Used or Played

Decide what you want, The Girl or The Game. ~ Selena Gomez


2. 1. flashback

Decide to give you guys the sneek peek of used or played hope you like it and like it vote and comment and read !!!

love you guys xx


Selena's pov.

i never knew i would be doing this but I'm not gonna have this anymore. I'm not just gonna get push down from him, I'm gonna play his little game he has. he had me in the beginning and now I'm the one to finish it. let the games begin.


doing this might be wrong but I'm not gonna get hurt anymore I'm tired of being his toy all he does is used or played with me and my heart but this time I'm not letting him win. I'm not his toy, or slut or hoe. I'm nothing because i don't go out and show myself off at times. because he hides me from the world. he can't keep me forever he doesn't love me. so its time show the real me to come out. i decide to do a little shopping. I'm buying the clothes i finally want ever since i saved money from my job, i will tell you this i am a model, a normal model or i don't act bitchy or anything I'm a nice person not rude like the others. you see this is were i meet harry, he not famous or anything, he had a job to place in for someone, he was the person who had to take a picture with for my job. well lets go back to how it all started that day.


as I'm starting my day, to relax, as I'm about to sit down my phone starts ringing, ugh who's calling me on my day off. come on i was just about to go to sleep, i grab my phone i look to see my boss calling me. GREAT.

"hello" i said.

" Selena "

" yes mark "

" we need you like now ASAP "

" but its my day off "

" i know it is and Eleanor is sick and we need someone to take her place, your the best out of everyone. you and Eleanor are the only good two we have. so please come in, and you be taking picture with someone. i will even rise up your money."

" fine mark i will be there soon i just need to get dress, and have the car pick me up too " i said in a sassy tone. great i have to go to work, time to go get ready. i go look for a dress a very nice dress for work, they said to never come into work looking like you just woke up or had sex. i always laugh at that, hey I'm the top model in the business, I'm allowed to come to work how i want, but today i'm feeling like being sexy. just feeling that moment were your gonna bump into saw handsome guy, you never what happens in life. lets see how my day goes. i decide to wear my white dress with black heels. and my hair in a messy curls. i go in my bathroom and put my make up on. i grab my eyeliner, and cover up. i then put on my red lipstick. i grab my matching white bra and underwear lace. i guess its all about white today. i grab my my dress, i zip it up, i then grab my shoes and put them on. i grab my lose coat and bag. i hurry down to the lobby, you see i live in a flat in a building that's two story high. i see the car here and waiting for me, i smile at the man and he smiles and says a " Hello Ms. Gomez " i get in the car. we drive off, as were driving, i call my best friend Eleanor.

" hello "

" Eleanor, i heard your sick "

" yeah, i came down with the flu. and Louis stay home to take care of me. " she said and coughing a little too.

" well i hope you get better el, I'm taking your place, for shooting. Mark said he's having someone model with me or something but i'll find out who."

" okay sel, i gotta go Louis wants me too rest, i don't want to him sassy me all day " i then laugh at her and how cute Louis and Eleanor are, they are the cutest couple.

" okay el hope you get better love you "

" love you too babe " we both hang up on each other. as I'm looking i see we stop, and the driving is walking his way to my door. he opens my door, i smile and thank him. i start walking to the building, i take my shades off and look in the building smiling to everyone and saying hi. as i get to the place i need to be. i see mark coming to.

" hello dear, glad you made it, i thought you weren't coming "

" mark please stop worrying I'm here, and can i please go get ready for the shoot or i'll leave " i said with a small laugh. he then nod his head telling me i can go get ready for the shoot. as I'm walking, i bump into a hard chest, i then Leif my head up slow and brush my hair out of my face, my eyes landed to meet green mint eyes. i then smile and look at this person.

" sorry about that miss I'm just trying to find this room " he said so deep and raspy. i then gave him a smirk.

" well what kind of room " i said in my best voice.

" to do this shoot but they told me to get dress in "

" the boys dressing room is down the hall " i said pointing and moving a little. he followed my finger where it was. he then look at me and smiled, nod his head.

" thank you miss" he said, he then started walking as i started walking i turn my head nice and slow as i was turning my head i seen him checking me out, he had a smirk on his face. i then open the door for my dressing, i turn around to be greeted by my stylist Carolina.

" hello dear " she said giving me a hug and a kiss on my check.

" who that handsome man out there Lina " i said to her, she then give me a confused look but i just shrug it off. i sat down on my chair and let Carolina do whatever to my hair, i just close my eyes and relax.

" you know sel, you need to date. you can't always let your father put you down "

" Lina, I'm a daddy's girl and always a daddy's girl. daddy wouldn't be happy that is baby girl is talking to a boy "

" demi was your age when she told me that Hun, and look at her married to a actor and still a model with 2 kids. your dad thought she was gonna change and marry a jerk and have her heart broken but really she married a heath man who has his career already started " she said.

" but Lina I'm the last daughter in the family, I'm gonan be the one taking my daddy's business, he even said i don't need a husband to take my daddy's business i can run it on my own. i grew up here and i learn to do my daddy's job. And my mother she a designer, i said remember my parents love story. " i said with a smile.

" oh honey i do too, i was there " she said, i then giggled at what she said.

" but i remember how my mummy told me the story she said she was being used or played she found out and did the same but they both didn't know they where doing that to each other, but what i like what my mother told my father is " used or played will be our always " when my mother said that my father fell for my mother and so did my father. they even still use these words but they say with love " i said to her with a beautiful smile.

" wow sel you have a strong feeling with your parents love story" she said to me and getting done finishing my hair.

" well my parents were the same age as me " i told her.

" well sel i am done with your hair and make up, now its time for you to get dress,. they want you to wear this cut dress and show a little bit of cleavage too and these boots. " said Carolina and handing me my outfit. i get dress and put my outfit on, i check myself.

" um, Lina are you sure about this my daddy will see this " i said a little worried.

" sel don't worry, remember your 20 your allowed to dress however and anyways your mom design it for you. " she while chuckling of course mom would design this. i then put the boots on and started walking to the door, i get out of the room and start walking but in a sexy walk, as i was walking i seen the same guy i saw earlier, everyone was checking me and so was he i give him a wink with a smirk. i walked up to mark and he turns around looks at me.

" wow sel you look hot and sexy but I'm gay " he said with a laugh. Oh Mark your to much. i say in my head.

" okay lets get started, Harry please come over here i want you to meet Selena the top model " then i see the guy i met running to us, with a unbutton shirt, showing his abs. Holy Shit hold it together Selena. i then put my serious face on since we have to do modeling. i kept seeing harry look at me.

" okay you two lets start shall we, okay harry i want you leaning right on this fake tree. now Selena come here, i want you to put your leg on the tree, harry grab Selena leg to hold in place for her." harry grabs my leg to hold it in place by the tree while hes leaning on it.

" okay harry look down at Selena and put your arm around her but not fully i want your left arm around her, Selena put your right hand on harry's thighs. and your leg in between his leg, and now look at me with your sassy look. harry keep looking at her like you love her. " mark said to him. we then pose. we had so many other pose to take. as we were done and as i was about to walk away i heard someone call my name i then turn around to look to see harry coming his away.

" can i help you " i said with a little sassy.

" oh well i want you and me on a date " he said trying to act all bad. i then look at him, he really thinks I'm gonna fall for his bad boy imagine ha funny. i then got on my toes and whisper something to him.

" i wouldn't want try that harry, i might fool you or you might fool me. I'm not a easy girl to get " i told him and walk away, i turn to see him standing there thinking hard. as i was walking i started to hear everyone saying the boss coming, i went in my room to go get dress in my other outfit as i came out of my dressing room i seen mark taking pictures.

" mark where is the boss " i said when harry was standing by mark and waiting for him to tell him what to do next. mark gave me a confused look but then knew what i was doing.

" he should be walking this away " he said, harry came up to me again and was about to speak but someone call my name i turn around to see my daddy standing there with his business outfit that my mother designed for him like always.

" daddy " i said to him and ran to give him a hug i turn around to find harry looking at me shock that the boss his my daddy and I'm his daughter. me and my daddy started walking up to harry.

" and you must be son "

" I'm harry the model here " he said and shaking my daddy's hand.

" well son good luck working here, and you lay a hand on my daughter anywhere she doesn't like in the pose i will have you out of here in a day " my father said in his deep voice.

" daddy, stop being mean remember mummy said to be nice to new people " i said to my daddy and showing my sweet side for my daddy.

" sorry sweetie I'm just making sure my baby girl will be okay "

" daddy, you know i will be okay. mommy always said I'm yours guys little warrior princess " i sad to him.

" and your still are" he said. i then look at harry with my sweetest face.

" well sel I'm gonna be up in my office, i will see you in there in a bit "

" yes daddy " i said then my daddy leaves to his office. i turn to harry.

" now you know that my daddy his the boss, and I'm his daughter " i said.

" you must be really a daddy's girl " he said with a smirk.

" oh i am but he doesn't know his daughter, talks to boys her age." i said and started walking before i walked away. i turn around and said to him.

" i'll think about that date " i said to him and walk away with a sassy move and putting my shades on. this date better be good. thats when i thought everything would change.


i decide it will just be flashback until she done talking them past with each other. im sorry but im not gonna say anything else...

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