Lily Luna

Lily Luna Potter is starting her 4th year at Hogwarts when she sees a time turner on her aunts neck. Lily, being the brilliant thief she is stole it. She didn't Know it was different from others. She thought she could use it for pranking... She is her brothers sister. Lily was studying it when she did something she never meant to do. She went to the marauders era. Be with her as she makes friends and enemies, learns, pulls pranks, and maybe even falls in love.


3. Wait, wait and wait

 "Beatrice! Wait up!" Lily shouted.

 "Lily! I've missed you so much! Guess what? I have a boyfriend!" Beatrice was still shouting. It was surprising because she was another Hermione. She wasn't as uptight though.

 "Really? Who is it?" Lily questioned.

 "Well, you might get mad at me so I'll only give you a few hints." Beatrice said. "One, it's a boy.

 "Duh! You said boyfriend." Duh.

 "Two, He is a big part of your life and Three, He is in his sixth year." Beatrice listed.

 "Wait, wait and wait. He's two years older than you?" Lily asked. 'So I know him really well and he's in his sixth year.' She thought. "Can't you give me another hint?" She whined.

 "You don't like sharing though... Would you want to share one of your boyfriends?" It's true... she dated a lot of boys despite her dads lectures.

 "Beatrice, Please tell me! I'll stay away from them." Lily begged. "At least give me another hint!"

 "We both love him." Beatrice stated then walked out of the compartment. Lily was surprised because Beatrice had never had a short temper. Why had she even gotten mad?

 Lily's head was full of thoughts. Why had Beatrice reacted like that? It would make sense... Beatrice had turned really cute during her 3rd year at Hogwarts. Her hair had grown longer and it was in a cute Bob and she had turned her hair into an almost white blonde. She used a shrinking spell on her teeth to make them even and she turned being short into something to be jealous of. Some boys would want to date her despite her similarities to Hermione.

 Who was the boy though? Not paying attention, Lily grabbed the necklace and started messing around with it. The door slammed open startling her. It's the boy she is dating currently, Dylan Tineral.

 "Hello, my Lily flower. How was your summer? You look as amazing as always." Dylan said, wrapping his arm around her. Dylan was a particularly good looking guy. He wasn't the cutest guy she had dated but he certainly wasn't the worst. It was nice because while she did enjoy making others jealous, having girls send death glares at her everywhere she went got frustrating. He was the longest Lily has ever dated someone.

 "It was fun. How was yours?" Lily said feeling the need to act formal. Dylan was formal around a lot people until you were around him enough. He was in Ravenclaw but could have been put into Gryffindor easily. Dylan also claimed that his great grandfather was half vampire.

 "It was very boring with just my father and I but at least I got time to study." His mother had been very sick last year and died near Halloween. Lily wasn't dating him at the time but she had felt very bad seeing a depressed Dylan walking down the corridors.

 Lily knew Dylan wasn't going to enjoy the rest of the train ride if he kept thinking about his mother so she tried to distract him "Come here, I missed you." She tried and it worked. They were hugging, laughing, talking about their plans for the new school year and slowly growing crushes on each other until it was time to change into their robes.

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