Oh Diana +16

He's sexy .. Fearful . Harry Styles is an expert party boy consisting of many shot glasses and loud music and crowded spaces where nobody wanted to leave until they were pissed drunk . Yes . His high school years taught him good . He was like every average Bro . Yah know 'I don't do relationships' and 'Bro's before Hoes 'type . But that was until he met a girl that was just like him . Diana Taylor was a carefree , gorgeous girl who wasn't into the whole settling down movement and had a life to live . Nobody would stop her . But when it came to her and Harry meeting each other nothing was the same .


12. Chapter 12.



I cannot believe Hannah fucking invited Connor after I told her no . I swear if she ever makes another move like this i'm gonna kick her all the way back to California . Maybe I should just skip the party . But I can't . Fuck why did I tell Harry I was for sure going . He's only going because of me . I can always say I'm like sick or something 'Harry Baby I can't go tonight . I accidentally got a bad ass case of diarrhea ' How is fucking Diarrhea accidental . Ugh I'm so pathetic .

 I shouldn't even be worried about Connor at all but here I am about to have a nervous breakdown as he gets all buddy buddy with my .. I mean . Harry . 

Text started to roll in as I slipped my white crop top over my head and zipped up my high waist black leather skirt . I didn't feel like getting dolled up I knew what was gonna happen . Connor was gonna express his dying attempts to get me back bla bla bla I'm crying in the fucking bathroom . But I mean .. I am going because of Harry .. Sort of . I don't know why . What the hell am I saying ? .

My phone rings loudly echoing off the dorm walls and I answer the call immediately hearing " Girl you're bae has arrived where are you ??" . Of course it's Hannah . "Oh Which one . The one I told you to keep a long ass fucking distance away from me . Or his new best friend " I folded my arms sassily . " C'mon Diana don't be mad at me . Is it the Connor thing ?" She asked . "NO FUCKING SHIT ! . I said I didn't want you to invite him . You remember what happened at you're birthday party !" I shouted .

"Its my party Ana I'll invite who I want . " She says . I roll my eyes . "Whatever . You're right . Its just you're party . When you specifically asked me to make your guest list ". "Okay . Hurry up the party's gettin' heated . Can you stop at the liquor store and get some Brandy ? Thanks " . I roll my eyes and hang up , ready to throw my phone back across the room when I get a text . The decision gets harder and harder 

Hey where are you ? . I'm by the door with Connor . -Haz

I can't wait to see you 😊😍👅 💦 -Haz❤



5 hours . Sitting in the kitchen  Drink and waiting . I was starting to feel like she wasn't coming or maybe she changed her mind . It's never like her to back down on a night of fun . And I was almost tempted to go home myself . "There's a lot of girls here tonight " Connor nods to the music . "Yeah I guess .. " I ran my fingers over the rim of my glass . For some reason .. It felt so fucking lifeless that I didn't know what to do . Not even looking at a girls ass interest me . All I wanted was Diana's lips on mine so I could taste Caramel and candy and her close to my body so I can smell her Pink Chiffon perfume so toxic its guaranteed to put you in a trance .

"So where do you know Diana from " I thoughts were provoked . I looked up from my glass and glanced at him . "Oh um .. We met at the club " I said . "Oh .. doesn't sound oh so fantastic to actually have a crush on her " He scoffs . What the fuck does he know . "Well .. We only talk for a second until she had to go . But I guess it was fate the way we kept meeting up ." I shrugged . "Wow .. fate " He nodded . What the hell was we hinting at ? "SO since you must know all the shit about this girl . Where'd you meet her ? . " I asked cocking my head to the side and raising one of my thick brows .

"Oh me and Diana . We first met in the 5th grade . Primary school if you will . She was just as cute then as she is now . I guess it was fate the way we went back up in high school  and I asked her out .. One thing led to another and she was my high school sweetheart 4 years running "He holds out 4 fingers as if I gave a fuck . I rolled my eyes . But then I began to smirk . " And why'd you break up . Dick too small ?" . He looks at me then chuckles as if I didn't just crush his whole life . "See . I wass gonna tell you a joke about my Dick but it be "too long " " He smirked .

"And I was gonna say a Joke about Diana's pussy ... But you'll never get it ." I spat back making him instantly stop speaking . "Sorry . Not Sorry . I'm out " I got up from the table and walked out the kitchen . I didn't realize how much of a dick Connor was . Does he always act like that ? . My phone buzzed in my back pocket and I pulled it out as I walked towards the door .

Voicemail from Baby 💜💖 ❤ 💋💞

I pressed the button calling my voicemail and heard the most bizarre thing ever :

Harrrryyyy . Baby I miss you . I'm sorry I didn't come to the party I .. I didn't really wanna . Hannah's a meany and I hate her for inviting my fucking ex and not caring about my goddamn feelings .

That's why I drunk all the Brandy and vodka . Meany's don't get none . I want you to touch my body and suck on my neck baby . Oh shit I fell off the table . HAHAHA!! . Fuuuuccckkk .


To replay the message press 1 . to save this message press 2 . To delete this message press 9 . 

She is soo drunk off her ass right now . Does this mean I have to go get her now ? . Yeah ? .

Yeah I'm going

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