The Orphans.

Well, there's Rose, the kind hearted peacemaker who's been at the orphanage forever. Then there's Serenity, the new girl at the orphanage with a big spirit and daring attitude. And last there's Marcy, the mysterious bad girl just wanting to know her parents. All the orphans do, but when the orphanage is in danger of closing, Serena, Rose, and Marcy must work together to save the only place they ever called home. Author's note: Ariel Cameroe wrote Marcie's chapts., Labellabean wrote Rose's chapts., and Katie Pip wrote Serenity's chapts.


7. Rose's P.O.V

"OK" I said all business-like. " So I am Rose or Rosalia or whatever you want to call me" I tell Serenity. " And I am Marcie don't call me anything except for Marcie or you and me will have real problems,OK" Marcie says." Be nice Marcie". "Oh it's OK their were a lot of wackos at our orphanage" said Serenity." Awww, you can talk normally I was beginning to think you spoke stupid not English" Marcie throws back." Girls, girls you're both pretty, now lets go get you unpacked Serenity" I said trying to break up the comeback battle.I am just going to tell you now that it didn't work. They sat there and ignored me for fifteen minutes. Finally I had to take a fork and stab it into the soggy wood table right between them." Jesus, what was that for Rose" says Marcie. " For peace" I answer. "What in the world does that" Marcie says as I cut her off. "Ssssshhhhhhhhhhh" I say. They both give me a wary look and follow me back to our dorm. Then that day we unpacked Serenity's bags, I broke up fights, Serenity told us about the orphanage burning, and we all fell asleep watching Threads. And that is how we started to be friends. Well, not really Marcie, she tried to stab Serenity with a pencil, but she said sorry so that was a start.

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