The Orphans.

Well, there's Rose, the kind hearted peacemaker who's been at the orphanage forever. Then there's Serenity, the new girl at the orphanage with a big spirit and daring attitude. And last there's Marcy, the mysterious bad girl just wanting to know her parents. All the orphans do, but when the orphanage is in danger of closing, Serena, Rose, and Marcy must work together to save the only place they ever called home. Author's note: Ariel Cameroe wrote Marcie's chapts., Labellabean wrote Rose's chapts., and Katie Pip wrote Serenity's chapts.


2. Marcie's P.O.V

   My name is Marcie Breller.  There is really only one thing you need to know about me, and that is this:  I am an orphan.  Well, not completely.  My parents are still out there, just they haven't come back to me yet.  I am one of the only ones in this awful orphanage that knows my last name, because I was already 5 when my folks left me.  Usually, the kid is dumped here when they are 2 and the parent doesn't bother to leave a name.  So most kids just make up names for themselves and never know who they truly are.  But I know who I am.  I also know that one day my parents will come for me.  They will knock on the orphanage door, our eyes will meet, and I will run to them in my joy, and we will all hug each other, and I will finally be rescued from this awful place.  But the only time this has ever happened is while I am sleeping.  I dream of this almost every night.  And every morning I cry.  I cry because I am still in this place where everyone hates me.  I cry because I am parentless.  I cry because I am Marcie Breller.


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