Lily Luna

Lily Luna Potter is starting her 4th year at Hogwarts when she sees a time turner on her aunts neck. Lily, being the brilliant thief she is stole it. She didn't Know it was different from others. She thought she could use it for pranking... She is her brothers sister. Lily was studying it when she did something she never meant to do. She went to the marauders era. Be with her as she makes friends and enemies, learns, pulls pranks, and maybe even falls in love.


2. Pssshhhh

 "Remember, Hogwarts is for learning. Don't be messing around while you are supposed to be studying." Lily's Aunt Hermione was telling all of the children. "Hogwarts may be fun to explore but you can't be skipping classes, not doing your homework, or anything of the sorts. Especially if it is your OWL or NEWT year."

 Lily's Uncle Ron had a different idea however, "Yes, I agree with Hermione. School is important, but you can't spend the entire year worrying about what your exam results are going to be." Lily remembered when her father said that the only reason he and uncle Ron studied was because Aunt Hermione made them. Her best friend Beatrice was another Hermione. They hated each other when they first met, Lily was with some kids on the train when she was starting her first year and Beatrice had come into their compartment. Beatrice had asked if she could have a seat but Lily's new friends had started making fun of her. Beatrice was very short, her teeth were uneven, and her hair was short and choppy. Lily didn't want to lose her friends so she went along with it. Eventually, they sorted out their problems and became friends.

 "Ronald! You should know not to do that! I can't believe you are a role model for our children!" Aunt Hermione scolded.

 "Don't worry about it Aunt Hermione. You should be worrying about Lily if you do though." Hugo said, the little traitor.

 "Don't pull pranks! You are old enough to be acting like an adult-" Aunt Hermione started but was cut off by Lily's Mum.

 "We need to hurry up! If we wait any longer the train will leave you." Lily's mum stated.

 They all started to hug and say good-bye. Lily was hugging her family when the train whistled. Lily moved on to her aunt and uncle. "Bye Uncle Ron! Bye Aunt Hermione!

 "Be good Lily." Aunt Hermione begged.

 "Pssshhhh!" Lily started giggling at her aunts attempts to make her behave, but then she saw something shiny. It looked like a necklace, maybe she could say it was really expensive and sell it to somebody.

 "Hey, Aunt Hermione! Look at that kid!" She yelled over the noise. While Hermione was distracted Lily slipped the necklace over her head.

 "Lily, I don't see anyone strange." Hermione said. She was suspicious of Lily. She knew she took something.

 "I must have just imagined it then. Bye Aunt Hermione! See you at Christmas!"

Lily turned and quickly walked away. She took a look at the train. It was scarlet red, her favorite color. She saw Beatrice get on at the same time she did and hurried to catch up with her. 'Time to start another year at Hogwarts' She thought to herself.

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