The Secret Life

Samantha and Jamie have a Secret life. Full of lies because of our friends musnt know what we are. Are lives our corrupted. A life of a werewolf isn't easy, but like always They have found there self in a load of trouble. Bigger than before. In the middle of a war. What are they going to do? Stand and watch there lives fall apart. Or Fight back.


5. Adventure

I woke up and decided to go find some pups and play with them, I ran outside and shifted and ran out to a meadow there were some lost pups there, I fed them, played with them and everything, it was almost like  I was there mother, I decided to take them in I played Down as the 3 pups played as I watched them making sure they didn't run off, or get hurt.I heard talking, meant someone was close I looked to my right to see wolves staring at me,   walked over to them with confidence with my pups and I said sassily,"Can I help you?" They said I  wolf form,"Shift, we shift you shift." I nod and we all shift. They all seemed pretty surprised to see me, I scanned over them and my eye locked on one wolf. I wanted to be his gravity , is everything, I was willing to be anything and everything for him. I had imprinted, as I could see he did back, I forced my self to take my eyes off  him and placed the pair on Jake and I said"What? Didn't think I was a wolf?" And Sam Uley said,"Well yeah. We couldn't sense that you were a wolf," I looked at him and said jokingly,"Well get your snout checked" Jacob looked Down  And the baby wolves, who were now shifter into toddlers I noticed and said," Saw then when I was visiting the meadow, so decided to adopt them as my own, I wasn't going to leave them there," he nodded towards me understanding, thankfully know one noticed I just imprinted, in a kid I didn't even know his name. We all hung out in the  an I got approached by my imprint and he greeted me," I  Seth....Seth Clearwater" I patted the seat next to me, I introduce myself, and we began to get to know each other, it was great bonding time, but it started to get sandwich meant we all  to go so we all ran an home,  ran with Jacob to home and shifted back and walked inside ad miles yawning saying good night and fell asleep in our rooms

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