The Secret Life

Samantha and Jamie have a Secret life. Full of lies because of our friends musnt know what we are. Are lives our corrupted. A life of a werewolf isn't easy, but like always They have found there self in a load of trouble. Bigger than before. In the middle of a war. What are they going to do? Stand and watch there lives fall apart. Or Fight back.


3. School

I woke up the next morning and I got up and at breakfast, I had to sit and get the Quileute tribe tattoo, and I had to hide it , because no one knew I has a werewolf, well except Billy. I put on a black tight cut shirt, with a sophisticated jacket with designed stockings with short, shorts, with studded heals. With winged eyeliner and curled hair, with a worker girl styled head band around my head. I walked out of my room to find Jamie dressed similar except, her hair was wavy with soft curls at the end , with a I don't fuck with you snap back , winged eyeliner, converses, high waisted white jeans , high cut shirt with a cardigan and her milkshake purse, as mine was a donut, we put our backpacks on our backs and left for school. When we got there we got out locker combos, and schedules. And with that our say was off

As the day went on we met a bunch of people. It was Lunch, I sat down at a table, as Jamie sits with the cullens.

Paul,Jake,embry, and a couple of others came to sit with me

We literally talked about nothing, but stupid shit through out lunch then Jacob says something meaningful," I swear if Seth meets Sam, and imprints on her imma kill'm" Paul says,"Nahh you love the kid to much" Jake laughs as the bell ring to go to the next class, I walk with Jake and Embry since we had the next class together and we walked in and sat down and waited  the bell to  ring  so it could get closer to the day ending

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