The Orphans.

Well, there's Rose, the kind hearted peacemaker who's been at the orphanage forever. Then there's Serenity, the new girl at the orphanage with a big spirit and daring attitude. And last there's Marcy, the mysterious bad girl just wanting to know her parents. All the orphans do, but when the orphanage is in danger of closing, Serena, Rose, and Marcy must work together to save the only place they ever called home. Author's note: Ariel Cameroe wrote Marcie's chapts., Labellabean wrote Rose's chapts., and Katie Pip wrote Serenity's chapts.


9. Serenity's P.O.V

I walked into the dorm room awkwardly. It was fairly big with one single bed, a moon chair, a small desk, a cheap tv, a medium-sized window, and a pink plush carpet. I wrinkled my nose at the smell in the room. It smelled like strawberries stuffed with syrup attacked the room and threw up ocean breeze. The smell was so strong, you could practically see it in the air. Rose saw my look and said; 

"Every day, when we're at dinner, our principle sprays it in here, she thinks it smells good." 

"Ah." I said and set my bag against the closed door. "So, where do you sleep, I mean, I know there's a bed, but, it only fits one person."

"I sleep on the bed, and Marcie sleeps on the moon chair, I'll ask if we can have another bed for-" 

"Thats ok, I can sleep on the floor." I cut her off. Rose gives me a strange look, but shrugs anyway. Marcie snorts;

"Wow, you must not have had a great orphanage." She smirks.

"Actually I did." I explained. "We had queen sized beds for all the kids. I, on the other hand, would usually camp out by the lake." 

Marcie sneered, but Rose looked mesmerized at the things I was explaining.

"So, what happened to your orphanage?" Rose asked me. Another snort from Marcie as she leaned over in her moon chair, eager to hear. 

"Well," I started, trying to think of a good enough cover for the; Already Embarrassing Enough, incident. "Someone broke into the kitchen while our chef was cooking. The chef was preoccupied fighting off the burglar, he didn't realize his food was burning. The fire caught onto the wooden countertop, and burned our small orphanage down." 

"Really?" Marcie said suspiciously, raising an eyebrow.  

"Yeah." I said, as though she was crazy for not believing me. Marcie just snatched a book from the nearby bookshelf and began to read. I noticed the book she was reading was actually my favorite book. I took this as a chance to bond with her. I pulled my own copy out of my bag. 

"Is that Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows?" I asked. Marcie looked at me as though I had five heads. "...Yeah..." she said slowly. 

"I love that book!" I gushed. "I can't believe Fred dies!" Marcie slammed the book down on her lap. 

"Great, thanks for ruining it for me!" She confronted. 

"Oh, um, oops?" 

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