?" I confusedly looked at him. He chuckled at my confusion "I mean leave college. I wanted to take her back with our family in California , start a family and everything" He explained with a smile after. He may have been happy , but I wasn't smiling. I was .. pissed? "..I got everything planned out to a T..we're gonna go to the park and.." He continued to talk about how he was gonna make this shitty ass commitment . I chuckled a little

"Connor .." I said to try to get him to stop talking but he would he just continued. ON AND ON. Until I finally snapped "IM NOT ABOUT TO HELP YOU!" I shouted. He stopped talking and looked at me for a second before asking "Why?" . I chuckled again trying to contain my anger before I said something I didn't mean , but at this point what ever comes out I mean every word. "Because everything I did for you not only ruined my chances of having her but it also ruined my fucking life . YOU ruined my fucking life !!" I yelled .

"What do you mean ?--" "Don't play stupid Connor!!!.. You knew how I felt about rather you listened to me or not ... and here I am listening to how much you fucking love her and how much you wanna marry her but you can't barely learn to keep your dick to yourself !... You know I lied for you. I told her you deserved a second chance but I didn't tell her about the many girls you fucked at that party while I was the one that saved her from drowning in bottles of scotch. I told her my entire past I even gave up girls for her .. and you did nothing but ask for my fucking help , having me walk around like a fucking joke FOR YOU!! . and I feel sorry for you ... You don't deserve her and maybe you'll realize that ..and if you don't ..I hope you bust hell wide open" I grit my teeth. He looked at me like I just ended his life but I didn't care.

I turned back around and stormed away not caring what else he had to say.

Nothing he said was gonna make me think different nor would it make me feel better


A shortie but goodie :)


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