I trusted you

This is me just ranting


2. I need you

I will admit, you weren't the first one i fell for, you weren't the first one i loved. There were times where i thought you had moved on from me, there were times where i felt like you should move on. Not because i didn't want your love, but because i felt like i didn't deserve you. Like i didn't deserve that smile, that laugh, that smirk. But at the end of the day i realize none of that matters. It doesn't matter because even if i don't deserve you i will savor every second i get with you. When you do move on, i wont be mad or angry, i will be happy because of the times where i called you mine and you called me yours. I sometimes hate how happy you make me haha. I hate it and love it at the same time. I hate it because im scared that if you somehow end up hating me i will never be the same. Ever since you came into my life things seemed to shine brighter, i started having reasons to live for. I started feeling safe. You are so close, yet so far away. Every night i sleep with my shirt that smells like you. I literally will whack whoever tries to touch it, Bella tried to....once. I'm scared that you will end up hating me during the spring, and that i will loose my best friend, my love. But even though im scared im going to suck it up, put on my big girl pants. I'm determined to love you more than anyone else you walnut, because i don't want live life with regrets, at least not with you. We can sneak out so we can cuddle and star gaze, or have a picnic. I know its cheesy and cliche so stfu. And we will watch Pitch Perfect and the Goonies, because i know know much you absolutely LOVE those movies ;) 

I promise to you...i will love you more than anyone else, i will take care of you, and we will so fuck shit up!

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