Lily Luna

Lily Luna Potter is starting her 4th year at Hogwarts when she sees a time turner on her aunts neck. Lily, being the brilliant thief she is stole it. She didn't Know it was different from others. She thought she could use it for pranking... She is her brothers sister. Lily was studying it when she did something she never meant to do. She went to the marauders era. Be with her as she makes friends and enemies, learns, pulls pranks, and maybe even falls in love.


4. Back at Hogwarts

Lily and Dylan hopped off the train, watching smoke rise into the sky, mentally patronizing the squealing first years. Surely, they were never that excitable, were they?


"I wonder who the new prefects are this year?" Dylan said to Lily.


"I dunno," Lily said back. "Probably Karen Rain from Slytherin, or Theresa Markus from Ravenclaw. I don't know."


"Hm." They climbed into the carriages drawn by what Lily's dad claimed to be thestrals - she'd never seen them before, though.


"So, what did you do in the holidays, babe?" Dylan asked, a smirk appearing on his lips. "Anything fun? Did you see the Quidditch game the other night. Great, wasn't it?"


"Yeah," Lily agreed, grinning. She was the Seeker for her house, following in her father's footsteps, just like Albus. They could get very competitive sometimes, but they loved every second of the game.


When at last they reached the castle, Dylan pulled Lily out of the carriage, wrapping a strong arm around her waist, and kissed her forehead. "Hey, beautiful," he said as they entered the Great Hall, holding on a little longer before they had to go to their separate house tables. "Ready for our new year?"


"You betcha," Lily replied, as they hugged. "Bye." And they separated to different tables, ready to face what was to come in the year ahead.

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