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He's sexy .. Fearful . Harry Styles is an expert party boy consisting of many shot glasses and loud music and crowded spaces where nobody wanted to leave until they were pissed drunk . Yes . His high school years taught him good . He was like every average Bro . Yah know 'I don't do relationships' and 'Bro's before Hoes 'type . But that was until he met a girl that was just like him . Diana Taylor was a carefree , gorgeous girl who wasn't into the whole settling down movement and had a life to live . Nobody would stop her . But when it came to her and Harry meeting each other nothing was the same .


15. Chapter 15




I eventually got everything set for my praying to be perfect night with Diana . I had her favorite snack set up in my room and big fluffy pillows and blankets on my bed where we're gonna lay while we watch Netflix that was already set up on my large flat screen T.V .I was trying to ignore the worse that could happen running through my mind . Like one of the guys finding my extra key and walking in or something . I even turned off my notifications so we couldn't be bothered . I mean my friends'll be pissed . But its Netflix and Chill we're talking about . 

Soon after I changed into my new Kangaroo footed pajamas there was a small knock on the door . Letting me know it was Diana . I took a deep breath before opening the door to the beautiful girl . She wore an all black footed pajamas that had cat ears on her hood . It was great . Not in a dirty way at least . "You look beautiful " I told her . "In pajamas ?" She looked at me as if I was crazy . Well that must have been a first .

"Of course . You look beautiful in anything " I said clearing up her confusion . She just shrugged and went with it . I took her hand and took her bag out of her hand guiding her into the hallway and to my for once clean room . "Harry . Its so clean in here !" She said surprisingly . I laughed " What do you mean by that ?" "I mean .. You didn't have to Do all of this for one night . I would have been fine with like a couple of pillows and a computer screen " She explains as she takes off her jacket .

I just watched her as she took it off . Though I'd be the exact person to what she expected . I know shes wouldn't deserve it .

"You're so much more than just a pallet of pillows and a MacBook screen " I say as I take her jacket  and put in on the chair in my room . She looks me in the eyes . She smiles . "Let me make tonight the best night ever .. Because I said I would " I grab her hands and kiss each of them lightly .

I know right now she could have been a little nervous . Or confused as to why everything was so clean for her . But she can trust me with anything and with a final sigh she responds with "Because you said you would "




As we watched the movie she was cuddled close to me eating gummy bears . Her favorite candy to be exact . I'm a weirdo let me stop . I kinda played with her hair as she was interested into the movie more than me . I was obviously more interested in her . "Oh my gosh . She's so dumb !" She yelled .

I lightly chuckled . She chuckles back "You weren't even looking" She punches my arm." You're right .. I wasn't " I say . It was pretty quiet for a second . She turns her body to align with mine . She was now face to face with me "Harry?" She says . "Yeah?" I ask . She battens her eyelashes " .. How do you feel about me ?" She bites her lip . I bite mine as well looking at her holding back what I really wanted to say . "I mean .. You're cute and funny .. Just an overall good person " I shrugged trying to play it cool . But her "Oh" didn't sound so satisfied with my answer .

When she wasn't look at me I looked at her . My heart started to beat fast thinking about everything I wanted to say to her . How much I wanted to hug her and kiss her - "Uh Harry ?" . "Huh?!" I answered basically yelling myself out my thoughts this time . "The movies over " She pointed to the T.V screen "Oh .. well .. You hungry ? . " I chuckled awkwardly . 



I remember she told me she liked pizza . Like a lot . So instead of being lazy and ordering pizza I decided that I would try out my Chef Boyard-Harry skills and make pizza . After cooking the dough and everything I added the sauce and cheese . I turned to her sitting on the counter watching my every move . "What ?" I laughed .

 "Where did you learn to cook so good from ?" She asked .

I was flattered the only person who really knows I can cook is Louis .. And of course my parents .

I shrugged . "I don't know . I just .. Remember I woke up one day .. My parents weren't home and I was hungry . So I tried to make an egg . and it didn't taste good " She giggled at my story . It was beautiful . "But since then I practice my cooking and . I just like . Learned to love cooking and cooking for my family " . "That's sweet " I made her smile . I smiled back .

I was getting caught up in her words and just wanted to kiss her there . "Um .. wanna put stuff on the pizza ?" I asked her . "Sure" She says getting down from the counter . She grabs the bag of pepperoni and began to awkwardly place them around the pizza . I laughed "Here babe .. Just throw em on there" I held the bag with her while throwing pepperoni all around the pizza in a circular motion .

Luckily I bought the really tiny ones . I helped her place everything else on there and she let me hold onto her the whole time . 

After baking the pizza and Eating and telling jokes , it was 12 midnight and I decided I'd put on another movie and we laid back in the same positions we were in . She was laying upon my shoulder this time . And instead of watching the movie she was tracing the lines that made the tattoos on my stomach .I didn't stop her .

I don't know why I didn't think about it before . But I just wanted to ask . "Hey .. At that party .. I was talking to Connor and he was telling me about you guys ..You don't have to tell me anything but I wanna know what happened . Why'd you guys break up " I tried to asked in the nicest of ways . And I thought her silence meant she wasn't gonna to spill the beans , But then " He cheated on me " . My eyes widened .

Now who the hell would ever wanna cheat on her .. Oh wait . Connors dumb ass .

"Come to find out he was fucking this girl . The same time he was dating me .. And what made it funny is that . I didn't believe it . I thought people were just fucking around with me because I was dating him but .. A million screenshots , photos later , I dumped him " She sighs . But it wasn't an ordinary sigh . It was the 'to keep me from crying sigh' . "Diana .." I said trying to stop her from talking about it . But she didn't obviously

"I mean .. Its okay .. I did nothing but Love him , and appreciate him for what I thought to be the best boy friend in the world . For .. always telling me the truth " I felt drops of water seep through my onesie and I looked down to see her crying .

"Oh noo Diana " I said .

I quickly paused the movie and grabbed her into my arms . ".. I'm sorry " I mumbled . She laughed to keep herself from crying  "Its fine ..I needed to let that out anyway " She laughed .

I looked at her eyes glitter in the light .

"You wanna know what I think ... I think Connor is a piece of shit " I say . I was amazed of how she listened to every word that came out of my mouth "You are .. The most Gorgeous , the most sweetest , the most intelligent person I know . You are kind to me and you put up with all my shit when I'm annoying and I've been waiting to say it all night .. But I'm happy I found you .. I'm happy that you're in my life and .. And I love .. I-I love -" My heart began to beat really fast .

She was looking in my eyes . She brought her face closer to our noses we're touching . Her lips were right there . But here I am stumbling over the 3 words I want to say to her "I--I love-" She then cuts me off , kissing me . My hands trailed down her back as hers made her way to my neck . I pulled her on top of me .

Minutes of kissing turned into me struggling to unzip her onesie . My awkward touches taking over . I didn't wanna make it like just having sex .. I wanna do it right this time . I laid her on the bed and kissed down her body .

Here we are

. Lost in the sounds of each other in deep passion and the touches of my hands grabbing every inch of her . And once again .

I forgot to tell her how much I love her . 

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