The Secret Life

Samantha and Jamie have a Secret life. Full of lies because of our friends musnt know what we are. Are lives our corrupted. A life of a werewolf isn't easy, but like always They have found there self in a load of trouble. Bigger than before. In the middle of a war. What are they going to do? Stand and watch there lives fall apart. Or Fight back.


4. Bonfire

Jake said as it grew dark,"I'm inviting Bella" I groan saying" I hate her so much, She's annoying, only cause everyone makes her seem so hopeless when that's the last thing she is.

Jake rolls his eyes and I walk outside to the bonfire getting it ready , the boys started showing up, I set out some food for the boys and got ready , Seth was there but I didn't really acquaint him. I was to busy listening to the legends. Jamie eventually Came, before the stories started. I said hi as she came and she listened to. 

Only told all kinds of good legends.

Legend of the Quileute tribe and the cold ones.

Legend of the shifter

Legend of the chosen

Legend of the blacks.

All kinds of wonderful intriguing legends.

While he spoke I played with the fire, I got tired so I waited for Billy t  finish and trust me it was a long night. I think I almost fell asleep on Jamie a few times, or mode than a few times , I really wanted t  crash, and I wanted to wait til every body left to do it, when Billy was eventually finished I helped clean up and then all of us got into our pajamas and then crashed for the next morning

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