Lily Luna

Lily Luna Potter is starting her 4th year at Hogwarts when she sees a time turner on her aunts neck. Lily, being the brilliant thief she is stole it. She didn't Know it was different from others. She thought she could use it for pranking... She is her brothers sister. Lily was studying it when she did something she never meant to do. She went to the marauders era. Be with her as she makes friends and enemies, learns, pulls pranks, and maybe even falls in love.


5. Confused

  Lily didn't pay much attention to the sorting. She was too lost in thought. Who was the boy? The only 6th year boy she was close to was Albus and some of his friends. It couldn't be one of them though. Beatrice didn't know any of the boys very well, she knew Albus a little better than the others but they only talked during summer break when Beatrice stayed over.

  What was the necklaces purpose? Lily was sure there was a reason Aunt Hermione was wearing it because she's not the type to wear jewelry just because she wanted to. It must be really important.

  Since Lily was sitting alone and she had no other friends to distract her from the stressing thoughts, she decided to go over to the Gryffindor table. She hoped the professors wouldn't mind.

  "James, scoot over!" She yelled walking to him.

  "Ugh! Why can't you make friends from your own house?" He moaned.

  "Cause there're all jerks that think they are better than me. It's just my year though, everyone else is just fine. Why don't you make friends from other houses? A variety is always better."

  "Just shut up and eat Lily." She listened to her brothers conversation with his friends while trying to eat, trying because it is nearly impossible to eat if you keep laughing.


  Maybe I'll go to the kitchen later on tonight.

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