The Secret Life

Samantha and Jamie have a Secret life. Full of lies because of our friends musnt know what we are. Are lives our corrupted. A life of a werewolf isn't easy, but like always They have found there self in a load of trouble. Bigger than before. In the middle of a war. What are they going to do? Stand and watch there lives fall apart. Or Fight back.


2. Greetings

We arrived In La Push, confused as ever. I, Samantha Black was a normal hybrid, Jamie, a normal Vampire.

We would have thought. We thought wrong.

We wouldn't know what makes us so special.we really don't. That only cause no one ever tells us anything.

So we are just gonna go along with being normal.

We arrived at a house with a man in a wheel chair and a woman. I'm pretty sure the man in the wheel chair is Billy, and the woman is Due Clearwater.

Jamie parked the car. I would be driving but one she's been doing it way longer than I have, and I'm only 15.

She turned the car off and we stepped out of the car, we walked up to the two grown ups, Billy looks up at me and says,"Your just as beautiful as the day your mother and I had to  give you up" I smile and I say with excitement,"Where is she?" Billy said with a sad face,"She's dead." I lost all excitement and the last thin I said was oh and I walk into the house and looked for my room finding it, I closed the door and I sat on my bed bringing my knees to my chest looking out of the window. I hear the door open , I look over to see Billy. He said,"Samantha, I'm sorry. She died saving you and Jamie. A lot of people sacrificed themselves for your well being, I had to sacrifice giving you up. Your mother died with pride. The Volturi had killed her. I mean look at me I can. Never walk on my two legs again. It's in the last. Look towards the future I gave Jamie some directions go to it and meet your brother ok?" I nod hugging him and walked out to Jamie hopped into the car and drove to a spot, it was a tiny cottage.

Jamie stopped the car and turned it off, as we both got out only to start walking and being surrounded by a pack of wolves, I put my hands on my hips nod afraid saying,"Bite me" they shape shift into the woods coming out in human form. One of the guys said no recognizing one of their own,"What is that bloodsucker doing here" then I hear a voice say,"Samantha?" I turn around to find Jacob I turn to him and hug him, Jacob continues," this is my little sister Samantha. And her best friend Jamie. Don't call her a bloodsucker." They nodded and introduced themselves Jacob said to me,"Seth and Leah aren't hear yet, but they will be tomorrow at school okay?" I nod

We were hanging for a bit then we went home. After school. There was going to be a bonfire for the Quileute tribe it's going to be so much fun!

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