Oh Diana +16

He's sexy .. Fearful . Harry Styles is an expert party boy consisting of many shot glasses and loud music and crowded spaces where nobody wanted to leave until they were pissed drunk . Yes . His high school years taught him good . He was like every average Bro . Yah know 'I don't do relationships' and 'Bro's before Hoes 'type . But that was until he met a girl that was just like him . Diana Taylor was a carefree , gorgeous girl who wasn't into the whole settling down movement and had a life to live . Nobody would stop her . But when it came to her and Harry meeting each other nothing was the same .


10. Chapter 10.



It was a bright and early morning when I awoke of the rain crashing against the grand window . I was laying on my back with Diana on my chest with one of my hands on her bare ass. I smiled to my self as I opened my eyes and looked at her sleeping peacefully . I yawned kinda quiet not to wake her and grabbed my phone off the bedside table . It was only 9 am . feels like 5 . I unlocked it checking all my messages . mostly from girls I've slept with . For the first time in my life I deleted every single one of them . I don't know why . I got a really bad heart burn after I did it as well . Its this unexplainable feeling . maybe for Diana . But I don't know . 

I felt her move on my chest and I quickly moved my hand to her back and patted it gently . "What are you doing ?" she asked me still a bit tired . I smiled hearing her morning voice . "Oh nothing I just didn't expect you to be awake this early . I was gonna surprise you with breakfast maybe " I quickly put together . "Oh yeah ?" She rose from my chest resting her chin so she could look up at me . "You don't have to . I was gonna go get us some take out "Its alright babe I'm the man around here . Let the man take charge .How do you like your eggs ?" I smirked kissing her bottom lip . She just looked at me and rolled her eyes smiling . She didn't know the man could cook and it alright . Ill show her .


While she was in the shower I managed to go to the store and shops getting everything we need . Luckily its a fucking weekend I didnt wanna hear that teachers voice about me being late this time . I'm bacon , eggs , pancakes , and french toast while she sit on the counter in the hotel room kitchen watching me .

Her hair was still wet and she put on my dress shirt from last night and my socks which I thought was pretty weird but she's so hot I let her do it . "Everything looks good " she said . I smiled at her . " Taste this . I've never done it this way . so its kinda special " I told her cutting off a piece of the french toast and taking the fork over to her . I fed it to her and watched her chew it waiting for her reaction .

"Its good . Maybe you should try that more often "I she smiled . "Oh really ?" I kissed her lips listening to her giggle ."That is good . Or maybe I'm still tasting your sweet--" "Oh hush !" She shouted making me laugh . I like how we get along and how we talk like we're basically best friends .

Its come to my attention that maybe I didn't want to just get her in bed so I could tell all my friends about her and ... bla . but ..Maybe she's what I've been looking for . Yeah all the girls I've met were beautiful but she's beyond gorgeous  and the sex . Fuck . She stepped into my world and changed so much of the same old thing . and I cannot believe I'm saying this but .. I think I like her .. Like her Like her .

"Harrrryyyyy " She sang snapping me out of my thoughts . "Huh ?" I said . She chuckled . "Are you gonna finish cooking or your gonna stare at the wall like a derp " She quoted me . I rolled my eyes ."Shatup" I said making her chuckle as I grabbed on her waist . 


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