Used or Played

Decide what you want, The Girl or The Game. ~ Selena Gomez


1. prologue...

have you ever loved someone that you could care about so much and that you forgive them so many times. you let them play you over and over again, you just stand there letting them push you down and not helping you back up. well that's me, im in relationship that's not heathly. he doesn't hurt me or push me agaisnt the wall or make me fall. at first he was sweet and caringeverything about him just made me go back to him all the time. he would always tell me things girls always believe, i even believe his words. he was the kind person that can play with your mind and watches you believe them and that's what he did to me. he said im something of his. i love him so much, the way he made feel. his lips, his eyes, his smile, personlity, his everything. but the thing i didn't know was that i was being Used and Played by him. it felt like he put me under spell, a spell that you can't get out and have to runaway before it gets to you. i was trapped and fooled around. i was hurt and in pain and depress for so long i fake a smile for everyone he didn't knwo that i knew so i faked it being happy and not hurt or in pain. but as i got over i decide to give something back something very speical. i change myself, i decide to give him a little payback of something nice for him. but he doesn't know what's coming after him. if he can play the game why can't i play the game

lets see who wins first....

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