Lily Luna

Lily Luna Potter is starting her 4th year at Hogwarts when she sees a time turner on her aunts neck. Lily, being the brilliant thief she is stole it. She didn't Know it was different from others. She thought she could use it for pranking... She is her brothers sister. Lily was studying it when she did something she never meant to do. She went to the marauders era. Be with her as she makes friends and enemies, learns, pulls pranks, and maybe even falls in love.


1. Filthy Snake

 "I don't want you kissing, dating, talking or even looking at any boys. Stay away from them because they are bad news." Harry Potter, Lily's father was saying. The problem with her whole family being boys, besides her mom, is that she can't talk to any boy without her family thinking they were dating.

 Sighing, She says, "Dad, you don't need to worry about me dating them. Besides, if I'm doing anything to them it won't be kissing them." Lily was hoping she could distract him from the lecture he had been giving her about boys for the past hour.

 With a panicked look he quickly said, "Don't hurt them! I don't care if you prank them but make sure everything is safe before you try it!" Last year she had made a potion for a prank but she had gotten something wrong. Her victims were in the hospital wing for a week, but Lily had managed to get away before she got hurt.

 "I know that now-" She started but was interrupted by her mother, Ginny Potter. "Come on everybody! Lets go! We are leaving!"

 "But we're not ready yet!" James, Lily's oldest and favorite brother yelled. James and Albus both came running down the stairs stuffing things in their bags. Having inherited their father's habit of waiting until the very last minute to pack everything.

 "Well, if you would be more like your sister and pack before the morning you leave you wouldn't be so troubled would you?" Her mother said. Lily was so excited to go back to Hogwarts she started packing the moment she got her letter.

 "Why do you have to be such a kiss up, filthy snake?" Albus sneered. Lily and her brothers love to pretend they hate each other because of their houses. Lily was in Slytherin and James and Albus were in Gryffindor.

 "At least I'm not an underachiever like you." Lily sneered back.

 Ginny didn't like it when her children did that, What if they actually meant it one day and she didn't realize it? So she interrupted. "Alright, lets go. Lily, grab your fathers arm. Albus, Hold onto mine. Then Lily felt the unpleasant feeling of apparition.

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