I trusted you

This is me just ranting


1. Don't feel bad

Everyone i've ever loved has left me.

Even the people i thought wouldn't. My ex-girlfriend, friends, family members. I block people out because im scared....so scared. Sara (my ex), i love her. Thats why it hurt so much when she left me. But there was always one person i loved more. I wasnt good enough for sara, im not good enough for anyone. I know that now. And its no ones fault but my own. 

I've learned to expect the pain...i dont like getting close to people...they only leave me. Its because all i ever do is mess things up. I ruin friendships...make people mad...make people depressed. And im sorry....so sorry i hurt you...so sorry i messed up your life....sorry i wasnt good enough. But this isnt your fault and i hope you know that, this is my fault. 

I would tell myself that love doesnt exist...but when i would say those three words to you...it felt so right. It renewed my hope that love actually exists. But no one feels the same forever.

Im going to leave you alone for now on, not because i hate you or because im mad at you, but because i love you. I want you to be happy, with her. And im only holding you back. I love you, but im no good for you. You deserve so much better.

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