The Orphans.

Well, there's Rose, the kind hearted peacemaker who's been at the orphanage forever. Then there's Serenity, the new girl at the orphanage with a big spirit and daring attitude. And last there's Marcy, the mysterious bad girl just wanting to know her parents. All the orphans do, but when the orphanage is in danger of closing, Serena, Rose, and Marcy must work together to save the only place they ever called home. Author's note: Ariel Cameroe wrote Marcie's chapts., Labellabean wrote Rose's chapts., and Katie Pip wrote Serenity's chapts.


1. Rose's P.O.V

 "Wake up Marcie" I shouted. "This will be the 4th time you have missed breakfast this week and it's Wednesday" I exclaimed as I pulled my best friend Marcie out of her bed in the left corner of the room we share. " Put a sock in it Rose" she said with her face muffled in a pillow. Hello, I am Rose, just Rose, no middle or last name that I know of. I am a orphan and have been an orphan for 12 years. My parents were killed in a plane crash coming home from their grown-ups only vacation. I was 9 months old and was being baby-sat by my grandmother. My grandmother died a year after my parents death. Since my mother and father were both only children, and my other grandparents weren't capable of taking care of me I was landed here in the orphanage. I am a pale girl with red curly hair and no trace of freckles on my face. By now I am 13 and I am described as a peace maker and a sweet girl, at least that is what people tell me I am. I have one very best friend who is named Marcie and nothing more exciting in my life than that. Oh, by the way here is a picture of me:


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